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A Warning I Posted on Stormfront

Leftism is based on self-hatred. White liberals got away with being anti-white for a very long time. But when the Vietnam War came, leftists let it all hang out, and it was ugly.

The Love Generation called every American soldier in Vietnam “a paid killer.” They had phone banks to call families with sons in Nam pretending to be DoD and telling them falsely that their son had been killed in action.

Since the Love Generation has now decided that it was “anti-War not anti-troops” back then all this has gone down the media Memory Hole.

But meanwhile, back on Earth during the Vietnam War, they were fanatically anti-troops. Especially since the troops were the people they looked down on for being too poor to avoid the draft in college.

We on SF love our own. Yes, we American SFers love our country. That just makes it WORSE for us when our country is WRONG.

For a liberal, it’s just “We horrible white American gentiles are just being horrible again.”

For us American Stormfronters, it HURTS.

It took a long time, but we FINALLY began to call liberals what they are: anti-white.

What’s funny is that, while some people felt that “anti-white” was extreme, it is actually the most believable label for the American public in general. Liberals HATE America and everybody knows it. Liberals HATE white people and everybody knows it.

The reason liberals now have to call themselves “progressives” is because the very word “liberals” now stands for self-hatred.

It would be truly tragic if we, who LOVE out own people, got tarred with the same brush.

So let’s make a resolution RIGHT NOW.

We all know that we must never advocate violence.

We SF Americans must also NEVER be anti-American. Europeans can do as they wish, but WE must never cross the line between being anti-War and being against the troops.

We love our country. We hate its policy.

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The Collection Plate

You remember that I said that I was the one who had the gun at my congressman boss’s gambling sessions?

No, this is not fiction, this is real.

His brother had recently been strangled to death by the mob for gambling debts.

I should have told him this was bad. But I didn’t. Partly because I needed the job.

But several times I put my job on the line for principles. One I mentioned here was in vitro. If he wanted a staffer to take the lead on that, I told him, he had to look elsewhere.

John was relieved. I made up his mind: he wouldn’t oppose in vitro. There are thirty thousand or so people alive today who are from in vitro.

The “pro-life movement” regrets that. They are pro-life, so they regret those lives exist. I preached to my boss on that.

So why didn’t I preach to him on gambling?

On his choice to gamble I was not his God. His PERSONAL life was personal.

If you want to you can find an excuse to govern anybody’s personal life. I could have said he was giving money to organized crime, which was true.

Unfortunately I am also aware that if you put money into ANY church collection plate, you are also doing something WORSE that paying off the Mafia.

I saw what the guerrillas did who were supported by the World Council of Churches. I can’t even describe here what the “freedom fighters” did.

And are doing.

But your collection plate money paid for it.

I have seen the results of the “Christian” program to get people in the North Carolina mountains to adopt third worlders. Many a fundamentalist will say he is no part of it, but he still calls those who do it his “brothers.”

If you pay money for gambling or illegal drugs you give money to organized crime. If you put money in the collection plate of any church, you are paying for what “the brothers” do.

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Sea Change IV

Those who did not live in the time of ancient Rome may not realize that you need to read Sea Change, Sea Change II and Sea Change III before you get to Sea Change IV.

That’s OK. As we Germanics like to point out, “Rome was not burned in a day.”

So if you did your homework, reading the articles below, you will realize that the next Sea Change will guarantee that stability will be protected while a real revolution takes place.

That is why the Perot Revolution ALMOST took place.

That is why Mussolini almost missed the March on Rome.

Mousilini offered a solution to the Bolshevik Problem that included stability.

Perot seemed to offer common sense WITHOUT Total Collapse. He would close the borders. He would do what everybody knew needed to be done and he would take the responsibility in the teeth of Political Correctness.

But those who have a life would not be threatened.

Blacks and Jews and Hispanics included.

It is true that today’s suburbanites could not care less about reality when it comes to free speech. No respectable conservative will ever protest about David Irving being wiretapped into facing a twenty-years prison sentence in Austria.

But they DO worry about the property of a Jew or a Hispanic or a black having his PROPERTY threatened. They know that could expand to them.

They have stable world, and they do not want it threatened. They want someone who will defend that stable world.

A lot of us talk about how America will become part of the Third World.

I’ve been in the Third World.

A lot.

Those who live at the top in the third world live very well indeed.

When people living in the South talked about how bad the South was, Lewis Grizzard loved to quote the Delta Airlines slogan, “Delta is ready when you are.”

Those who live at the top in the third world can leave any time they feel like it. So saying we are becoming a third world country bothers the working class white.

But I have tried it, and the working class white is as hopelessly obedient as the Greatest Generation.

So we end where we began, Peter’s question, what do we do when the sea change comes?

The sea change will come, not because there is a Total Collapse, but because everybody is waiting for it.

Someone needs to offer common sense. Someone has to say, “I will take total responsibility for common sense.”

You may say that people are cowards, or you may say that the average person wants to do his own thing, raise and secure his own family, and he wants someone else to take responsibility for doing what needs to be done, no matter how bad it sounds.

I would do what needs to be done. I would guarantee permanent stability. And I would put what people know must be done in plain English.

There is no THEORY about repeat criminals. They will not be tolerated.

There is no THEORY about open borders. They will be closed by snipers or razor wire or anything else it takes. And the armed forces first responsibility is our borders.

