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If you go to and hit on Audio Archives you will see the shows listed below and you can hear them.

Each set of ideas connects with the others. Connected together the programs give you a world view and a practical way to plan to achieve it.

In order to understand what I really have to say, you would have to listen to each several times and THINK about them.

The first one listed here, called DICTA, means Don’t Interfer Call the Authorities. It explains how we have become so helpless since the Obedient Generation, the one that calls itself The Greatest Generation, took over.

My program called The Weakest Generaton doesn’t seem to be here yet. But the world before and after them was and will be utterly unrecognizable right now. I see things in younger people that they think are new, but were taken for granted in the 1930s.

Temporal Provincialism discusses the fact that what cripples our ability to predict, and this was what I made my living at, is the fact that we reside in NOW. This program could give you a lot of pointers on how to PREDICT accurately the tide of history.

And The Tide of History is related to Temporal Provincialism. It explains, from a practical political point of view — again, I made my living this way — the difference between practical politics and revolutionary politics. If your big thing in life is that you want the budget deficit to go up or down a few billion, practical politics is the way to go. And you can have a great time talking politics at a party.

But you better do it fast, because nothing you say will mean a thing a month from now. People remember only the tide of history.

NOBODY would remember the entire Weimar Republic if it hadn’t been Hitler that overthrew it.

NOBODY would remember Kerensky if it weren’t for Lenin.

Practical politics has NOTHING to do with changing the system or changing basics. To do anything important, you must position yourself in a way that nobody who deals in “real politics” will understand.

Few do understand, which is why there are so few revolutionaries. But if you are a temporal provincial, “There is a tide in the affairs of men which, when taken at the crest,” is not the way you want to live to live.

The tide didn’t come to the party, so who cares about it?

One of the first sacrifices a revolutionary makes is being alone and knowing that the tide may not come in his lifetime.

The people at the party will remind you that all your effort may be wasted. You will not remind them that ALL their effort is wasted. When the tide of history comes, nothing they do will mean a thing. If you don’t believe this, try talking the political strategy of the last gubernatorial election.

So I deal with people who know nothing about the tide of history, temporal provincialism, the Experts they are quoting, why they are just trying to be Shrewd again.

Even if they do grasp the concepts, they can apply it to ancient history but not to the society in which they just obsessed over the latest headlines, The Holy World of Now.

They are being Shrewd and they quote Experts. I have a program on each of these subjects.

So I sit down and try to talk with somebody and they tell me “They have discovered that…” which means that particular old fad is a popular fad again. They say that “That’s been tried, meaning history has not come there yet, or “Republicans are going to GET the black vote this time” or “AIDS is becoming a heterosexual disease”.

And I am supposed to TALK with them?

I’d rather drink alone.

I wish some people would do what Joe is doing. You could THINK about the chain of ideas I discuss and how it affects the tide of history and why I say YOU are part of my chain of ideas.

At VERY rare intervals I find that someone has not only gotten my point, but they have see a line of logic or reality I had not seen. They are not trying to shoehorn the universe into the Old Testament or yesterday’s headlines.

In other words, at rare intervals I have the kind of actual discussion other people take for granted.

In my lonely world when that happens I feel exactly the way Robinson Crosoe must have felt when he saw the footprints of another human being for the first time in twenty years:


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