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William Buckley Earns His “Respectable” Label Again

Some years ago a young anti-white was infuriated at the laws of his country banning “Hate” sites. He promptly mirrored every “Hate” site he could find. I do not know if he is out of prison yet.

I DO know that the blue-ribbon freedom-of-speech antis condemned him. I DO know that National Review and all the other respectable conservatives approved of the Canadian governments actions by “silence is consent.”

William Buckley lately wrote an article about David Irving’s being sent to prison for “denying,” i.e., reducing the numbers of, the Holocaust.

Buckley said that, while he flicked his effete wrist in favor of freedom of speech, he certainly agreed that Irving should be in prison or WORSE.

That young man had more cajones than almost any pro-white I know, me included. But he was absolutely alone.

No anti here EVER expresses his outrage at the suppression of all heresy in the name of “Hate.” NONE of the sites sporting that Blue Ribbon, which originated in CANADA, of all places, ever seems to object to the outlawing of Heresy by the word “Hate.”

Outside of that one lone young hero, antis are like respectable conservatives.

They consent by their silence. Like Buckley, their message is, “Well, I’m for freedom of speech, but those Haters DESERVE it!”



“Hate” Means HERESY!

Each society has its own word for heresy.

In Communist countries, all dissent was called fascism. In Fascist Italy, all dissent was labelled Communist. In a Politically Correct world, all dissent is called racist or Hate.

If we would just point that out, we wouldn’t have to make endless defensive demands for freedom of speech.

You have a priceless advantage today that we did not have in the 60s and 70’s:

Today EVERYBODY is aware that we live under a Politically Correct tyranny. Even the MENTION of that fact puts our enemies on the defensive.

So naturally no one on our side EVER seems to point out publically what EVERYBODY KNOWS that the words used to condemn heresy today are.

It’s easier to moan to each other about what helpless martyrs we are.



What’s the Problem? You’re Anonymous!

I cannot understand why dropping Bob’s Mantra into some places is such a problem.

You are anonymous. All you have to do is copy and paste.

If you Yahoo or Google a topic, you should, after sifting through the ads and straight publications, find a few plaes where a discussions is going on. That’s where you copy and paste Bob’s Mantra.

Somebody found “Yahoo Questions” and stuck it in there. Does Google have an equivalent?

Find a place, put it in your favorites temporarily, and check back to see how they handled it.



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Kelly’s Real Question

Are we allowed off topic like this?…Or should we incorporate the two topics?..I understand how one could sway a topic…Should we finnish a (say it) with at least Bobs Mantra,,or BUGS???etc?

Comment by Kelly


When I dealt with this question before, I answered what Kelly made me think of.

Reading it over again, I realize he was asking about how to put Bob’s Mantra on the Internet, not asking questions about BUGS.

Kelly, you can just put in Bob’s Mantra without comment almost anywhere. Don’t worry about the topic. Just drop it in.

If you get around to actually doing this, you will find out what the reaction is. They will cut it out in many places as off topic. This is a GRADUATE course, you have to learn to get it in there by DOING.

In many cases you will need some way to make this square peg fit into a round hole. You see leftists doing that all the time. No matter hwat the subject is, they get their message in there.

In other cases you will find that just dropping it in there without comment will be the best thing you can do. People will READ it. Better still, people will BITCH about it, thereby drawing attention to it. Then your job is done.

DO it. A little practice will give you more ability to handle it than any advice I can give you here before the fact.

The come back HERE, to BUGS, and tell us what you have learned by doing.

That what a seminar is all about.


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Kelly Again

If you ever wonder whether BUGS is a real seminar, note that this is the third entry in a row that resulted from Kelly’s questions and comments:

BUGS is catchy…Bob is there a think tank that make up mommy professor?..Or is it some universal organism that has simply manifested because it’s alive??

Comment by Kelly —


I wrote about how this all came to be in “Why Johnny Can’t Think.” But, for book sales, my explanation was the worst one possible.

