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The Way of Thinking I Try to Teach Here is NOT New

The greatest scientific mind in history was Isaac Newton. Those who read his biography are astonished that he spent most of his intellectual time on the most insane kinds of mystificism and digging for the Deep Secrets of the Universe in Hidden Writings that make the Protocols look like front-page news.

He would have been a forgotten nutcase if he had not notice that things FALL. That water runs downhill. That if you drop a heavy load, it hits the ground.

This was not an arcane secret. Every peasant for thousands of centuries had noticed that the things they carried were HEAVY. If they didn’t, their donkeys sure as hell did.

Even the intellectuals had dropped their pens for centuries before Sir Isaac was born.

But nobody studied this obvious fact. Isaac Newton revolutionized our whole view of reality, he changed our whole concept of the universe, straight from this AND ITS IMPLICATIONS.

Then he went back to trying to find out True Reality in Occult and Arcane writings.


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What WILL Happen is what IS Happening

I was talking about one of the Ruling Myths of our age: The Great Minority Uprising. Another Ruling Myth is Asblute Jewish Loyalty to Jews, with its faithful companion, how whites are the only people who betray each other.

I have talked about the Myth of The Greatest Generation.

I have taked aout the Cowboy Myth, the tough guys who are not just talking, but who will be fighting When The Time Comes.

These are not just debunking, these are CRITICAL. These are very practical, because ALL discussion on our side outside this Blog seems to take these myths as reality. The small number of serious people seem to be getting into our seminar here.

Meanwhile I sit here watching impossible things happen all around us and nobody else SEES them.

When I was a boy, I lived inthe Solid South. There had not been a single Republican even inthe State House of Representatives since 1895. The idea of a Republican South was beyond Mars. In the 1980’s, science fiction novels, including The MOte in God’s Eye, had the Soviet Empire extending into the infinite future.

Whites were 80-90% of the American population in 1970. Minorities voted solidly Democratic, and minorities vote just as solidly Democratic today. Back then both Houses of Congress were solidly Demoratic, and would be for the foreseeable future.

So in 1970, if you had told anybody the present racial breakdownof America, they would assume the Republicans would be gone. But Republicans control both Houses and the presidency. Democrats are shouting that the Republican Party is Whitey’s Party. Statistics show they are dead right.

All this is a stready shaking of the political earth, but everybody agrees not to notice. They used to say that Republicans had “a gender gap” because women voted overwhelmingly Democratic. No one dared to point out that the votes were almost dead even, so the Democrats must have a gender gap among males. Today nobody notices the huge shift of whites into the Republican Party.

Our side ratifies this myth by shouting that none of this means anything. It’s just avoting pattern. It ain’t the Collapse or the Minority Uprising they are waiting for.

And if everything stopped right here, theymight be right. But I have not seen anything stop or slow down.

If you refuse to notice anything but an explosion directly under your nose, where you are standing will end up being a scorched hole and nothing else will be seen there.

I don’t like cowboys for a very personal reason. Every time I have found a good point at which to stand and speak out, the cowboys have been silent and left me standing there. They would tell me later that The Time Has Not COME to Speak Out.

Whites. like me, who would have spasmed if you ahd called them Republicans in 1960 are now solidly Republicans. No one now can imagine what a deep and painful change it was then. Last-ditch liberal Democrats are now holding their noses and voting Republican. White working-class areas are Republican strongholds now.

Everybpody denies it, but whites ARE uniting before our eyes.

I am the only person who notices.

Desperately erverybody denies there is anything racial in this. Democrats insist that this IS racial.

Respectable denials that this is racial are becoming daily more desperate. Republican voters deny more desperately that there is anything racial in this.

A junior class interrogator would have said ten years ago, “So it’s racial.”

Republicans, as suaul, are working despereately to snatch defeat from the joys of victory. They managed to remain a minority for the decades I lived through with their imposssible chase after The Negro Vote. The country club whies believedin it, because the otehr country club people told them that Negro Vote was right around the corner.

But that was NOT the reason the Republican leadership kept going after the Negro Vote. None of them believed they would ever GET it. You have to be drooling moron or a country club Republican to take that crap seriously. But the Republcians leadership HAD to chase that myth in order for their colleagues and the media to believe they were enemies of racism.

But there was anohter, very practical reason Republican leaders kept talking about that Negro Vote. The second that moderate approach was rejected, the leadership would change.

