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More from Budarick’s Remarks

Budarick stated that the bane of any movement is people who try to get ahead of other people.

I keep explaining that I keep off of Jews precisely because David Duke deals with that issue.

He as spent decades studying Jewish Supremacy. I have spent the same decades in hard politics. As are well aware, David has abig record in politics and I have been exposed to Jewish Supremacy a lot. But David and I have talked for many hours, and never once hace we compared our expertise on these matters. It never occurred to me that we might have until I read Budarick’s comment.

Our problem is NOT proving our relative merits. Our job is to save our race. So I took what Budarick said as a compliment I hadn’t thought of before, a compliment David and I deserve precisely because we hadn’t thought of it.

I got an e-mail from somebody who said that James Kelso was getting money to live our of Stormfront. Kelso is on duty 168 hours a week. It is a little hard to hold down a job so you can eat and work 168 hours a week. At the AR Convention I spent a couple of nights in Kelso’s room. It was like sharing a room with my doctor brother when he was on call. At least five times that night his phone rang and he had to wake up and talk with somebody.

Kelso is getting so rich from his SF eating money that he was deeply grateful when I rented a car at the convention and loaned it to him most of the time.

Kelso is getting so rich that he can only get to the Indiana conference by taking the bus to Columbia from Florida and we will drive up there in my car.

From a bus to a car that has had all the cleaning and care to be expected from a perso with ADD.

Yes, sir! Old Kelso is living high on the hog!

So that trouble-making letter pissed me off so badly I am afraid to try to reply to it. He is working 168 hours a week and somebody is stabbing him in the back.

While David is going around the world on his fight and I am doing mine, Jared Taylor isdoing something entirely different. Jared is the Apostle to the Upper Classes.

Jared did a fine recommendation that is in my last book, but he never let his American Renaissance Movement review it. One AR member told me he wrote a review and Jared said, “Our people won’t be interested in that.”

This ticked me off, but there is where it ended. In my years in the movement I have seen a lot less that made two people Eternal Sworn Enemies, each declaring the other a Jew.

The simple fact is that, as Budarick says, Jared is doing what he sees as HIS job. Like any author, I feel that what I say should be read by EVERYBODY. But in the line of editors who have rejected my stuff, Jared is about number two hundred.

Jared is precisely my opposite. I have never had a conversation with the man. Personally I got the impression that we don’t like each other.

But Jared is fighting our fight, so I’ll back him to the hilt.

The very idea of his refusing to publish a review of my book and his differing stance on Jews would in the past have made movement leaders on the level of David and me Jared’s Eternal Eneies, denouncing him as a closet Jew.

But the leaders of the past were not in the same LEAGUE with David and me and Kelso and Don Black.

When New Orleans got blown away and our annual conference was cancelled, we did what would have been unthinkable to the failed leaders of the past: We threw ourselves into the American Renaissance Convention.

Earlier movement “leaders” would rather send their people to an NAACP Convention than to a “rival” group.

There was one thing that happpened at the AR Convention that people called an “incident.” I have described before how I talked to a Jew and his wife there, but I wasn’t present when the “incident” took place. The Jew stated his position and Dr. Duke disagreed with him, saying what he was proposing for AR was the neo agenda.

A lot of AR people said David was making trouble. This upset David tremendously. Right after the meeting I met him and he was shaken by the episode. David has been through a lot, and he is not easily shaken, but this time I actually had to tell him that the whole point of having comments and questions was for us to have our say.

We were AT their convention, we were SUPPORTING their convention, but that didn’t imposes a Gag Rule on us.

This may have helped a little, but David was still sorry his remarks had caused trouble.

I repeat, David was very upset. In the past, a movement “leader” would have walked out of the convention and denounced the whole thing. But those “leaders” were fatally different.

God bless them, they carried the torch when no one else would. But now we have to have leaders who can let each other do their jobs and not go ballistic.

So let us return to this so-called “incident”:

Here was David Duke upset because he had made trouble.

Let me repeat that, so you can get the full impact of it: Here was DAVID DUKE upset because he had made trouble.

