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Churchill and Gallipoli

Posted by Bob on August 1st, 2006 under History

I have always suspected that one reason Churchill hated Germany was because of his own failure at Gallipoli. World War I was full of insanity, with its endless murderous trench warfare. But even inthat mess, Gallipoli stood out. We have seen the movie about the slaughter of Australians at Gallipoli.

The strategy at Gallipoli wa to take Turkey out of World War I by attacking Gallipoli. Nobody who was for trhat attack had t he slightest familiarity with the GROUND at Gallipoli. There was no cover whatsoever. In fact, if an army dreamed of the place it wanted an attack so it could just sit and massacre the attackers in a manner that would make fishin a barrel look like a hardened nuclear site, it would have been right there.

What no one mentions is that one man, and one man alone, conceived and pushed through the attack on Gallipoli. That man was the Great Strategist, Winston Churchill.

In World War II Churchill was desperate to take the pressure off of Comrade Stalin. So he insisted that attacks on Northern France be abandoned and the Allies should invade “the soft underbelly of Europe” through Italy. He ended up committing huge numbers of Allied troops to a long and totally unsuccessful drive to reach Berlin through Sicily.

But Churchill’s reputation after WWI did not recover from Gallipoli until 1940. He was consigned to political impotence for a very good reason.

So while Communism threatened the globe, he was obsessed with hatred for the enemies of WWI.


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