I remember vividly when a Gerald Ford, old-time Republican leader wandered around the 1980 Republican convention with the media at his heels. He kept saying, “Where are the people who were at all the other conventions? Where are the people ***I*** worked with? They’re all GONE!”

Gone With the Wind.

When the Reagan Administration took office in 1981 and the Senate went Republican for the first time since 1955, the media, without the slightest embarrassment, made an amazing admission: “We don’t know ANYBODY in this Administration!”

PBS even had ME do editorials. They REALLY didn’t know us! It took them a year to find the sociopaths inside the Administration that they needed to be respectable conservatives.

Now whites are flocking to the Republican Party and Bush is chasing the Hispanic Vote. He has a Vietnam going on in Iraq — no one hesitates to make the comparison any more.

Does anybody remember the War for Cheap Oil? That was what the left called Iraq early on.

Notice all that Cheap Oil we are getting? If this was a Conspiracy to steal Cheap Oil from the Middle East, it is as successful as the Jewish Conspiracy has been lately. Ernest Hollings in his last Senate speech announced Bush was fighting for Israel.

Anti-semitism is growing explosively on the American left. Anti-semitism is groiwng in Wesern Europe. Anti-semitism is growing in Eastern Europe.

So the people on our side are stacking up sandbags and having fun talking about When the Time Comes.

They are going right along with the Republican strategy of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, they are justing going about it a different way.

The same Republican son of George Bush Senior and heir to Gerald Ford is chasing the minority vote and fighting for Israel exactly when the revolt against both, as shown in the polls, is reaching critical mass.

“The dog goes back to its vomit, the hog returns to its mire, and the burnt fool’s bandaged finger goes babbling back to the fire.”

Like the good old Republicans moderates, we are doing exactly what we have done for fifty years.

Democrats are in even WORSE shape. In a situation where the white vote is ever more solid, they may win the House. Almost every one of their committee chairmen, the ones who will on television speaking for them, are loud-mouthed, ignorant blacks.

As in New Orleans, their dam that says “It’s not about race” is getting thinner and thinner. Pat Buchanan and Craig Roberts, both of whom I have know for decades, are getting away with SAYING so, something that would have been fatal ten years ago.

I keep demanding that we SAY IT”S RACIAL! The cowboys keep telling me I’m a wimp and The Time Has Not Come.

Meanwhile I keep seeing impossible things happening in the real world.

But I am surrounded by people who cannot notice anything that does not explode in their faces.





I have to rely on BWs complaints about Stormfronters because I have not posted or been on that site.

Membership organizations in general are not very bright if their purpose is promotion of a cause. The purpose has to be the cause, and not the “identity” needs of those participating.

There is a tremendous amount of high quality content on WNs sites. This is particularly true of this site and BWs postings.

WN content should be organized into an RSS feed that can be provided as a link to blogs and forums were people are challenged by BWs mantra.

The major weakness of our opponents is that their cause in not worthy. They need to be continually reminded of the squalor they are promoting and the destruction they have wrought.

Unworthiness stands on its own as condemnation.

This was brought home to me as I watched George Soros subject himself to yet another embarrassment in front Google’s CEO and staff. This audience, almost wholly white and very intelligent was not impressed with Soros. It was obvious.

You see, Soros is incapable of doing anything worthy, being essentially a criminal pretending to be a “wise intellect”. Google, on the other hand, is essentially a worthy project composed of a wholly different class of people.

Remember many Antis out there are just confused. They can be brought around. That is the genius of BWs mantra.

Comment by Dave


What do you do when you’re an old warrior who has been beating his head against the wall for years and then, one day, a group of brilliant people get your message and expand on it?

What a wonderful dilemma!

Kevin McCarthy starred in the original 1950s version of the movie about the Pod People (Invasion of hte Body Snatchers) taking over his town. The movie began with him inthe middle of the highway, shouting, “They’re HERE!”

He was taken to the police station and told his story and naturally they thought he was nuts. But at the very end, someone reported that they had FOUND a trcukload of the pods. They shouted, “Call Washington!” Call the governor. Put a police cordon around that town IMMEDIATELY!”

They rushed out to fight the pod people invaders.

The last scene showed McCarthy leaning against the wall in exhaustion, his job done.

I have always wanted to be that McCarthy character. And I feel like him now. He was exhausted, but the load had been taken off of his back. He was no longer alone, even though he was left by himself in that last scene.