David Duke has spent his life making trouble, big time. But he also knows his enemies from his friends.

You will notice I put the word “incident” in quotes. Anybody who thinks THAT was an “incident” hasn’t been in this movement long. Maybe it was an episode, but it certainly wasn’t an incident.

David knows Jared. He LIKES Jared even though Jared dares to disagree with him on critical ideological points.

I wish Willis Carto had been there. He and I could have had a great laugh over this being called an “incident.”

Willis and I have been through some “incidents’ and we have the radiation burns to prove it.

It is hard to explain in how I glory in the new serious, the new maturity, the new professionalism in the movement, but Budarick has given me the opportunity to do so.

Thanks, PeterGene.


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Budarick says:

The two of you sure would make a great team.

Hang on a minute, what the hell am i saying here?

“Would make?”

You two ARE already a great team.

We are all part of a bigger whole and we find our niche.

What matters is seing the cause as a whole and how each of us fits in there.

I remember all those Nazis in their nice new uniforms in the late 1930’s, looking real good, AND they had a GREAT legitimate cause. They had everything we dream off! They even had a well defined adversary! You can have no idea what a GREAT cause they had! But they were concerned with wanting to be on the right side of Hitler. AND Hitler was saying no, no, that is not important, what is important is being able to work effectively for OUR cause using your natural skills at whatever level you happen to be.

The point is that “president” and “vice” are functions and not status. Those functions are best served by those who have natural skills and not by those who seek the status.

But people without a true cause always seek status.

And that was the problem Hitler had to deal with in a pragmatic way.

He could not just use some social manipulation idiology.

That is the prolem any one of our leaders will have to deal with to.

This aberation of seeking status torments the White Nationalist movement.

In fact every movement!

Have a look at the Palestinians. Look at all those faction! Imagine what they could do if they were united in function. They would blow those sly sardistic baby killing worms who call themselves “Israel” absolutely to hell.

“Human nature”.

From what i can tell over the internet and having listened to their broadcasts, David and Bob, have a very good understanding of “human nature”. In my oppinion very much above normal.

My point is that David and Bob don’t have to claim leadership.

They “have” it already.

Hitler wrote about these interesting matters of “human nature” in his first infamous book.

Comment by PeterGene Budarick

There is a lot of criticism of Hitler because he did NOT micromanage his movement.

None of the people doing the criticizing have ever set up a successful movement.

Budarick is dead right. As we say down South, “It makes me tired all over” when I hear somebody screaming about how somebody else in the movement has not toed his exact ideological line.

My reading of history is that Hitler didn’t so much “set up” the Nazi movement in the accepted sense. He GATHERED it. As a political professional, I look for things that WORK, whichever end of the political spectrum they come from.

Hitler was a lance corporal. Rudolf Hess was not only an officer, he was a war hero who was the heir to Richtoffen. But five years after the War ended, Hess was acting as Hitler’s SECRETARY.

Hitler’s big mistake was actually going after Goering, who was first of all an egotist of the exact type Budarick describes.

There is an old saying, “If people can see you know where you’re going, they will line up behind you.” Except for Goerring, that is what Hitler did.

It has been said that Hitler personally came in and shot the head of the SA when it became a threat. This is supposed to show Hitler was a mean man, unlike Comrade Stalin who never shot anybody himself. The only violence Stalin ever committed personallly was beating his wife in public.

We Southerners have another saying: “A man should shoot his own dog.” I don’t know how well that translates to other cultures. If you are going to have someone killed, it is more moral to do it yourself than to sit in your office like Stalin while your apes do the work for you.

This is a very American attitude. Long before he was president, Grover Cleveland was the sheriff of a county in New York. He performed every single execution himself, with his own hands.

Preachers are always begging their congregations to build a new church. As Budarick says, the reason for this is show. They can say, “While I was preaching at that church, we built a new church building.”

