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An Inexcusable Slur

I don’t want anyone here to say that I’m on “The Lunatic Fringe.”

On Blob’s Blog I am right in the CENTER of the lunatics.




Joe sez:

“Might as well fess up, Bob. Those Stormfront guys knows it’s what you don’t say that makes you a neoconservative. Not what you say. What you don’t say. That’s how they caught you. Them Stormfront boys is got a lot on the cap. If’n they say it, it’s gospel. Can’t fool a Stormfront guy. Can’t fool Kevin. Couldn’t a fooled Bill P. Some things just show up and you can’t miss it. It ain’t just oil. It’s a whole lot of other things. That’s what they told me. I take it as gospel. I trust these boys. ”

Comment by joe rorke

You got me!

Since you state this in the academic language I was raised with, I can’t squirm out of it.

Anonowitz and I have come clean.

We are kikes.

As Brian put it in Monty Python’s Life of Brian after Brian was informed his father was a Roman, “I am a kike, a Hebe, a hook-nose, and I’m PROUD of it!”

Just don’t tell anybody.



The Yellow Peril

Somebody asked me about the China Threat once again

This makes excellent sense, since when I talked about Britain and Russia having military teeth, I left out China.

But I have discussed it at length.

Here we go again:

I discussed China before at length, but I am not sure anybody understood what I was talking about because Stormfronters do not think racially.

You may want to look it up and you may understand it. All I ever get out of it is more revelations about the Middle East.

My basic point was that the Chinese have all of the constructive ability for organization and teamwork that ants do.

They also have the fatal weakness that ants have when you kill the Queen.

But let’s forget that and noticed something even easier:

China is enormously vulnerable militarily.

To START with, and there is MORE, China consists largely of two rivers, the Whang Ho and the Yang Tse. A serious nuclear attack on the mouths of these two rivers would put China into a desperate position, and it isn’t easy to find a subsitute feeding ground for half a billion people who depend directly on the paddies there.

China faces a United States that is NOT vulnerable inthat way. YOu can bomb the hell out of hte Middle West corn belt and we will still eat very well.

This is the kind of thing other people don’t think about, but that keeps Chinese planners awake at night.

An American president who KNOWS about this will keep China from being too much of a threat.



An Important Quibble

I went back to grad school for a semester in 1992, just to check things out.

I took the full load and went in as a PhD candidate.

One thing I noticed was that students would say, “Professor X is teaching a seminar course in …”

The last time I was in grad school over a quarter of a century before, nobody TAUGHT a seminar.

You LEAD a seminar. I didn’t even mention this because no one would in grad school with me would understand the difference.

A COURSE is a COURSE. You are taking students through a course of study.


The difference between TEACHING a seminar and LEADING a seminar is exactly the same as the difference between a Soviet Assembly and a real representative government.

In representative government the leadership uses every dirty trick in the book to get a majority for its policies, which does not smack of Fairy Tale Fairness.

In a Communist “Parliament” there are no dirty tricks. All votes are unanimous.

I may be the last professor who thinks of himself as LEADING a seminar.

The minute I start TEACHING a seminar somebody like Mark or Peter jumps down my throat.

Can you imagine trying to explain that difference to a modern, hoop-jumping person who has made it to grad school?


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Paragraph Structure

Someone wrote me:

“I really like your posts. Could you please use paragraph structure though? Thanks.”

Since the entry qualification for Bob’s Blog is that you have outgrown your college education, whether you had one or not, I am stuck with a lot EDUCATED people here.

So a lot of you may have noticed that my paragraph structure is pure anarchy.

So let me assure you there is a reason for this. I am open to disagreement.

Here was my reply to, “Could you please use paragraph structure though? Thanks.”



Richard Viguerie made a fortune on direct mail before everybody else ( See my 1982 book) copied him.

He did statistical tests, and found that long paragraph structure does not WORK.

Not from the critical point of view, but from the plebian point of view of getting people to READ it.

Correct paragraph structure is technically correct according to those who make the rules.

But back on Planet Earth people find it BORING.

Hemingway was also criticized for his unscientific paragraphs, but he never gave them up and his stuff sold pretty well.



You Have the Formula for Ole Bob!

I said that seminars were once a place where a professor could stop spoon-feeding unwilling students in lectures and kick back and talk with those who know the subject and can feed him thoughts he hadn’t come up with.

