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Posted by Bob on February 22nd, 2006 under Comment Responses

Comment by Derek

You know it took me a while to get this (a little hungover and studying econ right now).

I think that is what makes American politics, and the subsequent arguments from us little proletariat trolls, so interesting.

Everyone wants to blame the puppets, not the puppeteer. You are right…the concept of abortion didn’t begin in ‘73 and wasn’t invented by Roe.

I am the father of an aborted child. I didn’t want the child to be aborted but his mother did. What could I do? But if you ask me about abortion I don’t have a solid answer. I can’t make up everyone else’s mind.

If it comes down to aborting unwanted children or being forced to watch my race be bred out of extinction…I think I will chose the former.


Hungover and studying econ! That brings back memories!

Derek, to quote the Jews and the “Greatest Generation,” you don’t know what SUFFERING is!

Basic economics is not a thrill to those who HAVE to take it. TEACHING it to thirty students is even less fun at the best of times.

But I had to teach basic economics once at a private college to a roomful of students at eight o’clock on Monday morning when everybody, including Herr professor, had a hangover.


Jews talk about five thousand years of suffering, but that class lasted more than five thousand years every time.

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  1. #1 by Derek on 02/22/2006 - 4:47 pm

    “You can teach a parrot to be an economist by having him learn two words: supply and demand.”

    I think that economics is one of the most boring, and yet one of the most interesting, classes ever. Odd considering it is a social science. I thorourghly enjoy it.

    We were discussing CPI and Keynesian (sp?) economics today. My teacher was talking about how the government failed to intervene at the right time to stop the depression. At that time a thought bubbled up:

    when is it EVER the right time for a government to intervene?

    The answer (IMO): whenever it is in the best interests of said government.

    How does that apply here? If we had a white nationalist government wouldn’t it be easier to deal with such a notion?

    I don’t like interventionism. But I have only seen 27 years of it. I haven’t seen too many times, if any at all, it has worked. Especially since our government’s state religion dictates that we intervene in the favor of Political Correctness.

    So do we get the government out and only let it back in when it will treat us right?

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