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Sounds like you were working your tail off. I was just concerned. That is all. I did not understand what you meant. All clear. I totally understand.

Comment by Tim


Loud and clear.

I want you to make comments like that, TELLING ME I sound like some Washington gobbledeegook to you. If it sounds that way to you, it sounds that way to others, and I need a chance to explain it. If you worry about my reaction, I don’t get the feedback I need.

I am searching for another comment I received about referring to Google.

One problem with repeating basics is that it sounds like I am saying, “Well, you clown, all you have to do is …”

I’m not.

You will notice Joe has no problem with this. When you get our age you are very used to forgetting basics. Look, gang, if you were not a part of the VERY few who understand the basics, we wouldn’t need to BE here.

I get these terse little messages about how I’m misspelling things or I got a fact wrong. The people who do this are generally outsiders who do not understand this is not Mommy Professor territory and if I say something wrong, you will simply correct me. That is absolutely ALIEN thinking outside this Blog.

Just repeating the basics can sound like I’m being peevish. Telling someone the same thing again normally sounds crabby. But let us remember what we are doing here versus what Mommy Professor does. If you are in Mommy Professor territory you take down what M.P. says and then you vomit it up at the next exam.

Then you forget it.

We are like Isaac Newton. We are hammering at basics, building on basics. Newton kept reminding people that things fall and water runs downhill. And he never took his eyes off that basic. He was not trying to dazzle them with his footwork.

I remind you over and over and over that water runs downhill and things fall. This can easily sound crabby.

It doesn’t matter HOW I sound. I appreciate your respect for my opinion, but the simple fact is that I appreciate my regular commenters more than I can express. Let me just go ahead and say things and you get what you can out of it. If you don’t get something, say so.

If it confuses you, it confuses others. Every single thing I get from you makes me hone what I am saying. If it sounds peevish, it is because I am concentrating hard on what I am trying to say.

If I sound peevish, let me know. But that is not the point. The point is what YOU are getting out of it, how YOU will expand on the basics I keep repeating, how ***I*** am contradicting my own basics.

We are leaving Mommy Professor far, far behind.

Ain’t it GREAT!?



Why the Secrecy?

Let me respond to something somebody is likely to come up with:

“But, Bob, if everything is so transparent in the movement, why did YOU say you had to keep it SECRET in your blog entry from DC?”

Because I am an advisor. I think I am one of the best, but I can say without fear that I am a pro.

I told Kelso to go public instantly. But if someone asks you to advise them, what they tell you is between you and them until THEY give you permission to go public. As an advisor, no matter how ridiculous I consider it that someone is keeping something secret, it is HIS call, not MINE.

Even if hte whole world already knows it, I STILL can’t say HE told me this.

If someone said to me, “In my opinion, the sky is blue” while they were asking me for advice, and asked me not to tell others that they said that, you would have to use torture to get it out of me.

This is very frustrating, because I have often told people, as I kept telling Kelso, that he needed to get it out immediately. But as an advisor, no matter how frustrating it is, that conversation stays between him and me until he says differently.

Most secrets are a mistake. While you are agonizingly over what to say, the other side is telling the story ITS way.

But as an advisor, this is NEVER my call.


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Agent of WHAT?

Willis said Kelso was “an agent.”

In Communist Russia, any opposition was called “fascist.”

In Fascist Italy any opposition was called “Communist.”

In Politically Correct America, all opposition is crushed as “HATE!”

In our movement, anyone one does like is called “an agent.”

What strikes me as particularly funny is that, of all the people who use that word so much, I am the only one who actually WAS an “agent.” Which is what makes the whole thing so hilarious to me.

For YEARS. At every clearance I had to explain once again that I was part and parcel of the pro-white movement and madeno bones about it. In fact, their problem was that I might be an agent FOR US.

I never betrayed any of them and I never backed down from my total devotion to the pro-whites. The Feds needed me against the Communists. That’s what I did.

So when I hear this “agent” crap, I get this picture in my mind. A top operative walks into the office of the FBI and says, “We are going to send this AGENT to pay $150 to attend this Free Press Conference.”

