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Budarick is Good People!

Budarick, you can dish it out, but can you TAKE it?

One thing Budarick said that really got to me was about World War II:

“It was a hollow victory.”

Budarick, you should know by now that I have been fully aware since my PRETEEN days that it was no victory, hollow or otherwise.

When Hess flew to Britain, Germany had just invaded the Sovieet Union. Hess sould not BELIEVE that Britons, led by anold anti-Communist like Churchill, could POSSIBLY refuse to make a peace. He felt that if Germany Number Three Leader showed the raw courage to go to Britain himself Britons would recognize the reality of the situation in a way no other act could have made them do it.

The result was that Hess destroyed himself. His fate was worse than that of any other Nazi leader.

Hess’s mistake was the same as that people make when they look at China through their OWN eyes.

Churchill’s War was being fought to make the world safe for Stalin.

Churchill had gone from total obsurity in politics to the hero of the world by being against Hitler, and ONLY Hitler. He was not about to give that up.

My father was right, and I spent the rest of my life fighting the worldwide Communism Churchill rleased upon the world by destroying the only bulwarkagainst it.

Do you really think I have not spent many hours each month of my life chewing the rug in pure hatred of the Americans and British who did this. Do you not think I have grieved all my long life over the Germans who siply could not believe that those who should congratulated ontheir fight against the Ultimate enemy treated them in a Stalinist way?

And Churchill would have made a perfectly good Stalin.

I hit you about Germans exactly the way you hit me about Germans.

So did Dave.

It hurts, doesn’t it?

It hurts people we should not be hurting.

You are trying to pull Germans out of it. We are trying to pull Americans out of it.

But why in heaven’s name are you hitting at US?

You have more than a right to be furious.

But so do I.

So direct your fury at our commmon, spineless, stinking ENEMIES.

I have come close to going insane over this situation many, many times.

Don’t fall into that trap.

We NEED you.




P.J. O’Rourke commented in one of his books that, if the U.S. was ever in
real trouble with our food supply, we’d be growing crops on the green spaces between
airport runways.

Our crops are pretty well dispersed, except, of course, for citrus (California,
Florida, Texas).

A lot of the canned vegetables, for instance, come from the South. Get off the
interstate sometime and look around. Also, you can find good stuff at produce
stands, usually for far less than in the grocery stores, even if it comes
from out of state. (The produce stand folks don’t have the grocery stores’
overhead, even if they have to make a 50 or 100 mile trip a couple of times
a week or so to the state or area farmers’ market.)

Comment by Elizabeth


Good old PJ, the bourbon man!

What is important here is that it refers back to my basic point about Orientals. They have a natural talent for being organized like ants do. But they lack something basic.

If you blast out a part of the American economy different groups of us will build others. There is no center, no Queen Bee.

Chinese history is either national tyrants or warlords. You destroy their paddies and they will have to go back and spend decades or centuries planning and buiilding a substitute.

And the paddies were an INDIAN invention.

I am one of the few whites who can tell most of the time whether a person is Japanesse, Korean or Chinese. I do better with that I do at spotting white nationalities. But I can’t tell yo HOW I do it.

I busted a gut trying to explain how Oriental desires on a power level are just different from ours.

I just don’t have the ENERGY to do it again.

But you and PJ hit a critical point.

Whites woud grow food and go ahead. A Chinese population grouped around a tiny piece of paddy land never even conquered its OWN highlands.

Chinese never even mentioned conqueting the world. They WERE the Central Kingdom, to which all foreign rulers ALREADY owed fealty and kowtowing. But they never had a Norman Experience of going out and conquering other worlds.

You deal witht he Chinese on the basis of what THEY want, not as if they were just like us with epicanthric folds on their eyes.

China refers to Chinese in other countries as “Chinese living abroad.” This is not just a figure of speech. This is a world view.

They are considered mysterious because they genuinely do not look at the world he way we do, and we have always been convinced that everybody was, at heart, a good little Baptist or Catholic or Libertarian at heart.

They are CHINESE. And until you get that point you are being ridiculous.

Even their Communism is a return to the old Chinese peasant-emperor. It drives Western Marxists nuts.

For at least a thousand years, the vast population of China was going to overrun everybody.

They kept getting overrun.

Could anybody look at the random stuff I just I just wrote above and look at how SILLY the standard view of China is?



Sven’s Puzzle

Sven says,

“So you do not believe in the free market then, Bob. Since you are not a communist I guess you are a fascist. ”

Comment by Sven —

Does anybody have any idea what he is talking about?

