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DOWN With Something

One comment I cannot find reminded me of what Rooster Cogburn said in the True Grit sequel:

“I hired a guy to be foreman on my ranch, but he was always DOWN With Something. Every time

something needed doing he was sick.”

One of the few things that is more tiresome than dealing with what a commenter shrewdly

called “perpetually inert people” is having to answer EXCUSES as to why they are perpetually


So like those who keep giving me the astounding news that Jews have a lot of power, there

are those who keep reminding me that inert people have an excuse to be inert. So one

commenter told me that the reason people did not go the trouble of putting Bob’s Mantra in

newsgroups was because they were afraid to put their names on the Mantra in public.

If this person had ever BEEN in a newsgroup, which would have taken less time than making up

this excuse, he would know that people in newsgroups use fake names just the way we do here.

If you don’t want to bother, please don’t tell tell me what you’re DOWN with this time.



On Stormfront, My Frustration is Starting to Show

My new thread on Stormfront Sustaining Members, could somebody PLEASE BACK ME UP!?

— The Way OUT

In my replies to a couple of comments in my “What May Happen” thread I was a bit hard on a couple of people. They were good aboutit, and Sustaining Members can take a little static crom an Old Warrior.

Since it went right past important people, I ned to say what I meant clearly. It is even MORE important that those I reply to take what I saying in the right spirit. In “What May Happen” I was trying to explain that, TODAY, a way is open by which our problems with the Jewish Supremacists may be dealt with.

Naturally when I go to some trouble to explain this new situation, it is very frustrating to me, a man who has been knee-deep in this fight for over half a century, to be reminded that Jews have a lot of power.

I KNOW that, gang!

But, to repeat, I am looking for a way OUT of our problem. I do not need a reminder that it is still there. I KNOW that! Imagine my mytification when two Sustaining Members, no less, say that I am retarded. I don’t know what I did to give you that impression, but please tell me.

Instead of reminding me that Jews have power, you might want to look at what I say and consider that I may have some point beyond talkng about Jewish power, which I have been doing for half a century.

This is NOT the 1960s. I KNOW Jews have a lot of power.


In the 1960s the Jews controlled the half of Europe behind the Iron Curtain. Jewish leftists owned the Third World. On Israel and Jews Western European leaders were nothing but a tape recorded playback of Politically Correct Jewish opinion. Back then it took insight and bravery to point out Jewish Power, and I did it all the time.

This is NOT the 1960s, and it is critical that, if we are to fight this fight, we begin to stop living in the 1960s like some Old Hippie. It is time for us to face the new reality.

I am STILL being reminded that Jews are geniuses who cannot be outmaneuvered. Every time I point out a big chink in their armor I am reminded that they anticipate and control every move.

They DON’T.

I live in a world where the Jews have LOST Eastern Europe, big-time. I live in a world where Western Europe is growing to despise Israel. I live in the post-60s world where the Islamic vote, due to Jewish demands for third-world immigration, is making Western Europe a huge enemy of Israel.

But even as Western Europe adopts the Islamic point of view, a view that makes Goebbels look like a Jewish Front, the third world that Jewish leftists used to own is giving it stiff competition on the despising Jews front. If it were up to the third-world controlled UN, Israel would be gone from the map inside a year.

But I keep being reminded of Jewish genius and power as if 1) None of the above had ever happened and 2) I need to be constantly reminded that Jews have power.

I repeat, why do people keep telling me I am retarded when I think I have some good, solid, MODERN points to make?

Eastern Europe is beginning to prosecute JEWS under the Hate Crimes legislation THEY passed. Nrilliant Jewish tactic, eh? No one seems to notice this on Stormfront. They are still in the 1960s, saying Jews have a lot of power.

The only place Jews have LEFT is America. I point out that I said on September 12, 2001 how they could lose THAT.

Most of the replies to my comments consisted of, “But, Bob, what you don’t know is that Jews have a lot of power in the American media.”

Good gracious, I am SO grateful that you pointed that out to me!

For the sake of delicate egos I should not ask, “For God’s sake, am I the ONLY person on Stormfront who is not rehashing what we were saying in the 1960s?

But that is sure as hell what I am THINKING!.



My Sweet Talk is a Failure

I knock myself out trying to be nice and for some reason it doesn’t work.

“Joe,” I said to him, I said, “Joe, a mean old bastard like you might even call me names.” And he probably will.

My honied words and diplomacy just don’t work and I can’t figure out why.


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