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Posted by Bob on June 24th, 2006 under General

“Intellectual life is an infomercial.”
After making this same point on a previous occasion, you added that the solution to this problem is to subject intellectual life to government oversight, thereby holding intellectuals accountable.
I doubt it’s simply a coincidence that you once happened to serve on the Congressional subcommittee that oversees education. So I wonder: is Bob’s Blog an infomercial, too?

Comment by LibAnon

I never said “intllectual life” should be accountable to government oversight.

I DO believe that if the government puts a dime into something called “education” than that “education” has to be delivered. Exactly the same thing is true of paper clips for goverment offices.

You are talking Libspeak here. The tqxpayers should finance those who call themselves artists or intellectuals, but the taxpayer is being tyrannical if he 1) doesn’t pay up or 2) demands to say what art eeucation ARE. If I pay for paper clips, they better be paperclips.

If I DON’T pay for it, you can have all the invgellectual life you want.

The problem is, of course, that without a publically-granted monpoly and publically-paid money, all those self-styled “intellectuals” would have to do something useful for a living.

Yes, Bob’s Blog must be subjected to the same scrutiny. I pay for it, but I demand criticism.

It will be a long cold day in Hell before any “intellectual” does either of those things.

  1. #1 by LibAnon on 06/24/2006 - 7:05 pm

    Your main point is that PC is an established religion and that professors comprise its priesthood. Aside from all of the usual problems with established religions, they happen to be illegal in this country. That is a brilliant insight, and I still agree with it. I believe that alone justifies what you were trying to do on Capitol Hill.
    When I have trouble on this Blog, it’s usually when brilliant insights like these degenerate into garden-variety Reaganism. In this particular post, you seem to be lapsing into particularly vintage Reaganspeak, along the lines of “The State of California has no business subsidizing intellectual curiosity.”
    Yes, I do happen to be a liberal in that I don’t believe education is at all like a “product” that is sold to “consumers”, exactly like paper clips. But that’s not my point here. Instead, my point is that YOU are, in this particular post, wandering off the main point and getting into the liberal vs. conservative weeds. The ESSENTIAL point, I think, is that PC is a religion and for THAT reason, the taxpayers shouldn’t be funding it. “PC is a religion” is a mantra we can win with. “Education is like paper clips” is not.

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