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Shari just sent me a comment:

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I hesitate to reply for a couple of reasons. One is that this is Bob’s blog and this is a side issue, and the other is that I’m not wanting my own argument. So, I will say that I think that anyone should read what ever they want. I’m not superstitious. Having said that, I also think you should also consider who you are reading and what point they are really trying to make. Not to do that, will not help to hammer out what you really DO think, but just leave you reacting to what bothers you.

Comment by Shari


The moment I saw “I hesitate to reply…” from Shari, I got ready to give her hell, as usual, for being apologetic about what she was about to say. Regular readers will remember that it upsets me when someone like Shari, whom I have long since approved as a regular member of our seminar, apologizes for saying what she says.

But in this case, she was right.

Ole Bob reads with his lips moving, so he often misses the context. That is what I keep lecturing YOU about.

Please keep in mind that a major reason I feel free to point out YOUR mistakes is because I have already made them many times before most of you were born.

There is no reason for you to suffer for boners I have already paid for, so my bumblings can be of use to you.

This time, the reason Shari said “I hesitate to reply …” was because she and Mark were having a debate between themselves. She said she hesitated to keep this debate up.

Shari is right. Her statement prodded me into going into the whole subject of commenter crosstalk.

We need to address this whole question of commenter crosstalk. Shari has made mistake. A productive mistake.

Which also why she is a full member of this seminar. being willing to risk screwups are part of your tuition.

Let me explain to Shari and Mark how they screwed up:

Your comments are required reading for this seminar. That puts a reponsibility on YOU.

Mark made a set of comments I thought were pretty good, and Shari accused him of being a disciple of some writer. Then they got into a dispute over prayer.

Shari was right to apologize for this crap, and Mark shouldn’t have gotten into it HERE either.

Please note that HERE is in caps.

I put words in caps for a reason.

I try hard to interest my readers, but I honestly cannot give you a clear explanation of why people read this Blog. But they sure as hell don’t read it to watch a debate over some dumbass writer or the Power of Prayer.

ON THE OTHER HAND (Did you notice the caps?) I would LOVE it if crosstalk here develeoped into topics RELEVANT to the reason people READ the Blog.

Ole Bob will not be here forever, and this whole effort will be pointless if I don’t leave behind people who can go from my basics into talking to each other about how to go ON from those basics.

When I am gone, all I will leave behind is YOUR crosstalk. When YOUR crosstalk is crap, all my effort is crap.

Crosstalk that goes into the usual gutter shows me I am making no impression at all.

Let me suggest some crosstalk I WANT to see:

What IS Wordism? All I hear is people labeling anything they don’t like as wordism. They are back in their own ruts using my words. If all you can do with Wordism is make it a nice erm for what you would have said anyway, all my effort is wasted.

As Shari says, this IS Bob’s Blog. That does NOT mean that this is Bob’s PROPERTY, it means we are a group of people who believe that there is something to Bob’s Basics that is worth expanding on. What we have in common is not Bob the Demigod, but Bob who is worth reading because readers think he is saying something worthwhile.

Something worth TALKING about. A good STARTING pointI keep trying to expand on my own basics, which would be enough if this were just a course on Whitaker’s Words of Wisdom.

But this is a SEMINAR.

I am giving you basics. I am giving you a way of thinking. I am passing you the ball. You are not supposed to be some kind of Marxist who catches the ball and spends the rest of his life saying, “Gosh, this is the Ultimate Ball! What a Great Man the quarterback is!”

If I am a Great Man, it is because I finallly learned how to move the ball nearer our goals.

Go thou and do likewise. How can you use what readers find interesting to provide MORE discussion readers find interesting, WITHOUT all roads leading back to Bob the Ultimate Authority?

I am begging you to write for the OTHER readers of Bob’s Blog.

Not about the Power of Prayer. Not about some other writer you happen to know about.


If I am writing BASICS as I keep insisting that I am, it means that you can use those basics, expand on those basics, correct those basics.

Try to imagine, after all this effort and all the very real progress we are making, how it makes ME feel when you suddenly start arguing with each other about subjects you would be talking about if I had never been born.

There should be a LOT of crosstalk here, GOOD crosstalk.

Give me some!


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Dave says,


There are very few truly talented people in the world. Because of this, they are tremendously influential. Bob Whitaker is one these people.

His books are few and thin, a great sign in an intellectual. ”


Good Lord, what a brilliant observation!

Eric Hoffer once mused,

“So many people write short books that are ful of brilliance. When those are successful, they then write bigger books going into the subject more, and those books are boring and useless.”

I made my best money writing long books for others. But you catch me flatfooted when you observe that my four books in my OWN name were short. In fact, I had to put in extra stuff at the insistence of the publishers.

Mark Twain’s first very successful book was “Innocents Abroad.” Back then a book had to sell for the high price of one dollar, so it had to be THICK. Twain kept on adding to it to get it to the required length.

