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PeterGene and

Posted by Bob on February 20th, 2006 under Comment Responses

Someone asked me to repeat my e-mail address and I forgot to do so.


PeterGene can contaft me there.


I just accepted the “Monitor” title on Stormfront, and Kelso was flatteringly grateful. He said my joining will get other “big names” to go in as monitors.

The idea that ***I*** give somebody some kind of respectability is a new experience for me.

But one of my active Bloggers has been banned from Stormfront.

I will be at the American Renaissance Conference later this week and I will talk to Kelso and Don Black about this. Is PeterGene your name on Stormfront?

No, don’t take your marbles and go home.

I don’t take my marbles and go home, but that is because I lost them a long time ago.

I am serious about you who take part in my seminar, so I would do this anyway and try to make peace. But in this case, it gives me an opportunity to find out exactly WHO does the banning on Stormfront and how they run it.

I know that the membership of SF took a huge jump after they got rid of one monitor who did too much banning. I like him, but when you run an organization, you have to impose impose discipline, often unfairly.

Kelso and Black get a lot of enemies that way, as did I. But if you concentrate on the abuse of power, you are NOT concentrating on the cause.

Every moment you spend concentrating on yourself is a moment you are NOT concentrating on our war.

So, PeterGene, send me your SF name at my address,

and let me try to take it from there.

I know you are too ticked off right now to want reinstatement on SF, but I will try to make it your option.

But don’t just think about how ticked off you are. ***I*** need this opportunity to find out how SF works with a specific example. Kelso and Black know how seriously I take my Bloggers, so you can give me a real chance to ask what I need to ask.

Beautiful stuff Bob.

I like that sort of line and mentallity.

To change subject….

Well i really irritated the Jewish Masters of StromFront!

I have been Banned!


“Your account has been disabled for the following reason: 6 month ban – Egregiously violating every guideline & attacking Stormfront as well

Date your account will be reenabled: 08-20-2006, 12:30 AM”


Now Bob i AM proud of that! Can you understand that? I mean not the ban, but that i am proud of that.

What greater respect could they have paid me?

I love them for it!

I have been taken very seriously by THEM!

But the joke is i never took myself seriously at all!

Do you see?

Well, my victory is the correctnes of my prediction!

Few will know this!

I stood up againsts of load of Nazgool bastards. I have done so many times before.

I know it was not the politically correct thing to do Bob, but that exactly WAS MY intention.

You my despise me and hate me but you will never get a politically correct statement out of me!

You know what happens when you poke a stick into the ant’s nest?

Are you always politically correct Bob?

But 99% of the population at SF write infinitely more vile stuff than i ever wrote. Naive childish Stuff! I know because i have read it! They have written awefully stupid hateful and racist stuff such as i NEVER wrote.

For that reason i love my ban because it invalidates The Entire Stormfront Movement.

It is bereft of validity! But i would lie to you if i did not state that i knew this from the very beginning.

Were there is rot it must be exposed even it it harms oneself! That is not to say there are no good people there on StormFront who may be supported. Nor does it necessarily mean that the exposer of the rot is any good! It only means that when we find a terminal disease we have to cut deep – and yes it hurts. It hurts me too!

But i have proved the point that ALL forums are controlled by THE Jews. I have yet to find as forum that isn’t. Its scarey!

Stormfront would be shut down in an instant if it did not do servitude to the Jews!

The Jews allow it to opperate because it provides them with a counterfoil to justify their victim status. That means that certain mantras must be repeated there. Anything unusual is a danger to the Jews and also more functionally such unusualness horrifies the Dog Minded Racists who dwell at SF.

Don’t worry you won’t have to ban me from your forum.

I shall evaporite as a cloud on a Blue Spring Morn.


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  1. #1 by Jay Jay on 02/20/2006 - 4:14 pm

    I was banned quickly over at SF for suggesting the radical idea that swastikas were not a good way to reach Middle America. If I had to guess, MaudDib would be the out of control monitor over there. I’ve seen several people on other message boards complain about him.

  2. #2 by Mark on 02/20/2006 - 11:13 pm

    “The Jews allow it to opperate because it provides them with a counterfoil to justify their victim status.”

    I’ve never participated on SF because of the nazi and “racist” symbolism that easily makes those of us in the pro white movement appear as racially bigotted cardboard characters. I agree with Jay Jay about the swastikas — what in heaven’s name would we want with that over-stereotyped image? While for some over there it may be a case of “I’ll do what I damn well please”, for the rest of us (who live decent, respectful lives) it makes us easy cannon fodder. The NAACP and the ADL have never put on the clown makeup of the clansman. Instead they APPEAR respectible — in suit and ties — which makes their leas easier to swallow.

    Are we bigots or are we trying to save our race from extinction? Do we honestly want hardcore racist goofballs in our movement? What are we trying to accomplish here — the protection and continuance of the white race — or the inability of being taken seriously by our fellow white europeans? I think the face we put forward has a lot to do with whether we are successful in our endendeavors.

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