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Wordism Again

Once they hear it people use “Wordism” as anything they hate. That is NOT what it means. Wordism is loyalty to one’s own version of a book, and nothing else. Decades before 9/11 I was warning people that evangelicals were temporary allies on some issues, NOT COMRADES. Now they fight for Israel and interracial adoption.

I told you so!

Let me repeat, Wordism is loyalty to one’s own version of a book. It opposes racial loyalty. Be it Islam or evangelicalism or Catholicism or Islam, Wordism is our enemy.

Wordism is NOT your latest brainstorm. Wordism is loyalty to a BOOK, to WORDS.

Liberals made a horrible mistake when they admitted openly that Political Correctness was being enforced. They have tried ot make up for it ever since by calling EVERYTHING Political Correctness that was enforced. It didn’t work. Evangelical Christians enforce their Wordist code, but it is NOT Political Correctness.

By the same token, anyone who comes up with a cute definition of Wordism is working against our cause.

Wordism is Wordism. Period.


Hwat is Right

Sometime ago I expressed puzzlement over the fact that “I” is capitalized in English. Budarick, being Budarick, has put “i” in small letters ever since. I get a kick out of this.

I simply cannot spell that as anything but “htat.” That is just how my fingers hit the keys. But that leads me to the realization that I keep spelling “what” as “hwat.” It occurs to me that that is the way it is pronounced. Even the most fluent of people whose native language is not English have trouble with pronouncing “Whitaker.” It looks like it should be pronounced W–HITAKER. That is hard to say when you are speaking quickly.

Whitaker, of course, is pronounced hwitikker, just as what is pronounced hwat.

If anybody cares about the technical side, the reason for this is that the original Saxon had a lot of gutterals, like the ch in “loch.” When you see gh in light, it is because it used to be pronounced li(gutteral)t. In German it is Licht because German has changed the gutteral to ch.

Whitaker and what used to be what were originally pronounced )utteral) ittiker and (gutteral) at. If you make the gutteral, you will find your lips start with a w or u shape.

So what is right? Hwat is right.


Pain and Mark

“So one commenter told me that the reason people did not go the trouble of putting Bob’s Mantra in newsgroups was because

they were afraid to put their names on the Mantra in public.”

Who said that? I read through the comments and I didn’t see anyone saying that.

Now I said: “It may be some of us are wary about posting our activities where anyone can read them,” and what I meant was

that it may be that people are posting your comments all over, but they didn’t think it would be helpful to publicize a

report of where and when, lest that lead to deletions of your Mantra in fora by Jews reading this blog and then threatening

to sue those message boards. Some of us have told you about posts. Perhaps not everyone can see a reason to give a

play-by-play here.

Or would you like that?

Comment by Pain

Not Spam

“Perhaps not everyone can see a reason to give a play-by-play here.”

Amen, brother.

Comment by Mark


Pain, I misread you. Sorry. But my misreading led to a comment which I needed to make.

As to play-by-play, please don’t let it interfere with constructive work. I keep getting reminded others have lives, and it never occurs to anybody that I do, too, so I understand time limitations.

But we need play-by-play here. You cannot imagine how encouraging it is to me that one of our commenters keeps telling me how he is USING Blog arguments. I believe in prewaching to the choir, but we do give the impression that we are only talking to each other. ONLY play-by-play can overcome that impression.

NOT PLAY-BY-PLAY actually. Just a general one or two sentence ( see our summary experts here) report on hwat you are doing and especially the responses you get would help a LOT.


More Stormfront Frustration


Comrade Kenny, who in heaven’s name do you think you’re arguing with!?

I have said REPEATEDLY that those who moan about “preaching to the choir” are just another brand of defeatist. Every time Kelso mentions another milestone, somebody seems to moan,”But it’s all HOPELESS! We’re just preaching to the choir!” I have jumped all over them, over and over.

Every Sunday that most successful of religions, Christianity, preaches to the choir. I have said that over and over and over here. And you add the other point I keep making, that we are preaching to the growing numbers who read here and join.

I keep repeating that.

But DISCRIMINATE. When I am trying to make a new, constructive point about helping the Jews destroy themselves and someone says to ME, “But Bob, it’s HOPELESS! The Jews have a lot of power!” it is not preaching to the choir. It’s DEFEATISM.

Come on, Kenny, if there’s one thing us Evil Racists should be able to do it’s DISCRIMINATE. I ask you to have the kindness to use that ability when you’re talking to ME.

Originally Posted by Kenny
You may already know that, but there are tons of new people who come here everyday to learn about it. These people should not be denied the knowledge of the rest of us. If new people come here wanting to learn about the jew’s stranglehold on our society, by gosh, I’m going to give it to them.