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Answer to Derek

Posted by Bob on November 28th, 2005 under Comment Responses, Politics

Derek says he didn’t think blacks COULD vote in New York in 1940.

Actually they could vote in New York long before then, and Roosevelt cultivated THEIR LEADERS.

Please note my emphasis here.

If you know real politics, you know that 90% or more of blacks do not VOTE. They parade on orders.

In 1932 Herbert Hoover lost his reelection bid by the most crushing majority any movern president running for reelection has ever suffered. The Great Depression destroyed him.

BUT what very few people know is that Hoover got more votes in that overwhelming defeat than any presidential candidate ever got before 1932, including 1928 when Hoover won election overwhelmingly. This is a critical point. What happened in 1932 was that milllions of NEW voters went to the polls who had never gone before.

In the case of white voters, almost everybody who had voted Republican in 1928 voted Republicans again in 1932. It was not a matter of the electorate switching sides. It was a new electorate.

In fact, the only massive SWITCH was the black vote. In 1928 they trooped to the polls and voted 90% for the Party of Lincoln, as they always had. In 1932 they trooped to the polls and voted 90% for the Democrats, If you know ANYTHING about politics that means there was not a change of MIND, but a change of ORDERS.

In the South blacks were prevented from voting because whites there felt that blacks would not VOTE, they would be organized into a mob.

Guess what happened when blacks got the vote in the South?

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