There is no THEORY about the white race. Marxists always fall themselves anti-racists because they are anti-WHITE. I will give minorities everything they have a right to EXCEPT MY RACE’S EXISTENCE.

There is no THEORY about America’s role in the world. America exists for “We the People of the United States of America.” NOBODY, including Israelis, can have dual citizenship. Israel is responsible for Israel. Anyone, Jew or Old Testament Christian who accords Israel a special place in his life is an Israeli, and ‘Delta is ready when you are.”

But that is what we will SAY, not what we will DO. You will be censored, not kicked out.

The point of our program is the people.

If a black man wants a white girl, he will be disappointed. If you want Political Correctness, you’re toast.

But if all you care about is abstracts, you don’t have a life anyway.

Nobody takes today’s revolutionaries seriously. They also don’t take our establishment seriously.

People simply want someone to come along and cut the crap.

We can MAKE the Sea Change if we concentrate on that.

What do we do when the sea change comes along?

We keep saying what the sea change will say.

Try to remember what a political sea change IS. It is when somebody states the formula everybody already has in mind.

Ok, enough of that.

Let’s get back to how Bush lied about Iraq.

We can keep doing that until the sea change hits us in the back.


Sea Change III

As I said in the article below, which you need to look at before you read this one, all the other revolutionaries are pushing the chair leg. The chair leg is the establishment they see as the Permanent Establishment of the Holy Now.

I see an establishment that is teetering on the edge.

So Peter, who likes to make it hard on the old man, askes what we do when the sea changes.

The remarks in the parens are for Peter and Richard. No one else should read them:

(Peter, you are a very mean person who will not let me be vague and stick with theorizing.)

(Peter, I am going to get you for this and I have already promised to get Richard.)

Since you obediently did not read what is in parent, let us go back to “I see an establishment that is teetering on the edge.”

The problem with revolutionaries, including me, is that we don’t have lives. People WITH lives have families to support, mutual funds to worry about. Those of us who live for revolution look back to the revolutions of the past and we salivate over Total Collapse.

The Sea Change of 1914-1918, World War I that wiped out a generation and brought the Weimar Republic and Kerensky and other temporary vacuum-fillers into power, followed by Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and the rest, was the sort of Total Catastrophe we salivate over.

The Sea Change of 1929, the Great Depression, was also a Total Catastrophe.

Nobody who has a life wants a Total Catastrophe.

Ross Perot offered a solution for people who have lives.

What Perot and Jesse Ventura and a string of other examples keep demonstrating is that the people who have lives want a revolution. They see that things are going to hell.

But they want a revolution of common sense.

Our political system is incapable of delivering common sense. From respectable conservatives to Stormfront our whole attention is directed to Revolution Versus Minor Correction.

Perot offered a bit of common sense. He did not say that his Revolution would wait until Everything Goes Down And Then You Will Realize I Was Right.

I offer common sense. Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.

Look at “Societal Property Rights.” It was my article in “The New Right Papers.” I put the whole book together to get that one point out. The rest of the book is made up of common sense, too.

The only reason I am considered an extremist is because I say what everybody knows.

This bothers the establishment, the chair leg, enormously.

This is not what the real people, the people with lives, are concerned about.

In order to prevent the revolution that is ACHING to happen, the establishment must portray all opposition as Total Catastrophe opposition.

The reason that I have to be anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews has nthing to do with the Holocaust. It has to do with the idea that I am a RADICAL. I am a Total Catastrophe type.

If you have children and a life, you are afraid of the future the present establishment offers you, but your first loyalty is not to a race or a cause, but to the stable world white humanity, after a billion years of evolution, has FINALLY been able to enjoy.

The Sea Change will not be a carbon copy of either of the earlier Sea Changes.

In fact, neither of hte earlier Sea Changes were even vaguely alike. As I said before, World War I began after the greatest economic year anyone had ever seen before, 1913. The Great Depression began with the worst, 1929.

These things jump out at me.

Nobody else notices them.

OK. Now see Sea Change IV above.

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Sea Change II

Peter asks, “What do we do when the sea changes?”

Let us start with what we are doing now. Apparently a lot of people think that if they breathlessly report that Bush lied or the Iraq War is wrong, the public will suddenly wake up and react.

And that all goes back to the fact that an insect is smarter than a college professor.

In this case I am talking about respectable conservative college professors.

As I said on one of my radio programs, the difference between the EverReady Man and aninsect is that if an EverReady Man hits a chair leg, it just keeps going and going and going…

Insects, who had to SURVIVE, learned to go AROUND the table leg or stump a billion years ago.

So waht we see now is a giant table leg, an established establishment which is immovable. So we keep going and going and going…

Conservatives get paid for that.

Remember, things jump out at me that others don’t even notice.

I will NEVER forget that Ross Perot, nutcase that he is, almost overthrew the presidential electoral process in America by accident. On one of hte least-watched national television shows in America Larry King asked Ross Perot if he would run for president in 1992.

Perot said yes. The next thing he knew he was leading both Carter and President Bush in all the elction polls. He was on the ballot in all 50 states.

Perot didn’t have to lift a finger.

Perot is no radical. He dropped out of the race on a nutcase excuse.

But everybody else has forgotten the incident. Bob hasn’t.

Everybody else sees a table leg. I see a system that is teetering on the edge.

See next chapter above.