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We are Marching!

Posted by Bob on May 27th, 2006 under Coaching Session

A Florida TV station has begun regular attacks on Stormfront.

Alas, alas!

Paul Weyrich wrote a piece in my “New Right Papers” in 1982 that every person who wants to know REAL politics should read. It is Bob’s favorite kind of stuff, common sense from a pro who has DONE what he is talking about.

Paul wrote about how he got through to the media.

First of all he talked about how, when he first got to Washington, conservatives were all of the “All Is Lost!” school. The media was all leftist and they had given up on trying to get their message out.

Paul certainly knew the media was against him, but he also noticed that “All Is Lost!” conservatives were doing an AWFUL job of dealing with them.

So Paul analyzed what the media might publicize.

You see, the media are in a rough, competitive business. So what you do is give them something to compete with.

For example, you get to know when the slow season for news is. You time your announcements for slow periods when they NEED anything they can get that won’t put readers or watchers to sleep.

That never occurred to regular conservatives. They were too busy convincing each other that “All Is Lost.”

He gave them press kits.

Normally a conservative would do a press conference and then try to fend off questions like, “Where is your money coming from?”

Paul would say, “That’s in your press kit, fellows. Why don’t you read it?”

A press kit also does their writing for them.

I keep pointing out that the one time my picture was on the front page of the New York Times was when I really didn’t FIT there. The story was about YOUNG Reagan appointees and I was 41. But htey used my picture anyway and didn’t mention my age.


Because the writer desperately NEEDED the lines I had given him. My stuff made his article INTERESTING.

The New York Times was not one of those publications that were desperate to put Bob Whitaker on the front page. But I had learned from Weyrich that if you say things that keep readers AWAKE, the most astonishing people will feature you.

I listen good. Paul’s advice got me in a lot of places, but a picture onthe front page of the New York Times is my prize trophy from Paul.

The media have a hell of a problem with white survivalism.

On the one hand, it is FASCINATING to readers, and in fact minorities are likely to be more fascinated by it than white readers.

Furious, but interested. And “interested” sells papers.

You know all those movies about Evil Nazis?

The usual explanation for this is that “ALL Is Lost!” (AIL). The AIL crowd has a point. They say that the reason the media concentrates on Nazis is because they don’t want to denounced leftists like Stalin and Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung.

But, using the Weyrich formula, I realized something ELSE about Evil Nazis.

Down here on earth, folks don’t like to look at UGLY people.

You never see an Evil Nazi who not absolutely beautiful.

The women are all wildly beautiful unapologetic, wonderfully built blond Nordics dressed to the nines. The men are all six feet something, blond, blue-eyed and their uniforms are starched and their hair is perfectly combed.

Where else can you show people like that except in a show about how evil Nazis? Nobody ever asked for racial balance in a show about Nazis.

Nobody wants to look at ugly Communists.

So the media are faced with the fact that everybody knows race and immigration are the elephants in the living room. If they talk about THAT, they can keep their audiences not only AWAKE, but fascinated.

We need to think about how they can do what they need to do.

Why is that Florida station hammering on SF? Obviously it INTERESTS people.

The AIL group will moan about, “This is all anti stuff.”

But you give an old pro like me a way to get publicity, and I’ll go after it like a wolf after raw meat.

They want what we have to offer so desperately it is hard to conceive of. We are NEWS.

Which is why I get so desperately frustrated when one of us spends his time joining the millions bitching ahout George Bush and Iraq.

Let me introduce you to something basic: at all times and in all societies, the establishment media does not LIKE real revolutionaries.

Can we all learn to live with that fact?

All the publicity we get will be “anti stuff.”

No revolution ever succeeded by depending on the good will of those in power.


Got it?

We need publicity.

If we do it right, we have more potential publicity than we can imagine.

All of it negative.

Those who hate us will still hate us, but they will see we are a growing power.

But a lot of people will LIKE us. They hate the media, too.

As a pro, I see a wide-open road.

Is there any way on earth I can persuade SOMEBODY to help me go down it?

Ok, back to why George Bush is a meanie.

  1. #1 by Elizabeth on 05/27/2006 - 12:24 pm


    The slow season for news has traditionally been August. That’s probably still
    true on a national basis.

    There are a lot of small towns and small cities where most of the local clubs
    don’t meet in June, July and at least the first half of August, but we’re in
    an off-year election year and some states have very hot state and local races.

    A press release isn’t _hard_ to write. However, there are some requirements,
    such as prominently listing a point of contact and his or her _current_
    contact information. Sending any picture files less than 300 dpi is a waste
    as they won’t print well.

  2. #2 by Shari on 05/27/2006 - 1:18 pm

    NOT SPAM Well I hope and pray for more and more publicity. When I go from here to other sites I like to check on it always seems like milder stuff because they don’t seem to realize that all these issues we are facing is because someone is trying to kill us. Even negative publicity is bound to hit some people in the face with that fact, and then more people and more. I do believe in prayer too! But not nonsense prayer. How can that be answered? ps. I can’t seem to move my cursor so that I can put “not spam” at the top. I’ll try asking my son when I catch him.

  3. #3 by Mark on 05/27/2006 - 7:44 pm

    Last summer National Vanguard distributed flyers in St. Louis and the press gave it 3 or 4 days of coverage — all negative of course — but it did hit the headlines here in Missouri. The flyers were called “neo nazi” and “white suprememicst” while in reality they were just a one page ad w/a white woman’s face on it that said something to the tune of, “love your race.” Unfortunately the press didn’t name NV by name and instead said the F.ederal B.alogna I.spictors were looking into the “incident” and knew who was to “blame”.

  4. #4 by richard on 05/28/2006 - 2:27 pm


    An excellent article, which all of us in the ‘movement’ whould read. I’ve just posted something on Stormfront which you might like to read – ‘The Top 10 PR Successes of White Nationalism’. Click here –

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