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To some up the two articles below:

Different races really DO think differently.


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Chinese Imperialism

China, in all its thousands of years of history, has never invaded India.

Let me repeat that: China and India have existed for thousands of years right across the mountains from each other and China has never invaded India.

In my lifetime a tiny very wet little idland in the North Sea OWNED India.

Wave after wave of Aryan and pre-Aryan invaders came across the mountains west of China and conquered and OWNED India.

China has never even invaded India.

In fact, with a tiny almost unknown exception that proves the rule, China has never ruled anybody who was not racially Mongoloid.

What others refer to as “Chinese imperialism” is what Europeans would refer to as “taking over buffer areas.” For the giant China to take over southeast Asis is the equivalent of Fance taking over Belgium.

It would be aggression, but it would take a real stretch of the imagination to call a conquered Belgium The French Empire.



The Yellow Peril

I wrote in the article below that the Chinese are better at what Jews do than Jews are.

There are almost exactly one hundred times as many Chinese as there are Jews.

Nobody, pro- or anti-Semitic or neither, denies that Jews have a LOT of power. The natural conclusion would be that if twelve million Jews can have a LOT of power, one billion two hundred million Chinese would soon have ALL the power.

But there is a difference I find impossible to explain those who do not already know it.

If it were simply a matter of manpower or brainpower, the Chinese could have conquered the world long ago. This is the centuries-old Yellow Peril that is now being discussed again.

If any white country had over a billion highly organized, united people, they wold conquer the whole planet in a short time.

The problem is that you simply cannot GET a billion united, highly organized white people. When whites owned the world they promptly fought World Wars I and II and lost it.

This is NOT a coincidence.

A people cannot be both highly organized and creative. China keeps inventing things and either not using them or losing them entirely, like the mechanical clock. Aquatic rice was developed in India when it was white, but China built its whole culture around the paddies.

We have panicked over China taking over the world for centuries, but China has never even conquered its OWN highlands. China has always gone back to the paddies.

The official designation of Chinese-Americans used by the Chinese government is “Chinese living abroad.” This is a continuation of China’s official designation of itself under the emperors as “The Middle Kingdom.”

And here is what is so impossible for whites to believe if they do not already know it:

China does not WANT the world. They want anything they can get from the world outside, but it is the world OUTSIDE.

When I say “China” here, I mean the Chinese mindset which is thousands of years old. I am sure some Communist idologues there want the world. But those are the true Marxists, and what it is impossible to explain is that Marxism, like rice, is something from outside China.

Mao-Tse Tung, for example, saw Communism as a way to return the peasant to the soil, to the paddy culture. His whole concept of economics was based on the idea that white advances, what he looked upon as capitalist advances, were based on some kind of trick which, if he could just figure it out, would make China as rich as the West was.

Mao thought he had figured out the trick when he started his disastrous Great Leap Forward. Mao decided that the West produced a lot of steel, and that the production of steel was our trick. So all of the Chinese economy was dedicated to theproduction of steel.

Yes, a grown man thought that. And yes, Western professors took it seriously.

The Chinese do not WANT the world.

The Chinese are not creative but they are great at bulding on what they get from the white man. Just like the Jews.

But better.

China is a permanent combination of the shrewdness of old age and a mentality so child-like that we cannot believe it.

The Yellow Peril begins and ends in China.


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Reply to Tim

In response to my peice on “How Jews React” Tim says:

Maybe the Chinese will come and help them. Aren’t they cozy with China??

The Chinese Jews are a forgotten but interesting sidelight of history. There were a number of Jews in China, but they starved. Everything the Jews were good at the Chinese were BETTER at.

The Chinese are experts at the networking Jews use so effectively against white gentiles, who are individualistic and as hard to herd as cats. All of hte business tricks Jews are good at are old hat to the Chinese.

And the Chinese could do it and live on a few bowls of rice when they had to.

As for the Jewish weapon of getting pity, the Chinese don’t give it. Don’t try to tell an Asian that he doesn’t know what True Suffering is.

Fot Asians, the Holocaust was strictly minor-league stuff.

Jews are very good at taking white gentile breakthroughs — like the original Theory of Relativity — and exanding. Jews have high IQs in the sense that IQ is a test of problem-solving, not creativity.

The Chinese are better. And there are more of them.



Me and Antonio

Anonymous wrote that my last piece was unnecessary because my readers wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know I’m good at predictions and so forth.

My longer-term readers know that the last article falls less into the category of new information and more into the category of Bob Bitching.

You can see below that Antonio sent me a smart-ass note and I slapped him down.

Antonio didn’t get outraged. He just said he expected that and the only reason he wrote what he did in the first place was because he felt crappy that day.

This is a blog. We bitch here some, we joke here a lot.

I try to keep my personal venting down, and usually the venting I do is aimed at saying what you wish somebody would say. One reason we’re here is because we have a lot of things we are ALL pissed off about, and Ole Bob is good at saying it right.

But sometimes I have to bitch for myself.

I have lived all my life under a curse that is so old it is in in Homer’s Oddyssey, the Curse of Casandra.

One god who like her gave Cassabdra the gift of prophecy. So one who hated her gave her gave her the curse that her perfect prophecies would never be believed.

That second god was a genius. The gift of prophecy turns into the worst of curses if you see what is coming, warn against it, and no one believes you.

This is a CRITICAL point:

Perfect prophecy is wonderful gift. But ever since Homer wrote it down no one has ever referred to The Gift of Cassandra. It has ALWAYS been referred to as the CURSE of Cassandra.

No one has ever denied that the gift of prophecy, or being good at predictions as I am, combined with not being believed, is a curse.

For almost fifty years I have seen EXACTLY what was going to happen to everything I care about and nobody believed me.

All those people who say, “Well, I began to realize what was happening when…” are concerned about themselves just as I am concerned about me. During all those years BEFORE they bean to realize what was happening I was talking to a stone wall of people just like them. They are just beginning to feel what I have felt all these years.

So when I bitch too much, call me on it as Anonymous did. But give me a little room for venting here for Ole Bob himself.

I guarantee that most of the things I complain about will be saying what you wanted to say if you had the time.

One special thing I can offer you here is an old pro with elephant-thick skin who can take it and dish it out right back at you.

It would really be weird if I claimed to be a professional in the areas I have been in and then turned around and acted hurt when I was hit at. The worst you can get back is a verbal slap-down. I am NOT going to go into the corner and mope.

And, like Antonio, you should realize that this lattitude stretches both ways.

If you can dish it out and you can take it, this is a great place to be.

We are not being graded. This is supposed to be fun.

And if it stops being fun, it is your responsibility let me know fast.


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