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I Don’t BELIEVE You!

Posted by Bob on February 20th, 2006 under How Things Work

The kind of thing that really makes me laugh is what happened to my brother many years ago.

He was up in Tennessee moving into a house that had its own furnace. His family moved in in the spring so the furnace would not be used for a long time, but he was showing them the place, so naturaly he showed his children the furnace.

He was e4xplaining the furnace to his daughters, aged two, four and six. He told the girls that the way he heated the furnace was by burning the coal that was sitting there.

The girls looked at what was obviously a pile of black rocks and grinned at him.

“Daddy is being FUNNY again.”

Children knew that you don’t burn rock.

I thought it was hilarious, and so did he. How do you PROVE to the most practical people on earth, little girls, that black rock DOES burn if you are in warm weather and can’t burn it?

Once my doctor brother was interviewing for a job at a home for the retarded. He had enormoua intellectual credentials, and he got the job.

My brother got his MD, then did his internship and full residency in pediatrics and then a full residency in neurology. As a result, he was awarded the one-year residency at Harvard in the field of pediatric neurology.

He was a member of the Harvard faculty.

The ONLY member of the Harvard faculty who wore a “(George) Wallace for President” button to work.

Back to the story, he had not the slightest problem getting that job at the retarded home.

The only problem he faced was when he was at the retarded home for the first time waiting for the interview.

He wanted a drink of water and he couldn’t find a button or a pedal on water fountain.

One of the retarded children walked to him and said, rather pityingly and trying hard not to make my brother feel dumb, “You push THIS right HERE.”

Once again, both my brother and I have had endless fun over this incident.

“Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

You don’t have to argue with children or retardeds. Children will learn. Retardeds, by definition, CANNOT learn.

You should just admire their sense of reality.

But what if you are dealing with people who are physically and clinically adult, but who can never grow up? They have been told, and they BELIEVE, that Mommy Professor and Experts have given them the Final Truth.

They are disgusting freaks. They are warped creatures who were meant to be adults someday. But they are forever crowded into the womb.

Growenups inthe womb!

How repuslive can you GET?

They deserve my pity. But, God help me, all I feel is disgust.

Chidren’s sayings are funny.

Retarded children are charming.

But the products of Mommy Professor are not quite so humorous.


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