My entire class, considered one of the best group of graduate economics students EVER assembled — did not get their PhDs because the professors in their area of specialization – – two of whom later won Nobel Prizes — were kicked out of the Univeristy of Virginia in an openly announced purge of free-market conservatives.

Now it turns out I am anti-free market.

I am also a neoconservative.

I think I get the neoconservative bit, but this one leaves me completely at sea.

Amy suggestions about where this one came from?




“Sure Bob, but with their Asiatic disdain for suffering and death might they not be willing to sacrifice a quarter of a billion people to invade us via Mexico? Eventually they might overwhelm us by sheer weight. ”

“A Californian friend of mine recently attended a gun show in Pomona County, CA. He said he was the only white guy in a room full Blacks and Mexicans shopping for heavy artillery. Guess who was selling iron to the street gangs? A bunch of thick accented Chinese guys.”

“The Chinese know we no longer have a racially homogenous country where every citizen can be counted upon to resist an invader. Some “Americans” would hold the door open for them.”

“I think we are provoking China by making them buy our bonds so they can get dollar denominated interest payments, which they in turn need to buy oil from the Saudis.”

“At the same time we tell them they can’t take Taiwan to exploit the offshore oil in the Spratlys, while they see us setting up the world’s biggest army base in Iraq to make sure no one can ever dislodge us. For our sakes, I sure hope Bush and his Neocon buddies are the ruthless imperialists they seem to think they are.”

Comment by Antonio Fini


I remembering when my father talked about arguing with people who said Germany was going to come take us the way they had France.

He kept asking them why, if the Germans were coming four thousand miles, they hadn’t crossed the English Channel yet?

Antonio, you just wrote me a letter talking about how we won’t let China take Taiwan and then arguing they are going to come take US.

By the way, I don’t think I’ve ever SEEN a black person in a gun show in South Carolina.

Are we setting up a base in Iraq where no one can dislodge us, or are the Chinese about to invade the mainland US?

I know for sure China’s Communists would not hesitate to starve untold millions of Chinese.

I am also certain that they would NOT sacrifice the paddies most of their power depends on.

You are telling me American foreign policy is ridiculous.

Budarick told me it was shameful.

I tell you both that winter will be cold and summer will be hot.

Get consistent!


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Budarick Lowers the Boom!

The parts marked *** are, as usual, MY comments.

*** Budarick, with the kind of of shyness and reticence that is characteristic of Blog Comments, makes the following observation.

****The only part that made me queasy was the first two sentences:***

“Bob, i am sorry to post an off-topic [relative to your blog] comment.”

“Look Bob, this is about OUR people.”

*** Let me repeat this for jillionth time, our people IS our topic.

*** Not the latest gossip from Cheney’s office.

*** Not how Jews are meanies.

*** Not the latest news from Iraq.

*** OUR people.

2006-6-1 @ 11:06:09 am

PeterGene Budarick

No Spam

Bob, i am sorry to post an off-topic [relative to your blog] comment.

Look Bob, this is about OUR people.

For Americans, there is no Jewish Question.


You have been taken over by the Jews.

*** I think I’ve hinted at that here once or twice. But since I’m now a neo, who listens? ***

Which my American friend in Texas told me means you ARE JEWS. Well you must be if you cut the dicks of your baby boys.

***Wilmot Robertson pointed that out a generation ago in The Dispossessed Majority: “American young people are now Jews. They think like Jews, their politics are Jewish.”**

*** I knew him and he did not include me inthat description. ***

I apologize for having been so stupid as to imagine you could resist The Enemy Of Mankind.

*** We just now agreed that “Jews” now consists overwhelmingly of people who do not go to synagogues.

*** So we now have to do with a more general problem than just Jews. That is why I am called a neo.

*** From the rest of your piece, you may not mean just Ole Bob when you say “You.”

I by comparison am the product of personal abuse by Jews upon my family and race but unlike you Americans i have never been Judified.


** We Southerners lost a war and were occupied, too, but we never spent fifty years groveling the way Germans IN GENERAL STILL do.

*** Germans could have kicked those Hate Law makers out in any election, the way we did down South once we got the Federal troops out, but they are still THERE.


*** So get some distance between yourself and the mass of Germans, the way i do between myself and this America you are describing.

*** YOU change GERMANY and THEN you can talk about how brave Germans are.

*** YOU are brave. Germans in general are stinking puddles of cowardly slime the same as Americans.

The Americans nothing about real life and are the nation who tortured and murdered my family. Their glorious fight against Hitler was finished by the Russians before you Americans could even get near his forces.

*** I have hinted at that from time to time in this Blog.

It was a hollow victory. But you can always justify it by saying: “well we supplied our enemy the Communist Jewish Russians with everything they needed to crush the Germans”.