So in the end, when someone asked him what “Innocents Abroad” consisted of, he replie,

“It’s kind of like the Planet Earth. There are a few good parts and a lot of desert, but most of it is water.”

It like this blog better.

It consists of some good, solid ground and something good land needs:

Plenty of manure.


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Looking back on what i’ve wrote, i’m amazingly hard on the average SF member. I’m frustrated because i believe they should know better.

Ive found StormFront to be very similar to FreeRepublic and Democratic Underground, being that it is an echo chamber. If i want the standard white nationalist line on an event, i’ll be sure to log on. The membership upsets me when they don’t take a word you say seriously. Just a “good job, Bob” or “right on” to what ever you post from the blog.

If they took you seriously, they should fear the entire sub-forum devoted to an ideology. It will one day gain acceptance and, like all wordism, purge a faction.

If they took you seriously, they would realize not everything is the Jews fault. You’ve explained that over and over, they are people! People who cant see past their hooked noses. By all means, i am not a friend of the jew. i include this for all those who say i mean to deflect attention from them.

If they took you seriously, they would put what you say to action like we do in this seminar, and stop chasing windmills. “Gibson said what? we must defend him. direct all efforts to Lebanon and Gibson.” Whats happening to us is GENOCIDE, it doesnt seem like that has sunk in yet. They still want to play “name the Jew”.

You say that those obsesed with toilet humor have the mental age of a 6 year old, the repectables have a mental age of a 10 year old, i believe. I propose that the average StormFronter has the mental age of a 14 year old. Old enough to be rebellious. Old enough to know right from wrong. But too young to do anything about it, the “world is just too scary”. So they it in their own little group, pointing and laughing at those outside it.

Bob, you have given us a great mantra. Besides you, DOES ANYONE AT SF USE IT? The anti-racist is an amazingly weak opponent, you show that every time you arrive in a thread in opposing views.

I would like to hope that these people actually think and haven’t traded an official version of wordism for an unofficial white nationalist wordism. I don’t understand why you scream at a brick wall. Your time is important. Your efforts are better spent here, at the blog. After all, your commenters have made progress.

Comment by Craig


Like most humans, the first thing I notice here is what Craig says about ME.

After all my raving about being hard on people I like, people would think what Brain said would be too “sweet.” Craig knows me better than that.

There is not a word of “sweetness,” a.k.a., flattery, in this.

Every good word Craig says here is an expression I EARNED. But Craig doesn’t just give me credit, he USES the kind of thinking he learned from me. He APPLIES it to his comments on Stormfront.

Let me admit once again to being human. Three comments have already come in giving me credit. Us humans who work hard NEED credit. Management very often fails precisely because they do not give credit.

No, Craig, they do NOT use Bob’s Mantra. But YOU will. Dave will. Peter will.

A man can take over the whole white race’s future and tower over history if he gets twelve disciples, even if one of them is a Judas.


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Sir Robert

Let me hasten to make a distinction. In the piece below, I pointed out that I josh a lot with people I like. I give you a hard time and expect you to take it in stride.

But let me IMMEDIATELY separate this from the pathetic attempts by people my ago to regain their youth by being “good buddies” with young folks. You know, the “Old Hippy, I’m still one of the young folks” bit.

I almost fell into that trap a few years back. A young genius volunteered to take over WOL’s technial side for me. He was already a young millionaire with a young family, so I felt a bit humbled. But he was also a young Southern gentleman. He would always kid with me, but he always called me “Mr. Whitaker” and “sir.”

I said he could call me “Bob” and he replied that he would not be comfortable doing that. I almost insisted, and then sanity returned.

You see, the older person who insists on being buddies is obsessed with who HE is. HE wants to be a young buddy of the young folks. He totally fogets, or never knew, that a young Southern gentleman does not call him “sir” because of who the older person is. A young gentleman calls me “Mr. Whitaker” because HE is a Southern gentleman, not because I am some kind of demigod.

It reminds me of the joke in the 1970s when a man opened the door for a Women’s Libber. She turned around and shouted, “Are you opening that door for me because I’m a WOMAN!!??”

The man replied, calmly, “No, I’m doing it because ****I**** am a gentleman.”

I bit my tongue hard when I realize I was about to insist that a young gentleman treat me like a buddy.

Down here inthe benighted South, we have something called G.U.B. It means Good Upbringing, and it is a rare and precious thing. And I had come within an inch of criticizing it.

In our exchanges, I call myself Bob all the time. You are welcome to call me that.

Whether you choose to use “Mr. Whitaker” and “sir” in any given instance is entirely a matter of what YOU feel is appropriate.

As for me, I am well aware that my youth and my virginity are gone. I don’t want either of them back.


