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The Yellow Peril

Posted by Bob on May 31st, 2006 under Coaching Session

Somebody asked me about the China Threat once again

This makes excellent sense, since when I talked about Britain and Russia having military teeth, I left out China.

But I have discussed it at length.

Here we go again:

I discussed China before at length, but I am not sure anybody understood what I was talking about because Stormfronters do not think racially.

You may want to look it up and you may understand it. All I ever get out of it is more revelations about the Middle East.

My basic point was that the Chinese have all of the constructive ability for organization and teamwork that ants do.

They also have the fatal weakness that ants have when you kill the Queen.

But let’s forget that and noticed something even easier:

China is enormously vulnerable militarily.

To START with, and there is MORE, China consists largely of two rivers, the Whang Ho and the Yang Tse. A serious nuclear attack on the mouths of these two rivers would put China into a desperate position, and it isn’t easy to find a subsitute feeding ground for half a billion people who depend directly on the paddies there.

China faces a United States that is NOT vulnerable inthat way. YOu can bomb the hell out of hte Middle West corn belt and we will still eat very well.

This is the kind of thing other people don’t think about, but that keeps Chinese planners awake at night.

An American president who KNOWS about this will keep China from being too much of a threat.

  1. #1 by Mark on 05/31/2006 - 7:41 pm

    “An American president who KNOWS about this will keep China from being too much of a threat.”

    Just one more reason to impeach our current, high-IQ commander-in-chief. I wonder if king george even knows where china is on a map?

  2. #2 by Antonio Fini on 05/31/2006 - 8:19 pm

    Sure Bob, but with their Asiatic disdain for suffering and death might they not be willing to sacrifice a quarter of a billion people to invade us via Mexico? Eventually they might overwhelm us by sheer weight.

    A Californian friend of mine recently attended a gun show in Pomona County, CA. He said he was the only white guy in a room full Blacks and Mexicans shopping for heavy artillery. Guess who was selling iron to the street gangs? A bunch of thick accented Chinese guys.
    The Chinese know we no longer have a racially homogenous country where every citizen can be counted upon to resist an invader. Some “Americans” would hold the door open for them.

    I think we are provoking China by making them buy our bonds so they can get dollar denominated interest payments, which they in turn need to buy oil from the Saudis.

    At the same time we tell them they can’t take Taiwan to exploit the offshore oil in the Spratlys, while they see us setting up the world’s biggest army base in Iraq to make sure no one can ever dislodge us. For our sakes, I sure hope Bush and his Neocon buddies are the ruthless imperialists they seem to think they are.

  3. #3 by Dennis on 06/01/2006 - 4:17 am

    Dont underestimate the Chinese. Have you ever read the Art of War?

    Sun Tzu says that a good general fights his wars in such a way, than the actual fighting doesn’t mark the beginning of the fight, but the victory fanfare. I think that you are approaching warfare from a western point of view.

    You have stated in the past, that the war we have with non-whites, is when they take white partners, when they campaign for their own rights. Well, can not China become a more powerful force by the same way? I would, if I was running China, avoid any military struggle, but I would have no problem with my people migrating to white nations, taking positions of power there. I dont have to tell Chinese what to do, their very nature means that they will work for themselves, at the expence of the white man. As long as I dont actually openly fight them, I can take over thier nations and they will never consider it as war.

    In Australia, we are quite familiar with the Yellow peril, and many speculate about an armed invasion. Yet, white men take asian women by the bucketload, they come in much more easily than whites, and in large numbers. They will eventually have this nation to progress their race, without firing a shot, without being officially an enemy, and with the support and approval of whites.

  4. #4 by Elizabeth on 06/01/2006 - 2:29 pm

    P.J. O’Rourke commented in one of his books that, if the U.S. was ever in
    real trouble with our food supply, we’d be growing crops on the green spaces between
    airport runways.

    Our crops are pretty well dispersed, except, of course, for citrus (California,
    Florida, Texas).

    A lot of the canned vegetables, for instance, come from the South. Get off the
    interstate sometime and look around. Also, you can find good stuff at produce
    stands, usually for far less than in the grocery stores, even if it comes
    from out of state. (The produce stand folks don’t have the grocery stores’
    overhead, even if they have to make a 50 or 100 mile trip a couple of times
    a week or so to the state or area farmers’ market.)

  5. #5 by Nathan on 06/04/2006 - 10:04 am

    The Chinese hammered us in Vietnam…

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