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Posted by Bob on August 29th, 2006 under Comment Responses

Hoffer didn’t write his first book at age 65. Get thee to a library yourself.

Comment by Buck


I’m wrong a lot on specifics.

Fortuniately this one wasn’t fatal. The point is that Hoffer did not write until he was older.

But sometimes I make BAD mistakes that contradict my point. Unlike Mommy Professor, I want to know it. I have said that here many times.

This is not Mommy Professor territory. If you find I am wrong you correct me. If you disagree with me you say so. It’s called open discussion.

Today’s system, where the professor talks and the students just take it down and vomit it back on tests, is at lwast as bad for professors as it is for the avereage student. Professors cannot assimilate anny contradictions. Their only concern is maintaining their priestly status.

I can USE any new information. I can put it right into my belief system because my belief system is not rigid. Itis consistent precisely because I HAVE had the moral courage to be wrong when I am wrong and to WELCOME alternative facts or alternative thoughts.

Today a professor has to be senile by age 30, or he will lose his job.

You have to be able to roll with reality.

You’ll never learn to do that in a modern Politically Correct seminar called a university. This is a real seminar.

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