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Oriental Stagnation is Real

Peter says, I do not know who he is referring to:

“To nitpick: he’s totally wrong about whites being slightly lower than orientals in IQ on creativity. First, IQ tests don’t measure creativity. Second, on what they do measure that resemble creativity, orientals always place far lower than whites. Third, even the section of IQ tests that allege oriental slight superiority such as in rote intelligence used for math and science, the results are contradicted by other IQ tests, but these contradictory results are censored.”

“Actually, orientals I have known, in typical Asian modesty, are quick to say that whites are superior in all aspects of intelligence, but that orientals are better in rote **skills** only because they don’t mind sacrificing themselves to study 14 hours a day. I always said to them that they were just being modest, but they would look offended and insist they were being accurate. Often this was followed by them saying they always wished they were white, and please would I tell no one they said that. ”

Comment by Peter — 12/29/2005 @ 2:49

As I have pointed out a dozen times (literally) but don’t seem to be able to get across, inventions DIE in the Orient. When we get an invention we change the world with it. The Orient not only stagnates, it slides.

Without the West, China would slide back tino its rice paddies.

But they got the aquatic rice from India when it was white. Even accepted history admits that.

By the way, your “fourteen hours a day” is literal.

I was just reading an article about Korean men who send their wives and children to the United States so the children can be educated here. Unlike Westerners who circumcize, many Orientals do not like torturing their children. The school day in South Korea including homework is frourteen hours, the exact number you mentioned.

It is almost ALL rote memory. Can you imagine more torture for a child’s mind?

Can you imagine what’s left of a child’s mind after twelve years of that?

If you don’t do the fourteen, you can forget university and anything but a joanitorial job.