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I read somewhere that Islam says that hell is full of women. Islam hasn’t much use for women, but of course muslim men have to have SOME use for them, or no more muslim men. By the way, I saw a while back the new queen of Jordan on TV. She was stunning.Beautiful. She wore no headcovering but her manners put the western newsbabes to shame. She was straight forward but very courteous. She acted as if she was representing more than just her very important self.

Comment by Shari

What I laughingly and for lack of a better term call my memory does not recall the King of Jordan stooping to marry an Arab. Did the last couple marry a European woman?

Long before the Da Vinci stuff came up, it was well known that the fatal mistake Mithraism made was excluding women completely. From what I can understand through all the rewritten history, today’s Mass was formerly the Agape, the Love Feast. It was held in private homes and the WOMEN tended to preside.

In the Eastern Rite Church which I was baptized into they still don’t let you have any breakfast at all until you have taken the Host in bread and wine. Catholics used to do that, but not any more.

By the time the Eucharist is over, you are very hungry. At that point the Orthodox priest hands out the Agape, bread. Lots of bread. It is, to coin a phrase, like manna from heaven.

Speaking as a politician rather than a theologian, which I ain’t, this is very significant to me.

You don’t need the DaVince Code to know that women MADE Christianity.

But there came a time when Christianity stopped being the faith of slaves and women, as they would put it, and became the faith of the Empire. By then, the Roman Empire’s capital was in Constantinople, and it was a Middle Eastern Empire. Middle Easterners consider women as several steps below rabbits, and the very idea of women presiding over an Agape was Doubleplusuntough.

Another historical thread enters in here:

There was absolutely nothing new about Islam. The Middle East was never purged of Arianism. Between Constantine and the rise of Island there was one long war in which the Grreks tried to impose the Trinitarian idea on churches inthe Middle East.

Arianism said exactly what Islam said, that there was one God, and He is God, and Christ was his Prophet.

Islam still says that CHRIST, not Mohammed, will come to judge the quick and the dead. But he is NOT the son of God.

I am no theologian. My field is politics. In other words, my expertise is how you win out.

There came a point at which the Middle Eastern Roman Empire had to stop depending on women and put them “in their place.” The Da Vinci Code is right about that, though it gets the dates wrong. And one reason I repsect Orthodoxy is because, despite the fact that it is something everybody is supposed to forget, Orthoxy simply cannot omit the Agape.

In the end this absolute fanaticism about males is straight politics. The Church needed women — and slaves — back when it was just getting off the ground.

But when Christianity began to be a major competitor in the real world of power politics, it was a simple fact that men had the strength and the power, and men wanted a political phil — sorry, I mean a religion – that belonged to THEM. So all the influence they had granted to women was taken back.

This is not exactly a shock to an expert on political power. Screwing the people you based your power on before is standard Bush Administration policy. Does anybody really think it’s NEW?

Somehow everybody tries to make a mystery of history.

So does any of this discredit Christianity? It does only if you need everything to be a Just-So story.

We keep hearing that Christianity grew in the Just-So Way, the good guys versus the bad guys. If you accept The Faith, it will make you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

That enraged C S Lewis. He kept saying that he wished people would stop arguing for his faith because it caused good things to happen or it was a comfort or it went with the tide of history. CS Lewis kept saying taht the only question is whether it is TRUE or not.

Not whether Jesus was the true result of Moses. Not whether Christians were the historical good guys.

Is it TRUE or not?

So I dissect the history of every faith as a political strategist.

And I keep being told, “You are violating the myth I need to believe.”

You think I am evil. I think you should lay off myths.


Tim and Naciocrats



Very few Aristocrats tolerated Jews. Narceocrats tolerate and LOVE Jews. There is a difference. There are no Aristocrats and there have been no Aristocrats in hundreds of years. If there are any true Atristocrats around……we are it.

(Narceocrat may not be correct spelling for ‘rule by birth’ Bob correct the spelling —you wrote about this before)

Comment by Tim

*********** I coined a term I call naciocrats. I know a number of classical scholars, and tried it out on them. They sort of said it was all right.

I knew that naciocrat was that no-no of no-nos, a Latin beginning combined with a Greek ending. What I was looking for was a correction of “nacio” for the Greek term. Each of the experts acted as if they hadn’t quite heard me and said the term naciocrat was OK.

LibAnon can probably give me a straight answer.

Actually nacio is a Latin term, the basis of the present Latin languages term “nacion,” which means nation. It is related to the Latin word for “birth.” But every Latin country demands “assimilacion,” which means that anybody who is a good Catholic is part of their “nacion” regardless of birth. If you speak French, you’re French.

So naciocrat is probably wrong, but classical scholars approve it for a reason that few of us have learned to live with:

They don’t KNOW. When an expert acts like he doesn’t hear you, it is a signal that he doesn’t know.

So when Tim asks me for correction, I just admire his courage for going ahead and using narceocrat because what he has to say is more important than getting the exact term right.

The important point, as Tim points out, is that “aristocracy” is an absurd term. They are NOT “aristos,” the BEST. So they sell us out like any other clown does. They sell their lineage out the way they would sell anything else.

“Aristocrat” hell! They are trash with a family tree.



I met my future bride in South Africa. She had immmigrated there from Austria when she was eighteen years old.


I like gutsy women. I like smart women.

Which was a mistake. She was smart, so after some years she divorced me.


