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Tim and Mark Teach Me the Basics

Posted by Bob on August 30th, 2006 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

After all my bragging about being the Master of Propsaganda, Mark reminded me to put THIS website on Bob’s Mantra.

Now Tim is teaching me ANOTHER basic that I should have known but hadn’t sunk in. I said he was in Britain. He replied:

Mr Whitaker,

I am a US citizen. But I do this on international news blogs etc. I was giving one recent example of the famous Slugger O’Toole news blog in Northern Ireland. It is the most well read news blogs in the Uk and Ireland. Most in the UK and Ireland read it all the time for the news soundbites. Most overseas Irish browse it daily or a few times a week. I try to find news blogs like this that allowe comments from readers. There are a handful of them around the world that have lasted and are well read. Slugger O’Toole was just a recent example. BUT they made it clear that the Northern Ireland is under UK Race Hate laws and they have groups that know how to find and deal with evil racist posters like me. THEY know I am Irish they just did NOT know whether or not I was on the Island or elsewhere. They thought I was in the BNP.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


This was not a misunderstanding. This was a lesson I needed to hear about.

I KEEP forgetting that the Internet blows borders down. Did you know that a Brit on Stormfront said that Bob Whitaker was the most quoted PERSON, not most quoted AMERICAN, in the British National Party? An Australian informed me that my writings on the Iraq War were a major point of debate inthe Australian Parliament,and that both the PM and the lead of the Opposition knew who I was.

And here I have to be reminded that this guy Tim, who is rocking the British Isles, is HERE.

Tim has a CRITICAL lesson for the seminar: Get in there, DO it, and FIND where you can get your posts in. Sometimes an American can get poses in foreign groups preecisely beause he IS a bit exotic to them.

Or, as in Tim’s case, you just find the most open places from here to the South Pole, both ways, and you get in there.

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