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Dave Gives me the Shivvers

Posted by Bob on June 21st, 2006 under Comment Responses

Dave, with my my comments in ***

I know I’m getting repetitious about the *** bit, but I keep hoping we have NEW readers:

When I was a kid I staked the new kid down to an anthill. I still remember how enjoyable it was to be able to hear all that wailing and screeching more than a mile away.

*** Many years ago my brother and I were sitting watching his three little girls at play. Everything they were doing, the least hazardous of which was hanging by their legs six off the ground, seemed calculated to make them paraplegics. But every time one of us took them out of a dangerous position, they got into a worse one.

*** Finally we gave up. We sat down and my brother leaned back and said, “You know, Bob, it is statistically impossible for any child to survive to the age of ten.”

*** Little boys are worse. They do the same thing, but to other little boys.

*** I am the last person on earth wants any new International Commissions on anything.

*** But many a time, watching cheerful, innocent children at play, it has occurred to me that we might need to apply the Geneva Convention to THEM.

Later when I was collared a preacher was called to save me and said: “Someday, conscience will hold you to account”. Was that preacher ever right because when I grew up I got shanghaied into sitting on a “Board of Ethics”. You never want that to happen to you.

*** You had a problem because you were the only person sitting there who was not a sociopath.

*** Ethics are easy for sociopaths.

*** The few priests or preachers who actually BELIEVE have the same problem.

Everybody started talking about “conscience” and it immediately took flight. The yapping got pretentious quick and then more and more pretentious until someone noticed and then they started yapping about pretentious yapping until the yapping got to such craziness I was sorely tempted to tune them all up with a baseball bat, an anthill not being handy.

*** That’s EXACTLY the way I have been feeling about The Greatest Generation since before I read that comic book I mentioned at the age of ten.

These politicians who are “positioners” are like the people who lay “conscience” on us in a Board of Ethics. They are crazy, pure and simple. That’s why BW is such a cool drink of water, he understands.

*** I sure do. And it wasn’t water I drank to cure it.

Comment by Dave


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