Nowadays that doesn’t happen. Nowadays the student regurgitates what he’s told and he knows the professor will grade him on how much he agrees with said prof.

But when I kicked back and got nasty and crappy with THIS crowd, I caught it HARD.

Even Sweet Shari gave me grief about my, literally, gutter humor.

Mark reamed me good.

I NEED that.

I also got a good laugh out of Mark’s saying he was not going to lie down and worship me.

Mark, old buddy, I think you made THAT point pretty clear. You did it with what I like to refer to as a Whitaker level of subtlety.

Which is why nobody needs to say “I may be wrong” or “I’m not an expert” here.

I cleared your comment. If you were making a fool of yourself or whatever you’re worried about I wouldn’t clear it.

More important, BOB makes an ass of himself aplenty here.

BOB needs the same kind of treatment. I am ridiculously crabby and sometimes coarse. CALL me on it.

Thanks, Mark. Thanks, Shari.

I apologize.

But I will sin again.


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I’m Probably not a Neo

I got it again on Stormfront. My saying I might invade Saudi Arabia or some other OEC country is they keep OPEC going AGAINST THE US just shows I’m an oil-grabbing neo.

So I tried again:


I mentioned the Saudis,but I did not specify which OPEC country I would take.


OPEC would just get the cartel of of AMERICA’S back.

I would love to see all those countriest we protected all those decades from the Communists paing through the nose for OPEC oil while we got straight cost plus ten.

AND ISRAEL paying all that OPEC wants to charge for oil.

Yea, right. The neocons would really love me!!!

Once we pull all subsidies out of Israel, all that Jewish money that goes to pushing their agenda would have to shift to preserving that crappy little country on their own.

No doubt about it, I’m a neocon.

Everybody is so obsessed with Israel and Saudi Arabia that nobody is doing the kind of thinking an AMERICAN president should do:

About US.

Nobody has seen the reality for OUR purposes about this “superpower” stuff.

America is not the only SUPERpower left on earth, it is the only POWER left on earth.

I would enforce law against all reexport of cheap OPEC oil. And when Bob says ENFORCE I think you have a good idea what I mean by that word:

No bail
And the DC jail.

No country but the US in all the world is able to enforce its own interests.

After half a century of military welfare, Europe has a completely toothless, aged, tiny military.

The only countries with teeth, Britain and Russia, HAVE plenty of oil.

The United States might seriously become the defenders of OPEC countries from others doing what we are doing.

We would allow breaks for other countries ONLY if they elected governments that protect white interests.

“Isolationist?” Me?

Not exactly.

Meanwhile those countries that stick to Political Correctness pay a hundred dollars a barrel and the third world pours on in.

I am still having difficulty understanding why neos would like any of this.

There will a Pax Americana without a shot fired.

We have fought two really horrible ewars since we won our independence.

The first was over the blacks.

The second was for the Jews and to make the world safe for Stalin.

I think Messiah simply can’t get used to the idea of somebody who would flex our muscle for US.

There won’t be a war. There’s nobody to fight one with. Islam will love us And, more imporant, FEAR us.

So they’ll go bomb Europe until Europe gets some cajones.

Are you SURE I’m a neo?


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I got crappy and Mark called me on it:

Regarding my bad-tempered remark below, Mark hit me TWICE:

I take offense at your statment. So you write an entry which is more proclamation than discussion and then you expect everyone (during a holiday weekend even)to throw themselves to the floor, genuflect like trained puppets, and squawk what a wun-der-full statment you have just made. Okay, fine. From now on when you’ve written one of your declarations of adoration entries I’m gonna’ write:

“Amen-hallelujah-aman! That Bubba Witt’ker fella is might-eee fine! Amen – hallelujah-amen!”

Comment by Mark — 5/30/2006 @ 3:29 pm | Edit This

Oh, and another thing. While you were penning that ever so enlightening and oh-so invigorating paragraph about sewers and what not, I was busy visiting the grave (w/my daughter) of a real pro-white hero — one Sam Hildebrand (Missouri Major of the army of the Confederacy, bushwhacker, peacelover until his family was murdered and his home burnt down by northerners, and all around 19th. century real-life bravehart).

But of course, forgive my divine father for I have sinned. Amen-hallelujah-amen! That Bubba Witt’ker fella is might-ee fine! Amen-hallelujah-amen to ad nausium…

Comment by Mark — 5/30/2006


Mark, I wish you would stop being so worshipful and shy and just tell me what you think.