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Telling About My Mistakes

Posted by Bob on August 30th, 2006 under Coaching Session

This is a reply I wrote in Stormfront that belongs here:


Since I presume to teach, I have to bare my weaknesses all the time.

Once again, I was raised around what calls itself The Greatest Generation, and it always acted as if it had no REAL weaknesses. I have also referred to it in a piece as “The Weakest Generation.”

In my Blog I make mistakes all the time. I expect and ask commenters to correct me. That’s how an ADULT learns. I do not want anyone hearing me to think I know no fear or I don’t make the same mistakes theya re kicking themselves for.

GUILT is an entirely different matter. I made my mistakes honestly. I am a fallible human trying to lead other fallible humans. I LEARN from my mistakes, which is something Political Correctness or any other kind of Wordism can NEVER do.

I don’t roll up into a ball and hate myself when I do something stupid or unkind. I LEARN from it. I TEACH about it. Goofing up is part of experience for a human being. I need to tell people about THOSE experiences as well as the times I did it right the first time. Otherwise I couldn’t presume, however long and eventful my life has been, to teach at all.

Yes, I CARE about what Stormfronters think of what I decide to put here. It is not weakness, it is moral courage.

We are getting to the old Latin phrase reducto ad absurdium. Taken to an extreme, this attitude leads to the maudlin, helpless people we have today.
But everything, carried to extremes, leads to disaster.

Getting fat is every bad for you. But anorexia is people who literally kill themselves trying to avoid it.

Self-criticism should not be crippling. And it is only weakness when one MAKES it into a weakness.


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