The problem is that if you marry somebody you have to LIVE with them. Even I have had opportunities for living with enormously sexy women who had the IQ of a turtle. In fact, such women tend to fall in love with intelligent men. I couldn’t do it.

Back to our story. My wife was a legal secretary in Jo’burg, so when we went to DC we cound that legal secretaries there got salaries we couldn’t refuse, so she took the job again. It had been some time since she had been on that job in South Africa, so she had to buy all her clothes and cosmetics from scratch.

The bill, back in 1972, was two THOUSAND dollars. That’s at least ten thousand now. To start in my job I had to buy Brooks Brothers suits, but that was a pittance compared ot outfitting HER. And not one penny she, a right fisted German, spent was for ego or show. It was all essential to a legal secretary in a major legal firm in DC, and it paid off handsomely.

But it taught me something. Every time I go into a store and walk by the cosmetics section, I am dazzled. We men are all impressed when we walk into a hardware store or a golfing shop and see all the tools we do not understand.

Compared to a cosmetics section, that is amateur stuff. Row on row on row of things no man (outside of San Francisco or Paris) has any concept of. I have heard the term “eye liner” all my life, but it occurs to me I don’t really know what it is, much less how a woman uses it.

We men are all deeply impressed when a carpenter comes into a tool shop and assesses things that are a mystery to us.

Meanwhile, every twelve-year-old girl knows everything in a hundred-foot-long cosmetics display. Her oly problem is that her Mommy won’t let her USE them.

When a woman agrees to date you, she may be wearing the Modern Uniform of long pants that is designed to make her look as much like a boy as possible. But she has spent a long time on details you don’t notice, because she is artful enough to make it a part of the general picture we take for granted. She has spent a lifetime learning how to use all that stuff.

When she appears, it is TAH-DAH! moment. For God’s sake, man, don’t tell her “You look nice.” LOOK at her. SEE why she looks so great. And SAY SO.

The Strong Silent type is great for cowboy movies.

But he ends up kissing his HORSE.


Sex II

I just remembered the other thing I know about sex.

There was book by a disgusted woman back in the 1960s called “The Inept Seducer.” She explained at length how men goof it up. In the end, I was kind of proud to be male. It shows a certain perverse talent for us, living in a finite world, to find THAT MANY ways to turn a women off.

This was not a Women’s Lib book. She made it very clear that she longed for men to treat her like a woman. This led to the best part of the best part of the book. She was writing about the INept seducer. So at the end she wrote down ten points called, “How to be EPT.”

I tried them and my success rate rose dramatically. Granted I was starting from a pretty low base.

I don’t remember them all, and I can’t even quote them correctly. Let me repeat what I do remember. The lady gave us these pointers about what a man should do on a date, and they are inthe wrong order here:

1) “Make nice. Smile at us.”

In other words, do all the stuff A Real Man won’t do. As a British girl once told me very charmingly:

“I’m SUPPOSED to be a sissy. I’m a GIRL.”

After a lifetime of conditioning to impress everything about how Tough you are, a man tends to forget that little point on a date.

2) ” WORRY about us. ”

When the food comes inthe restaurant, don’t just dig in. Wait for her to try hers and asks how it is and if she wants you to call the waiter. That’s your job, not hers.

3) “Give us things.”

Always show up with a little something. Not something big enough to look like a seducation bribe. Something that shows you were thinking about her before the date.

4) “Touch us.”

Guide her into the car. Go open her door. Focus on HER. Put your hand on her back lightly. Use any excuse to put your hand under her arm to guide her along.

5) “Appreciate other women, but never ogle.”

A woman, she says, likes men who LIKE women. So if a good-looking woman comes by, you don’t try to make like a stuffed duck and look rigidly in front of you. You gie a quick up-and-down, an appraisal, and then turn back to your date.

All of us men are mystified by how little women OGLE men. Some do, but generally a woman can take a look at a man and they apparently have some special memory function that makes that all they need. We love to STARE, especially when ceretain parts of a woman’s body are especially prominent.

Assess, appreciate, don’t stare.

Women do not know how HARD this can be for us.

I don’t remember the rest. But the few I remembered even worked for ME.

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Every now and then the subject known euphemistically as “the birds and the bees” comes up. Everybody but me seems to know all about it.


I always puzzled over that phrase, “The birds and the bees.” I even tried putting a bird and a bee in the same cage. The result was not the least bit erotic.

Anyway, back to our story. When the topic of sex comes up, I reply, “I don’t know anything about sex. I was married.”

So it gives me distinct pleasure to be able to make a comment on this subject.

As we have all been reminded ad nauseum since September 11, the Moslem Paradise includes a huge number of houris for each man. A houri is a renewable virgin. After the guy has sex with one, she reverts to being a virgin again.

I would NOT want a renewable virgin. I have had my quota of virgins, one. After all, one female got to remove MY virginity. If he has any empathy at all, the LAST thing a decent male would want to do is force women he cares about to have sex for the first time, over and over, throughout eternity. It is PAINFUL for her.

Maybe houris are in their Hell.

But empathy is not exactly an Islamic trait, apparently. No one ever wonders wonders whether a Moslem WOMAN gets a lot of handsome MEN when she gets to Paradise.


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mderpelding says,

“So Bob, thank you for being an a**h***.
You have a purpose.”

******** I appreciate the compliment, but in all modesty I must admit that it is a natural talent.

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