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When Bob Gets Sweet …

In the discussions below, I referred to Joe as a mean old bastard and praised him to the skies.

Normal people would expect me to be sweet when I praise Joe. But Bob’s Blog is not chock full of normal people, and Joe and I would both get homicidal if we were called normal.

I will never forget when someone in Washington asked me if I was angry at him. I said, “No, what makes you think that?”

He replied, “Well, you’ve been awfully NICE to me lately.” He knew me well. He was aware that I treat men I don’t like with an infallible, COLD courtesy.

I will be nice to ladies. But one time when Joe was nice to me, I got scared. I said in that piece that Joe was being awfully complimentary to me, and that had to mean he had discovered I had an uncurable disease I didn’t know about.

If Joe hadn’t gotten back to his old irrascible self right after that, I would have lost a lot of sleep.

I refer to my commenters in general as a necessary pain in the nether regions, like suppositories.

Which means I like you folks.




Joe says that my failure to correct my spelling shows a contempt for my readers.

Joe is a mean old bastard, but he is a mean old bastard with a feel for reality.

Yes, I didn’t bother to correct my spelling, and it DID show a contempt for MANY of my readers.

I got so desperately TIRED of having to make the same points over and over and over and over and over and then getting replies that completely ignore the points I make over and over and over and over. When I make the same point for the dozenth time, I don’t want to read it over again and correct the spelling.

I was SICK of it!

But Joe made me realize something critical. The only person who can deliver a kick in the ass to a mean old bastard at the right time is another old mean old bastard.

Just after I wrote the above “I was SICK of it!”, I went back to find some examples of what I was sick of. But I found that ALL the comments I have received lately are exactly the ones I keep asking for.

For example, I went exuberantly ballistic at Tim’s hitting dead on target. Dave gave me encouragement. The rest of you were on target.

As Joe says, it’s time I realized this.

After YEARS of reading Old Testament quotes and detailed agreements and disagreements, I am FINALLY getting dead on target participation in this seminar.

Joe’s criticism came in at just the right time.

I am not about to knock myself correcting my spelling and grammar on Stormfront. On Stormfront I just wrote a piece that was hard work explaining to a Jew about why we don’t trust Jews who try to have the right opinion.

Most of the responses consisted of the usual canned crap about how Jews are a tribe or religion or a nation or a brand of rock candy.

But Bob’s Blog commenters are coming around, and, as Joe says, it is about time I treated you with more respect.




Tim has a LONG quote in the comments section under “But Dave, Nobody Wants to Rule the World Any More.”

But Tim put that long quotation in AFTER explaining, in his OWN time, what it was about and how it fits in here. Tim understands what the rules on quotes here are.

Let me repeat, if you don’t read the comments, you are not reading Bob’s Blog. I approve each one. You will see “Comments (4)” at the bottom of “But, Dave, Nobody Wants to Rule the World Any More.” You click on Comments (4) and you read the comments.

That is REQUIRED reading for this seminar.

Then, having read the give and take here, you see examples of the best and the worst.

The WORST is a quote from the Old Testament with no explanation. The BEST is a piece that relates everything to what is being raught in this seminar, or, even better, an expansion on it, as mderpelding is particularly good at.

This very long quote from Tim falls into the latter category.

There is a PROCESS going on where some Jews are having to try to find some way to face their own stupidity and still say they are Shrewd. There is a PROCESS going on where respectable conservatives like Buchanan are trying to wiggle out of saying what everybody is beginning to realize about race.

If you read Bob’s Blog, and you don’t just decide whether you agree or disagree with Bob, you will profit from Tim’s comment. If you don’t understand our Blog way of thinking, your mind will wander off into the “agree/disagree” crap and you will have no idea of the PROCESS Tim is using this long quotation to illustrate and expand on.


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Jewish Stupidity

A Jewish grad student wrote an anti-diversity piece in the Euro-American Student Forum which, in the tradition of University

Free Speech, has since been abolished.

Someone on Stormfront asked why a Jew was complaining about the fact that he had been abused in his high school by nonwhites as a WHITE man, cine Jews are the ones who are always denouncing whites.

My reply may be worth your time to read:


He is a victim of Jewish stupidity.

As I said before, Jews refer to themselves as a minority or white or a nation or a religion, whichever is convenient at the

time and nobody dares call them on it.

So Jews taught minorities to hate whites, to attack whites, to insult whites. They wanted to vent their hatred on white

gentiles and they wanted non-whites to do the same thing.

But what they did not take into account was that, to non-whites, Jews LOOK white.

So while a lot of us white gentiles live in the country, it is JEWS who live MOSTLY in the big cities like New York where the

huge and really nasty mass of nonwhites are. So, after all their vengeful work in inciting nonwhites against whites, who is

it that gets the hell beat out of them on a regular basis?

Ah, those Perfect Jewish Geniuses! They are so SHREWD!