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After the Kill

Posted by Bob on June 30th, 2006 under Bob, Coaching Session

I ended the last piece on this note, “Suck your thumb or be in on the kill.”

I have already been in on several kills. As I said, one of the joys of my life was standing onthe bridge across the Moscow River, looking back at the Kremilin after the Soviets had fallen, and giving it the bird:

“We DESTROYED you evil, silly bastards!”

Now, of course, everybody will tell me that wasn’t a victory. I won’t try to list all the “real problem” crap I get for saying that. The same is true for the fact that no one in academia today even bothers to object when Rushton and Jensen publish an article about how race is family. A few people I have been working with for decades wrote me about that great breakthrough, but only they know it.

All the effort I have spent fighting for these victories is put forward by those who insist they were not victories. Liberals and respectable conservatives will insist that they always believed that. Historians will write so that they always believed that. Most of the members of Stormfront will put forward endless effort to prove that those were not victories, and all is lost.

Meanwhile, those of us who won those victories while the John Birch Society frothed and the liberals shrugged live on the Panet Earth.

You know this fact: When taking the side of a hated truth is all cost and no benefit, only two types of people will stand on that side:

1) Those who are smart enough and experienced enough to see through it all, PLUS having the raw courage and Nordic dedication to truth for its own sake to take the world on, decade after decade


2) Nut cases.

The nut cases have no sense of reality. No matter what happens, they will still be nut cases. Their imaginary reality will be there until they die.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, no war is ever completely won. We live ina world where all the meidda are still controlled by the enemy. So we have an obvious alliance here betweenthe crackpots on our side and the media. Both the media nad the “All is lost!” crackpots devote most of their time to proving that those of us who spend our lives in the thick of it never won a single victory.

Both agree that there is not even a struggle going on. The media say the Liberal Idealists always were for whatever won, and the “All is Lost!” crackpots say that the Evil Left foresaw every move and it all fits into the Pattern. I have been living in this nuthouse called hte Political Right for over fifty years. I have learned to tune out the screams of the innmates.

For God’s sake, if you can’t see we have done anything, then go SURRENDER and get behind me, Satan! I am sick of listening to you shriek every time I try to tell people how the battle should be fought.

Go away! Cry on somebody else’s shoulder. I am sick of you beyond the imagination of anyoone who has not listened to you for half a century.

I want to talk to sane people about how this war can be fought and won.

You can whine anywhere. You whiners nad the media can go anywhere else in this big, wide world. Us sane people only ask for a tiny space in which we can continue winning the victories you say are impossible.

Maybe I can break that down into language even you can understand:


  1. #1 by joe rorke on 07/01/2006 - 8:02 pm

    I’ve noticed all those incredible victories. Just today I saw at least a half dozen couples (you know the kind I’m talking about) walking through our small country village. I never saw them before. Looks like the product of a winning outfit.

  2. #2 by joe rorke on 07/02/2006 - 12:38 pm

    I’m beginning to see a lot of crap floating around here. Now whoever challenges the assessment of the ideas of the “leader” is referred to as a crackpot or a nutcase. This is the kind of language used by the people that usually bash the so-called “leader.” Nothing to it. It’s the old smear tactic of the traditional loser. For years and years and years the Birch Society told me about all they were going to accomplish and the world they were “fighting” against is worse today than the day they started. It’s a standing joke. It’s not a question of “all is lost.” It’s a matter of facing facts. I listened to these people forty years ago and the list of accomplishments they were going to tack on the wall was endless. The fact is they waved flags and got laughed out of town. As for communist Russia, it fell from within of its own accord. There are people in our own country who say that we also are falling from within. If you call a dissident voice a “crackpot” or a “nutcase” or any other type of slur/smear, you have as much class as your so-called enemies. If you say you have victories you have to come up with some kind of evidence of those victories. I haven’t seen any. Our country is much worse than it was fifty years ago. In fact, it’s a totally different world.

    Victory would be YOU and YOURS controlling the MainStreamMedia. That would be victory. The present situation is such that you can expect to lose control of the little media you have. Does that threat exist? Yes or No? If yes, why? That is not victory. That is having your position overrun.

    If you had won all those victories, why is our Constitution being shredded on a daily basis in my mess hall?

    Maybe I should drive up to the local Mall and see some more examples of your fifty years of victories. I’m reasonably sure I’ll see just the couples I’m looking for. Lots of them. All over the Mall. Signs of victory. Marvelous.

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