He would be back in the fight. But, at long, long last, he no loner had to be the only one shouting into the wind.

I am getting ready to drive up to Washington for a conference for a few days. Then I will be back at my keyboard HELPING you fight the fight.

But the message has FINALLY been taken up by others. I get a break. I will probably write from DC, but right now I am GLORYING in the rush of wisdom and action and unserstanding I am getting from you who are going on to greater heights on the basics I have so desperately been trying to impart.

I am tired, but I am no longer alone.

Thank you!





The importance of BWs mantra is not only in its explicit message and content, but it is also an instruction in a diplomacy and etiquette.

If you assume white superiority, your attitude toward racial matters must be imperative.

Therefore, when introducing BWs mantra preface it with: “Pay attention. What I have to say is very important. Consider it well. Remember it!”

Don’t argue. Instruct!

The advent of political correctness was effectuated by instructing white people in an ethic (that is a diplomacy and etiquette) of submission to non-white people, non-white concerns, and non-white views.

That is how the damn thing (political correctness) was implemented!!! It needs correction.

White people need to be told to modify their personal bearing when dealing with non-whites. As a white, your personal bearing to non-whites is that of a superior to an inferior.

Learn this bearing and maintain it, always.

And for God’s sake, do not adopted fascist symbols, or wear fascist uniforms.

Forget Hilter, forget Mussolini, forget WWI, and forget WWII.

Instead, regain your bearing!!!

Non-white people including all Asians (except the rare non-white intellectual) know they are inferior. Reflect their knowledge by your personal bearing towards them.

Comment by Dave





Tim is Having FUN!

Once you get into these tussling matches Tim is talking about, you get addicted to it. You start out a bit nervous, and you end up loving it.

Every word Tim says reflects the fun he is having.

Jump in! The water’s rough, but it’s great once you get used to it!

In fact, as Tim will testify, once you get used to this feisty water, you’ll never go back to swimming pools.



Telling About My Mistakes

This is a reply I wrote in Stormfront that belongs here:


Since I presume to teach, I have to bare my weaknesses all the time.

Once again, I was raised around what calls itself The Greatest Generation, and it always acted as if it had no REAL weaknesses. I have also referred to it in a piece as “The Weakest Generation.”

In my Blog I make mistakes all the time. I expect and ask commenters to correct me. That’s how an ADULT learns. I do not want anyone hearing me to think I know no fear or I don’t make the same mistakes theya re kicking themselves for.

GUILT is an entirely different matter. I made my mistakes honestly. I am a fallible human trying to lead other fallible humans. I LEARN from my mistakes, which is something Political Correctness or any other kind of Wordism can NEVER do.

I don’t roll up into a ball and hate myself when I do something stupid or unkind. I LEARN from it. I TEACH about it. Goofing up is part of experience for a human being. I need to tell people about THOSE experiences as well as the times I did it right the first time. Otherwise I couldn’t presume, however long and eventful my life has been, to teach at all.

Yes, I CARE about what Stormfronters think of what I decide to put here. It is not weakness, it is moral courage.

We are getting to the old Latin phrase reducto ad absurdium. Taken to an extreme, this attitude leads to the maudlin, helpless people we have today.
But everything, carried to extremes, leads to disaster.

Getting fat is every bad for you. But anorexia is people who literally kill themselves trying to avoid it.

Self-criticism should not be crippling. And it is only weakness when one MAKES it into a weakness.


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I Am Trying to Piss Stormfront Off

This will gladden the hearts of my commenters who are sickened by the crap they read on Stormfront.

I posted the piece below on Stormfront, and I am going to keep on doing it.

I was going to put “How to Piss Off Stormfront,” since my commenters regularly complain about exactly what I am talking about here. But the only immediate reply I have gotten so far was from a young man who has been in the fight since high school and is now in the fight in college.

He LIKED it!

— Stormfront Cowboys

The best way to avoid reality is to talk about Reality. Every time I try to talk about political reality on Stormfront, the cowboys come storming in.

You see, I’m a wimp. I don’t know Reality. While I am talking about preparing for the fall of Poltiical Correctness, they are declaring THEIR determination to FIGHT when The Time Comes. They are ready for the battle when it comes, while I am just sitting here talking.

