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Posted by Bob on August 25th, 2006 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

One of my Politically Incorrect ideas has always been that men and women are DIFFERENT.

That is not just a theoretical matter. I discussed how I used it practically when I set up an Oversight Group on Capitol Hill and specifically appointed a woman as my associate director.

So when I keep bitching that nobody USES Bob’s Mantra, the males here tell me how hard and confusing it all is and why they can’t do that.

Meanwhile, Shari goes ahead and drops it into a couple of forums and asks, “OK, how do we go about this?”

In a separate comment, Shari wants to know if what she is doing is putting them specifically into the “newsgroups” I keep talking about.

None of the males here gave her a clue. Old Bob won’t be around forever, gang, and a lot of you know far more about the Internet than I do. If you remain this inert after I’m not around any more, I might as well never have been born.

Shari, you are doing exactly what you SHOULD do. Go ahead and drop Bob’s Mantra into any place available for discussion. It makes not the slightest bit of difference whether it is called a newsgroup or a Bitch Session Blog or anything else.

There is no substitute for DOING. You will get it cut out and censored. You will get no reply. That doesn’t matter. People still SEE it. You become more effective by DOING, not by sitting back and theorizing about it.

You will learn more by trying it out and just plain repeating it than you will by reading all the explanations I give and all the male commenters here DON’T give.

Then YOU can give US advice.

Bob’s Blog is NOT Wordism. Bob is not here to give you the Final Truth. This is a true seminar, not a lecture. The whole point is that YOU can go out YOURSELF and bring back things to teach US.

Damn it, Elizabeth, you know the Internet like the back of your hand!

Get in here.

We NEED you!

  1. #1 by Elizabeth on 08/26/2006 - 9:09 am


    I’m back, having finally resolved a month-long technical problem by buying a new computer.
    I’ve only had computer access at work and in the local public library, both of which are
    hazardous environments for being here.

    I’m going to hook the old computer up to the new one and hope I can transfer data that way
    as I’ve got some irreplaceable stuff on the old computer. It isn’t dead, just terminally ill.
    (When these things get sick, it’s usually cheaper to buy a new one.)

  2. #2 by Elizabeth on 08/26/2006 - 9:11 am


    Fox News announced this morning that they’re having a special, hosted by Newt Gingrich,
    at 8 p.m. Sunday, on IS COLLEGE WORTH THE PRICE? The author of the book that it’s based
    on, and who will be the main guest, apparently, was interviewed on Fox’s Saturday morning
    show. What he had to say sounds REALLY FAMILIAR.

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