Like Bob’s Mantra, my explanation of Political Correct embarrassed our enemies so badly they ban it. But like Bob’s Mantra, it is ALSO so obvious that nobody on our side, revolution hobbyists who want to read about Deep Dark Conspiracies and rush the latest news about Israel to each other, would not touch it.

OUR blackout on what Bob has to say is as solid as THEIR blackout on what Bob has to say.

What happened in academia was inevitable. We created a giant, heavily financed bureaucracy, gave it endless amounts of money, forced our children to go into it, and then left that bureaucracy answerable only to itself under the words “academic freedom.”

ANY bureaucracy, including the academic bureaucracy, that is given endless power and money and left entirely without outside supervision, will become a disaster.

Exactly the same thing happened to the intelligence bureaucracy operating under the title that covers all sins, Top Secret.

Exactly the same thing happens in any totalitarian state.

When you give ANY group endless money AND endless power and then leave them to police themselves, everybody in that bureaucracy ends up saying the same thing, back each other without question, denouncing anybody who questions them as racists, Communists, psychiatric cases, anti-intellectuals, or whatever their word for “heretic” is.

Let’s get back to basics. What is a professor’s job?

The only thing a professor has to do for the public is sign a paper saying a student took a particular course and giving him a grade on it. EVERYTHING else he does is dedicated entirely to pleasing other professors:

He gets his job by being hired by professors.

He KEEPS his job by being given tenure after seven years by a vote of the other professors.

He gets promotions by publishing articles in journals edited entirely by other professors.

He teaches what the other professors have set down and what they approve of.

This is called Academic Freedom. A person who does any free thinking in a bureaucracy like that, be it Communist China (Peace and Freedom!) or America’s intelligence establishment (Top Secret), is in deep, DEEP trouble.

This is obvious. But if one says it, our side ignores it and the other side cannot permit it to be said.



Eric Hoffer’s “Research”

Eric Hoffer was an intellectual who never went to school. He wrote his first book at age 65, and he was a heavy manual laborer all his life.

Hoffer wrote in aphorisms, general rules. He once explained that he had an odd way of doing research for his writings. He would go to the library and pick up the first thing that interested him. He would read or look around for half an hour. If he didn’t find anything that applied to the aphorism he was working on, he jsut forgot about that aphorism and kept on reading whwat interested him.

In other words, Hoffer didn’t search for something that would support what he was saying. What he was saying had examples EVERYWHERE or it didn’t apply.

You could not do that in any graduate seminar except BUGS, right here.

If what I say makes you think of osmething else, tell us about it. If you can go into a library and not be reminded of SOMETHING Bob said, Bob is in deep trouble.

Get out there and THINK.




Are we allowed off topic like this?…Or should we incorporate the two topics?..I understand how one could sway a topic…Should we finnish a (say it) with at least Bobs Mantra,,or BUGS???etc?

Comment by Kelly


Good basic question.

Kelly, you have partly answered your own question. Notice what I am talking about what Kelly brought up. That is the sort of thing a semonair consists of. A lecture and the lecture they call a seminar today, consists of the professor lecturing and allowing students to ask questions. In today’s “seminar” the professor lectures and students are allowed to ask questions.

I LEAD the seminar, I don’t TEACH it. That means I have the right to drive the subject back to where I think it should be, but, as you see here, I do that by answering you.

“The subject” is MY problem. MY “other” problem is that you arenot used to a seminar, or to a professor who considers you on his level. In the Politically Correctness seminaries we call universities, the idea is to get everybody trained for the priesthood, not to get any original thinking done. Thought leads straight to heresy.

So if you are thinking about anything, say it. I will handle it.

I keep saying here that I spend most of my time replying to comments by talking about what you make me think of. To a true intellectual, EVERYTHING connects.

It is very hard to get “off topic” here in BUGS.


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