Thank you, I had plenty of that “I will fight when the time comes,but not right now” crap from “The Greatest Generation” while they gave everything away.

There is mythology about a Great Minority Uprising. Meanwhile, back here on Planet Earth, where these minorities are in power, in a maximum security prison, they massacre each other in solid masses of Hispanics and blacks while the few white prisoners form a little defensive group and play Switzerland.

The white prisoners are LITERALLY asigned to clean up the blood after the giant Hispanic-Black confrontations.

In this Blog, I have talked about a Jew I used to drink with in the 1950s who was actually IN a Nazi concentration back before every Jew over the age of fifty started insiting that his whole camily was killed over there.insisted that it was JEWS who turned in the Jews to the Nazis in EXACTLY the same way I later that it is the respectable conservatives who turn US in.

The myth of absolute Jewish Loyalty to Jews is as absurd as the Militant Minority Unity myth.

I remember that, before The Greatest Generation came into power, the biggest attack on the South was that WE kept the blacks in the kind of terror that blacks keep US in now. And blacks were a MAJORITY in my state until 1930. Back then, of course, blacks or whites could walk anywhere at night without fear, so our “terror” was not all that terrifying.

The Great Race Riots of the 1960s NEVER went into white areas, even up north. Blacks burned their own section of town to the ground. In New Orleans they only went into white areas after they were deserted.

As always, in New Orleans blacks only attacked women and children. I include anti-gun males in that”women and children” category. They feel they have a right to be defended by others.

I am armed, but self-defense and a political war are two different things.

I can hear the cowboys, with the William Tell Overture playing in the background, shouting “But that’s not REALITY! Tough Man Being Armed and REAL Revolution are the same thing!”

Meanwhile, while the cowboys are ready to “fight when the time comes” my little group is FIGHTING. We are using Bob’s Mantra. We are preparing to offer an alternative government. I am doing this in Bob’s Blog, where the non-cowboy refugees are gathering. Here is one of my prize pupils teaching Bob a thing or two:

— WOW!

Tim is AT WAR. He is rocking the British Isles from end to end with Bob’s Mantra***:

Tim says,

I have been doing this for months on various News Blogs all over the World. I bring up Bobs Mantra when the news topic is about ‘migrants’ or migrant workers. I do this all the time and have been for months. I will be interested to see this newsreader approach and learn how to work with it. I will do that this weekend.

However, I was threatened by one Norther Irish Blog (Slugger OToole). Litterally threatened with violence. They are one of the widest read news blogs in the UK and read all over the world. They blew a fuse. They had ARA the Anti-Racist group come on and try to rebut my posts. I just copied and pasted BW’s posts with my own flair. MY oh My what a storm. They called me everything but a White Man. Everytime I posted, immediately an ARA hack from the UK would know and start posting after me!!! It is like there was a RED button at the blog to tell the ARA that a ‘racist’ was posting!!!!!!!!!!

It was amusing. I still do it every chance I get and everywhere I get a chance. My goal is hit someone everyday with one of my versions of Bob’s Mantra. I just make my point and move on. When I am out shopping for groceries these days or just out and about. I always listen for comments about immigration etc. I immediately just but in and say:”u know they are NOT talking about Flooding Mexicans with non-Mexicans and giving them affirmative action, free health care and forcing integration. Nor are they doing this nonsense in Africa or Asia either. They are flooding White countries and only White countries with non-Whites. It is Genocide…….so on so forth etc”

I have had people sit there shell shocked for a few minutes. But no hostility to it these days. I try to do this to someone new EVERYDAY. Also, I ALWAYS say OUR RACE, MY RACE, OUR WHITE FOLKS, OUR WHITE WORKERS, OUR WHITE COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS. Every chance I get. All day LONG. I never, ever say THE WHITE. After BW pointed this out to me in this blog. I made it a point to never, ever say “THE WHITE RACE”. There is always an oppotunity to this everyday.

I like the newsgroup idea. However, what you guys will find out. Racists really do OWN cyberspace. I get LOTS of support in my posts. Even in ‘very liberal’ blogs. No wonder the powers that be are scared of the internet. The Internet offers a choice and everytime you offer OUR RACE a choice the powers that be will loose. In fact, I think it is too late for them to control the internet. That dawg is out hunting.

*** Bob’s Mantra

” Liberals and respectable conservatives say there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

“The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

“Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

“What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”

“How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

“And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

“But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”