The Director of the FBI then replies, “Brilliant! Now we will find out what is going on there!”

Actually, the operative who made the proposal would be put on psychiatric leave.

There is absolutely nothing in our movement today that a reasonably competent detective agency couldn’t long since have found out.

I told Willis, “If Kelso is an agent of the enemy, it’s the best thing the enemy could have done for us.”

Apparently, as a commenter guessed, all this apparently came from an incident where Kelso did make an enemy of a psychopath a year or two ago. This psychopath poisoned the minds of older leaders against Kelso.

Now THAT is the kind of work a ADL or government real agent might do. But why should they bother?

I never tell ANYBODY anything “an agent” could use. My problem is things OUR people DISTORT. My problem is the people who smile at you and praise you to your face and then tell each other how bad you are.

My problem is that Carto will hear that I called him a psychopath in an article dedicated to the propostiion that I am very much like him and that we are NOT psychopaths.

Our problem is nasty little people doing nasty little things. And the code word for this is “an agent.” No any discussion is required as to WHOSE agent and WHAT they are there for.

Or any evidence except “five or six people,” unnamed.

The enemy’s best friends are already in our movement. Our worst enemies inside the movement have no contact with the enemy. In fact, it would be a ridiculous waste of resources for the enemy to pay someone to do what we do for them free charge.



Al Parker and Red


Maybe Kelso can explain scientology to me. I researched it more than once, but couldn’t understand what it was about.

Comment by Al Parker — 9/5/2006 @ 5:55 pm | Edit This

Wow, I’m glad I bothered to do the search. I hope im getting this right, but I never would have made the connection that Jamie Kelso is the same as the one in “what really happened to the class of 65″.

Comment by Red


I answered these with, “I hope you’re joking.”

Then it occurred to me that Jamie did, in fact, go through a scientology phase. I didn’t know he published in that period. I don’t know. I don’t much care.

None of this was at the front of my consciousness when critical issues were at stake.

As for explaining scientology, Jamie said he found it was just a fraud.

Like me, he went through many phases.

But if anybody wants to, they can see why I went with Jamie to this and other conferences.


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Reply to Comment I Can’t Find

Someone asked me who Kelso was.

This is a bit harder to Google! than Willis Carto, who has been in this game longer than even I have and fills the pages.

The trick is you have to put “Jamie Kelso” into Google! rather than “James Kelso in order to get the formidable list of hate (Anti-Hate) pieces directed at him from them and from our side.

I was proud to note that MY name came first in some of them. Fox reported that Bob Whitaker and Jamie Kelso were the exceptions to the people who would not talk to them, for instance.




Also, are you calling Willis a psychopath since he is in charge of this affair?

Comment by Mark —


I am SURE that is the way it will get back to Willis.

The article was ENTITLED “Old Fighters versus the Psychopaths.” I talked ENTIRELY about how Willis made this mistake beause he is NOT a psychopath.

So you ask me if I am calling Willis AND MYSELF psychopaths.

This is the way these fights get going. You did a good thing here. You made me change the title to make the whole thing absolutely, crystal clear. But it will still get back to Willis that I called him a psychopath.


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Bob I forgot you covered that in one of your radio lecture/porch talk lessons…I’ll go back to what I thought (but forgot) as I do sometimes

Comment by Kelly


As I said below, us old warriors get mean. So I called Kelly’s excuse for the WWII Generation “BULLSHIT.”

But my commenters are getting used to me. A year or two ago somebody would have been personally hurt if I had said that. Kelly takes it in stride. I am not aiming this at HIM. I am aiming it at all those others who keep coming back at me about how I am insulting their Beloved Grandaddy Earl who was in World War II.

Did Kelly make some monstrous mistake here?

Of course not.

Here is my reply to his comment above:

“Kelly, it would be nice if you remembered every single golden word that falls from my keyboard, but it ain’t gonna happen. Trying to remember all I write would be like trying to swallow Niagara Falls without a bathroom break.”

“If you get the basics and build on them that is more than enough for me.”


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