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Kelly’s Real Question

Posted by Bob on August 28th, 2006 under Comment Responses

Are we allowed off topic like this?…Or should we incorporate the two topics?..I understand how one could sway a topic…Should we finnish a (say it) with at least Bobs Mantra,,or BUGS???etc?

Comment by Kelly


When I dealt with this question before, I answered what Kelly made me think of.

Reading it over again, I realize he was asking about how to put Bob’s Mantra on the Internet, not asking questions about BUGS.

Kelly, you can just put in Bob’s Mantra without comment almost anywhere. Don’t worry about the topic. Just drop it in.

If you get around to actually doing this, you will find out what the reaction is. They will cut it out in many places as off topic. This is a GRADUATE course, you have to learn to get it in there by DOING.

In many cases you will need some way to make this square peg fit into a round hole. You see leftists doing that all the time. No matter hwat the subject is, they get their message in there.

In other cases you will find that just dropping it in there without comment will be the best thing you can do. People will READ it. Better still, people will BITCH about it, thereby drawing attention to it. Then your job is done.

DO it. A little practice will give you more ability to handle it than any advice I can give you here before the fact.

The come back HERE, to BUGS, and tell us what you have learned by doing.

That what a seminar is all about.

Share it now. Like it while you're at it.

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