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Lord Nelson Leads Our Fleet to Victory



Thought you might like to know that last week I called a talk radio phone in show from the UK. they had a social construct, Ooops! I mean anti (sorry Bob) as a guest on the show he was being presented as an impartial member of the public who had some inside information about how evil the BNP are.
The compare let talk to him and I quickly had him cornered in our debate, at this point he threw in one of those mind numbing anti arguments, which if you used as your defence in a court of law you would be sent to a mental institution.
I calmly did what I always do, I took what the anti said, turned it around onto the non white race, then threw his own argument back in his face.
This left the anti speechless, as usual, so the compare cut in and started demanding that I make my point, I kept repeating (I HAVE MADE MY POINT) over and over, until I was cut off.
Well I continued listening to the show and to my surprise several other people phoned in praising what I had said earlier.
About 90% of the callers were pro BNP and by the end of the show both the compare and his little anti sounded quite shook up.

Whats going to happen IS happening.

Comment by Lord Nelson


Wonderful work!

But you clearly were able to hold them to YOUR subject. We need more instruction in how you did THAT.

Tell us how it FEELS not to let the bastards get out from under your devastating point.

THAT is the key to victory!