My father was the son of a circuit-riding preacher down here in the Deep South. Every time a preacher would talk about a new church, he would get up and say, “Preacher, you concentrate on PREACHING and on your MINISTRY. If you preach so well that this church gets crowded, you won’t have to ask anybody to build you a bigger church. They’ll built it.”

In Mein Kampf, Hitler says, “I discovered that I could ‘speak.'”

Actually Hitler SLAVED at improving his speaking style. He took note of every reaction he got from the groups he wa talking to.

He had a talent, but he WORKED at it.

He became the leader simply because nobody could move the masses anywhere near the way he could.

Even Trotsky argued htat Stalin wa a lesser man than Hitler because he maneuvered his way into power over a movement that was already victorious while Hitler built his own from the ground up.

No, I am not endorsing Hitler. But if you are in politics, you damn well be able to learn from anybody who has something to teach you.



The Lesson of New Amsterdam

Historians love to talk about the extreme tolerance of New Amsterdam.

Governor Peter Stuyvesant of New Amsterdam was asonished when the first shipload of Jews arrived there about 1640. He immediately infomred the Dutch company that owned the colony the he had told tem to leave, without the slightest doubt taht they would agree.

Stuyvesant was astonished when the comnpany instructions arrived from Holland telling him to let them stay. New Amsterdam was for EVERYBODY, they said.

The Dutch on the island were merely a large minority.

Historians love to talk about this incident. They never mention what happened afterward.

When the British fleet came in to take New Amsterdam from the tolerant Dutch AND the tolerant company that owned it, Stuyvesant tried to orgnize a defense. He was met by a delegatin of citizens of New Amsterdam which was led by his own son.

This delegation reflected the exact sentiments of the Dutch who had founded the place and the company that owned it. They told the Governor that they were not about to fight the British. They said that, as far as they were concerned, it made not the slightest difference who governed the place, as long as it was a stable power, like England, that would allow business to go on as usual.

So the Dutch lost their profitable colony and the company lost every guilder it had put into the place, all without a shot fired.

A melting pot has no loyalty.




I was at my recovery club recently talking to one of the many hellaciously impressive people you meet there.

Many a war hero dies because he cannot survive his addictions. I can personally testify that the death rate “in the program” is so high it makes combat seem safe.

I was talking with a hell of a guy, and I laughed in the wrong place. This gentleman had gone through ROTC, been an officer in Nam, got wounded, and, from a grateful country, he had been been sent, all expenses paid, through med school.

Not just everybody gets their MD, much less their residencies. He did.

But the addiction took all that away from him, so now he is living on disability.

How could a sane person find anything humorous in this?

But those of us IN the program have had to laugh a LOT.

If you have been through something yourself, sometimes hearing it seems funny.

So this gentleman described to me the last wound he got in combat.

I spent several hours convinced that I was deaf for life.

Worse, I once spent a period of time I cannot measure convinced that I was a quadraplegic like the Superman guy. These are very personal things. But heroes who have been through all that regularly die of addiction.

We talk about how unspeakable we made life for ourselves, and we laugh about it. We HAVE to.

But since the Greatest generation began its sixty year whine session, the idea of laughing about anything on a battlefield is verboten.

So this guy said to me, “I got hit in the gut and it ripped me open, but what REALLY hurt was….”

I started laughing. I couldn’t stop.

What he was explaining was that shrapnel had hit him in the JOINT of his arm, and that really HURTS. It hurts on and on and on. It hurts him today.

I understand that.

But I immediately thought of how this conversation would sound from the OUTSIDE, which makes my sense of humor so WEIRD. I was thinking of the average person listening to someone say his guts had been ripped open, but that wasn’t the problem.

This is not a concept that translates easily if you happen to hear someone saying it and you are not in on the talk.

Just LISTEN to it:

“I got hit in the gut and it ripped me open, but what REALLY hurt was….”

Can you understand why this was so funny to me?

I am sure no normal person could.

But I am not dealing with normal people here.

The scary thing is that I am dealing with commenters to whom what I just said would make perfect sense.

What is a nice guy like me doing in a place like this?



A Campaign Slogan?

“David Duke for President, Bob Whitaker for Vice.”