You sure did.

*** I didn’t. My father damned near went to jail opposing America’s entry into WWII, which he described when it was illegal as “The War to Make the World Safe for Communism.”

*** Your precious Germans OBEY the Hate Laws.

*** When the government threatened to shut our plant down because of what my father said, he replied, ‘You can shut me down but you can’t SHUT ME UP!”

*** Now, tell me again, just how many Germans are out there protesting in public against the Hate Laws?

But that is life.

How can you Bob who hates communists have any honour unless you say you are not an American?

*** My ancestors fought one of the most desperate struggles in history NOT to be Americans, and we killed more Yankees than Germans did in two wars.

Otherwise you are party to the destruction of my people [who also happen to be YOUR people].

*** I have hinted at this a few times in this Blog.

*** This Blog would get me IMPRISONED by those Brave and Righteous Germans you keep raving about.

Can you understand why i was banned from Stromfront?

*** Yes. But I don’t think you should have been.

*** As a comrade who has every right to be furious, you should have ANSWERED, as I am doing here.

*** But I don’t think Stormfront has the kind of talent that could understand and deal with you.

Those idiots have no idea what actually happened in Germany.

It was Americans who murdered my people and NOT Jews or Russians [Russians actually proteced my mother].

Let us stop blaming Jews and put the fucus on Americans!

*** I have hinted a little about that, too. That is why I’m called a neocon.

It was not Jews who flew the Mustangs who mashine-gunned women and children to death after the Dresden Holocaust. Explain to me please why American pilots did this?

*** I thought BRITISH pilots did that.

*** All your comrades in America protest about Dresden, just as NONE of your Brave and Righteous Germans protest the Hate Laws there.

For what purpose was this done?

*** Hate.

Do Jews use low lifeforms like you American people to murder us?

*** Did Jews use lower lifeforms like Germans to finance Israel?

If so does this means you are manipulatable for such purposes?

*** Once again, if you protest this way in America, we will defend your right to do it. In Brave and Moral Germany, NOBODY would do that.

*** Try saying all this publically in Brave and Moral Germany, and you will get a couple of years to ponder what I am saying.

Why have you no honor?

*** Since Hitler, Germany has been a dishrag, bereft of all honor.

Is it not ugly that white people are used by Jews to destroy other white people?

I don’t care about you.

BUT I will resist this and not call for revenge.

We Germans always have resited Evil!

*** NOPE! See above.

*** When Hitler took power, about a quarter of the German electorate was voting for STALIN.

But why did your people not resist Evil?

*** See above.

*** Why do Germans not resist evil just by voting it out?

And why am i banned from Stormfront when the low lifeforms who cruise there are not?

*** See above.

I will not hate American whites for the abominalble attrocites they have commited against German whites. The easy way out is to call it a regrettable “fraticial war”.

Well Bob you know i don’t believe in wordism.

It is bullshit and you Americans are doing it all over again in Iraq.

You can’t blame the Jews for it. You as an American have to take responsibility.

*** I am told I’m a neo. Now you tell me I have never taken a stand.

When my 85 year old mother asked me what was going on in Iraq i told her: “well that is normal American practice. They just murder woman and children – Amercians are baby killers and peform as they did to our people.”

*** Iraqis leave me more unmoved. Germans do not.

I was not pleased to say that Bob.

We Germans have to pay heavily for our hate crimes!

*** Why in the HELL do you say that?

*** The point is that you VOTE to do it.

And i do know human nature and why US marines did those horrible things. Exactly the same thing why Germans are hated for, for all eternity.

*** Only Germans and Jews hate Germans anymore. The world has moved on.

But it had to be said and my mother understood for she knows American hell better than i do.

Bob i have decided to no longer protect Americans from hatred. I have decided when they want to hate Americans and Jews are the actual culprits, i will direct them to hate the Americans and spare the Jews.

*** That’s nuts.

Americans are hated enormously. I thought it was because of the cunning Jews but i now realize it is because of American cowards and baby killers, worse than any Jew could ever be.

*** that’s nuts.

I feel ashamed to be part of white race because of white Americans!

*** And I feel sick as I watch Germans continue to grovel.

*** But I still love my race.

*** YOU see, I still remember the first part of your comment when you referred to OUR people.




Revolutionaries and Rulers

I get the impression that each revolution is made by one group and then taken over by another.

Sam Adams had a LOT to do with the Bston Tea Party and he formed the Liberty Boys. His brother became president, but Sam had nothing to do with governing once the revolution got under way.

Southern history was wiped off the books in 1865, but Christopher Gadsden had the same role in the states down here, and he, too, disappeared from history.

