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The “Practical Man” is an Incurable Fool

Posted by Bob on November 8th, 2005 under History, How Things Work

I keep stating the Bob Problem:

“It doesn’t WORK.”

I am afraid this can be misinterpreted into making me a Practical Man.

No way.

The Practical Manis a fool. He is a fool because he forgets the word YET.

The Practical Man in 1800 could have given you an endless number of reasons why the idea of sending pictures through the air with electricity would be an absurd idea, all based on his careful reading of The Latest News From Science.

First of all, he’d say, you would need several billion leyden jars, even the new improved ones..

The Practical Man, like the social science professor, is not not only wrong, he is incurably wrong.

If a social scientist didn’t have a PhD he would be committed to a mental institution. But with a PhD he can say things that are less rational than casual conversation in the ding-a-ling ward and get paid for it.

In history and science, the Practical Man is ALWAYS wrong. But he has a reputation as a Practical man, so everybody knows that the practical Manis always wrong — just as the social science professor is, and everybody reveres him more than they do a Holy Professor.

In the ding-a-ling ward, some people get better.

No professor will ever get better.

No Practical Man will ever get better.

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