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Joe Rorke? No Way!

Joe, somebody is using YOUR name to grouse about my not hitting “questions” and “topics” without specifying what any of them are:

Bob, I try to keep you humming. That’s my function. But I’m starting to get a little bored. There are too many questions that are not being asked. Some of the topics are very trivial compared to what the people need to know.

Comment by joe rorke



In response to “When Reality is Other People’s Fantasy,” Simmons says:

NOT SPAM Well in market speak we have had basically what amounts to the “final
washout”, and now is the time to buy. Personally I can conceive of the
final days of “Liberalism”, and regardless if BW renounces anti-communism
or not Liberalism is aging faster than Elizibeth Taylor. The West’s god
of cheap energy is failing and the halcyon days of acting like messiah
to the dark masses are mostly in the rearview mirror of history. Two things
research “Peak Oil” and recommend a book about the last real white men
fighting the good fight in Rhodesia.

Comment by Simmons


That is my point today!

We need to stop bitching and start taking advantage of the fact that the Communist system went out with a whimper and the present Western one is dissolving before our eyes.

It makes me tired all over when I see somebody telling us how bad things are the way they have done all my life. It makes me tired all over when somebody seriously — as opposed to a recruiting tool — talks about closing the border. There are already planty of minorities here to destroy the white race by the “assimilation” conservatives keep demanding.

Whites were never a majority in the world. They RULED the world. Our task is actually a little easier. We need to SURVIVE in the world of today, when transportation is infintely easier. Nobody, but NOBODY, wants to live the way any other race but the white race lives. So they keep chasing us.

Soon liberals and conservatives, Republcians and Democrats, will be as forgotten as the Whig Party that held the White House in 1853 was by 1856. There is no place is a completely racial situation for anybody who blathers about how things are not racial.

So how do you deal with this new reality? Do you bitch about Jews and nothing else? Do you talk about border enforcement?

HELL, no! You position yourself to take over the position as spokesman for whites in a society where each race has its own spokesmen.

If these people want to keep repeating what they said twenty years ago, all I ask is that they get out of the damned way and let me and mine do something useful.


The Advantage of Being WRONG

He who searches for truth is no diplomat. That’s why I like flat statements. A flat statement is right or wrong. All I am interested in is whether one is right or wrong.

I have the same problem with someone who quotes the dictionary. That’s French.

As an Anglo-Saxon I agree with Noah Webster:

“Usage is everything.”

In order for a word to become officially a part of the French language it has to be approved by the Academie Francais. Someone talking about home schooling pointed out that, in France, every single student in the entire French school system is on the same page of the same textbook on the same day if they are the same age. This is a scandal to an Anglo-Saxon, and when some aspiring Acadamie Ingese member quotes a dictionary at me, I mentally give him the finger.

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Mark and Some Rare Birds

Mark says:

“Find me an American Indian who wants to live like an Indian and I’ll find you a diamond that weighs a ton.”

A client of mine is a full blooded Indian. She is a chief in one of the Sioux tribes (had no idea a woman could be chief before meeeting her) and she loves to talk about how hard working and industrious Indians are. You get the opinion that god created man dnd then he created the Indian to make up for his mistakes.

It’s intersting to note that her home is surrouned by waist high grass that never gets cut. She doesn’t hesistate to go on float trips down the river and loves to swim, but also doesn’t bat at an eye when her welfare paid home health care worker comes to clean the house for her.

She had the audacity to tell me that when and Indian gets too old to be a productive member of the tribe they, by instinct and tradition, find a river to sit beside and die. I guess that’s after welfare has finished cleaning their teepees, of course.

Comment by Mark


Mark, old buddy, there are several people I would like to meet:

1) An American Indian who looks like an American but who is NOT a chief;

2) A Jew over the age of sixty who is NOT a Holocaust Survivor;

3) A member of The Greatest Generation who did NOT liberate a German concentration camp;

4) A conservative who is talking about race who will ADMIT that he is talking about race;

5) a liberal who does not EXUDE hatred;

6) A “Christian” who quotes Christ more htan he does the Old Testament;

7) A person denouncing extremism who doesn’t sound like a Grand Inquisitor;

8) I am sure readers can add to this list.