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Tim has a request,


When you get back from the Bilderberger meeting in Ottawa tell us the score. Do they want you and Duke running for office??? Pres and VP?? Don’t be shy. If the KingMakers knighted you guys –let us little people know. AFter all, we have supported you from day one. I will run the get out the vote phone banks. //;=}

Comment by Tim


As I explained before, me and Anonowitz are secretly Jews, and you know how groups schedule things. Every time the Bilderbergers call me, the Jewish Conspiracy is having a meeting at the same time, so I miss a lot.

The Illuminati pose a similar problem. The Council on Foreign Relations’ Inner Circle meetings are always built around the Big Guys’ itinerary and they don’t give a bit of attention to us little guys and OUR Conspiracy Itinerary.

As to running me for office, there is a serious problem with the Bilderbergers. I keep telling them I don’t really want to be president or vice president. I want to be an EX-president.

An ex-president gets an office, huge expenses and the salary of a cabinet member for life. He doesn’t have to DO a damned thing.

An ex-president can make more money on the lecture circuit than a president’s salary and he doesn’t have to say any more than Gerald Ford does.

Once again, you don’t have to a damned thing.

Then there’s the book deal. Each president gets a multimillion-dollar advance for a book the minute he leaves office.

Since I expect to complete my presidency inside of ten minutes, that book won’t be lot of work, either.

So far the Bilderbergers have refused to undersand my point of view. But if we work it out I’ll let you know.