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Simon Says

Posted by Bob on December 11th, 2005 under Comment Responses

You know, it’s odd to use the words in the title in something besides the children’s game.

Anyway, Simon says,

“I don’t understand? If an university is anti-semitic, my guess is that they don’t want Israel to exist (I don’t know if they ever have published articles writing this, but let’s assume they do). Now ADL/Sharon wants the university to shut down. Bob seems to think that it is ok for a university to react, but if Israelites are reacting it is suddenly wrong??! I hereby deny Bob the right to react on my post.”

Simon has forbidden me to react to his post. Naturally I will honor his wishes. You have my word as a person who has spent his entire career in politics.

In other words, I lied like a dog.

But Simon’s point is correct. Under our established relgiion of Political Correctness one of the thuosand or so Commandments is, “Thous shalt never argue if somebody calls you an anti-Semite.”

But I (and I suspect Simon) still adhere to the old religion, which says you have a right to react to anwer any insult.

It’s a shame, all that missionary work at public expense and we still haven’t been converted.


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