Patrick Henry had no role in the government. The author of Common Sense, who had most to do with gettting public opinion on the side of outright independence, was likewise no part of government.

This rule is even sharper in Europe. The revolutionaries in France ended up making Napolean emperor.

Those who overthrew the Tsar made for Lenin’s tyranny that made the Czar look childish.

I have been keeping you abreast of a running dialogue between me and the guy on Stormfront, bless his lion heart
He is a good illustration of the people who help make revolutions and then disappear.

He asked me for a statement of what MY policies would be if ***I*** had to take power.

I’ve been there.

In the end, all he was really interested in was the latest news about what Cheney planned to do in Saudi Arabia. He kept trying to get me to admit that if I was perfectly willing to force us, and nobody else, to give us oil at reasoable prices by a threat of force, I was really just like Cheney.

I think revolutionaries more or less die when the revolution occurs. Their minds are still back with how to be different from what they overthrew, certain words trigger emotions in them from the past.

In a revolution the name of hte game is that the past is OVER.

So governing AFTER a revolution is something entirely different.

When the Reagan Revolution was supposed to happen in 1981, those who had been in its making had no clue of what to do next. They ended the oil crisis right quickly and they took down the Soviet Union and they ended stagflation, three pretty good accomplishments for one political takeover, but the word on the street today is that nothing happened.

Each of those accomplishments was simply a result of ending the dumbass liberal policies that CAUSED those problems.

After that, Reagan’s crowd had no policy OF THEIR OWN.

So the “Revolution” dribbled away.

When you ask someone like me what MY policy is, I am not reading the latest scandals on how mean Cheney is.

I could take over the presidency or advise a new president after the present crowd is tossed out.

Revolutionaries can’t.

And that is a major part of world history in one quick lesson.



Let’s Stop Discriminating Against Non-Whites


Non-whites are told they should force their way into all-white communities so they do as they are told.

You, as a white gentile, can force your way into a Black Muslim community or a Hassidim community, but once the novelty wears off you are just plain living in the middle of people who don’t WANT you.

So, if you were ever nuts enough to force your way in, you will move out.

The only reason minorities forcing their way into white communities STAY is because of the whites who are fanatically anti-white.

This is an interesting crowd. They are always talking about the glories of multiculturalism and they are the first to demand that children who cannot afford private schools be bussed into the ghettoes.

But when you point out that they could just go buy a house within a mile of where they live, a house that is right in the middle of a black community, they insist that you have lost your mind.

The novelty wears off of crap like this for everybody but white gentiles.

We keep worrying about minorities moving in.

But minorities are NOT the problem.

For once I agree that skin color makes no difference.

Forget the minorities.

Make those white traitors walk the walk they talk. If they want multiculturalism, take them up on it.


Even the law hasn’t caught up with this concept:

If some white bastard wants to live among minorities, MAKE HIM DO IT.

Stop discriminating against minorities. START discriminating against traitors.

And I mean totally, completely, without mercy.

If they even say a word about how guilty they feel about living in a white community, kick them out of YOURS.

Isolate them to an extent you would be ashamed to freeze out a black person.



We’re the Only Game in Town

I wonder if you caught the undertone of JOY I felt in discussing my grouching and Mark and Shari coming back hard.

As I said, I went back to grad school for a semester in 1992 just to see how things look now. I really wondered if it would be worth the trouble and expense.


I could not believe how the process of academics turning into standard and packaged bureucrats had progressed in the decades since I was last a grad student or conducting a seminar.

Nowadays no student would DARE do anything but be agreeable.

Even a generation ago by the time you were a grad student in a seminar you were an A student and confident, even cocky. Today the sort of outright battles we had between the professor and the grad students would be absolutely unimaginable.

No professor then could even imagine downgrading a student for just plain being combative. It was a matter of honor: A professor would NEVER allow himself to be SUSPECTED of downing a grad seminar student for coming in swinging.

Now it is assumed that the professor will do just that. It is part of the modern prep for the academic bureaucracy: Go along and get along.

As in so many other cases, I am about the ONLY person who got to see the process up close and personal many years apart, and I have this unique talent of REMEMBERING.

So I CONDUCT this seminar. I don’t TEACH it.

You think I’m pretty good, or you wouldn’t BE here.

But you take no crap.

So when the crowd in the seminar I was conducting came back on me being crotchety and tasteless, my response was NOT that I was being beaten, it was a feeling of nostalgia.

And, above all, a feeling of JOY.

We are the only real seminar left.

Which means I am about the only academic left who can CONDUCT a seminar.

That is a VERY big deal to me.

I am proud of me, and I am proud of you.

In that order, of course.


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