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Lord Nelson Leads Our Fleet to Victory

Posted by Bob on September 18th, 2006 under Comment Responses



Thought you might like to know that last week I called a talk radio phone in show from the UK. they had a social construct, Ooops! I mean anti (sorry Bob) as a guest on the show he was being presented as an impartial member of the public who had some inside information about how evil the BNP are.
The compare let talk to him and I quickly had him cornered in our debate, at this point he threw in one of those mind numbing anti arguments, which if you used as your defence in a court of law you would be sent to a mental institution.
I calmly did what I always do, I took what the anti said, turned it around onto the non white race, then threw his own argument back in his face.
This left the anti speechless, as usual, so the compare cut in and started demanding that I make my point, I kept repeating (I HAVE MADE MY POINT) over and over, until I was cut off.
Well I continued listening to the show and to my surprise several other people phoned in praising what I had said earlier.
About 90% of the callers were pro BNP and by the end of the show both the compare and his little anti sounded quite shook up.

Whats going to happen IS happening.

Comment by Lord Nelson


Wonderful work!

But you clearly were able to hold them to YOUR subject. We need more instruction in how you did THAT.

Tell us how it FEELS not to let the bastards get out from under your devastating point.

THAT is the key to victory!

  1. #1 by Alan on 09/19/2006 - 2:02 am


    I am new at this but i’ll give it a try. I think I understand how to attack the PC retards as described by BOB. Never fall victm to their wordism charge that takes you off message as one example. Bob did not fall for this tatic, he applied their retard logic and reversed it on them, excellent. PC retards are the perverts on normal society, expose it for whet it is and we crush their silly litte make believe world.

  2. #2 by Twin Ruler on 09/19/2006 - 12:06 pm

    Ever wonder why the Holocaust Happened? In Eric Zuesse’s wonderful book by that title, he explains that Adolf Hitler was a Biblical Literalist, who literally believed that the Jews were the Children of the Devil. Der Fuhrer, actually tried to hide just how much of a Christian Fundamentalist he really was, and kept most of his dearest beliefs in his notes. Also, according to Eric Zuesse, Christianity is inherently antisemitic, and the Gospels were written by St. Paul’s followers to denigrate the poor innocent Jews. Hitler believed that the Christians, who he called “Aryans” were God’s people, and that the Jews were the literal children of the Devil. John 8:44. He exposes the religious cause and scholarly cover up of Hitler’s motive for the Holocaust. And, his motive was based upon Myth, on sheer superstition.

  3. #3 by Dave on 09/19/2006 - 4:52 pm


    BW is a heroic opponent of sociopathy. But the problem of sociopathy is an enduring problem in human life.

    Nothing new there.

    We humans have been fighting rule by sociopaths since antiquity. In fact, most governments in their initial idealized incarnations were attempts to deal with the problem of rule by sociopaths.

    But to be a sociopath takes a certain amount of intelligence.

    An even worse problem are the hordes of low intelligence people who are incapable of conceiving of exercising personal autonomy and power outside of an institutional framework.

    They are not really sociopaths, in that they lack the capacity for conscience, but they lack the capacity for self-governance.

    Their notion of right and wrong is always superseded by their conviction that the “authority” is always “right” DESPITE their personal misgivings.

    The ranks of the military and police are filled with these types.

    Consequently, I have to be just as tactical and strategic in dealing with a police officer that I have to be in dealing with a gang-banger.

    At the raw human level they are the identical types; not very intelligent, and subject to belief in “authority”, rather than in autonomous self-governance.

    Who with any brains would be a police officer or a gang-banger?

    I know my distrust of the police is well founded.

    I see them aid and abet illegals in the illegal third-world invasion of America. The police will commit and assist any criminality if ordered to by “higher ups”.

    It is the level of humans they are. They deny it, but they are lying. They just don’t want to admit the low-level types they really are.

    It was not the learned and upper class senior SS officers that constituted the horrors of Nazism.

    It was the multitudes of low intelligence “Sig Heilers” who in their millions all became freedom loving democrats in ONE DAY in May of 1945.

    In ONE DAY.

    The “authority” changed, so they all changed.

    This, rather than the sociopaths per se, are our essential problem.

    Anybody care to comment?

  4. #4 by Al Parker on 09/19/2006 - 4:59 pm


    It’s interesting how quickly they resort to calling you a nazi when you talk about the Jews or the “white” thing. They will insult you or try to discredit you any way they can and evade arguing your points. Bob and Tim know that well. In a formal debate, those tactics would be considered fallacious arguments.

  5. #5 by C.E. Whiteoak on 09/19/2006 - 7:28 pm

    That’s great, Lord Nelson. I wish I could have heard that show. Keep it up. I love it when somebody takes a leftist moron’s arguement and turns it around on him. They NEVER have a logical defence for their position because there isn’t one. I really does our side good when somebody shows them up in public, like on a radio talk show.

  6. #6 by Twin Ruler on 09/20/2006 - 2:27 pm

    It sure is true. It is dangerous to turn around an antiRacist’s argument on him. That is when they get really mad. This Eric Zuesse fellow, of course, is talking about old time Christianity. I tell him that the Christian Fundamentalists are no longer antiJewish, that they now worship Jews, and he no longer replies. His depiction of Hitler as a Christian Fundamentalist is fascinating, as well as his charge that Christianity is inherently antiSemitic. But, I reversed his argument, and he no longer replies!

  7. #7 by Lord Nelson on 09/20/2006 - 3:58 pm



    Not sure I am qualified to give instructions, but there are a couple of points worth noting.
    The antis-mind bending argument was this:
    (How do you know Briton has always been a White country since the beginning of time, were YOU, in Briton at the beginning of time????)

    The answer to this question is so beautifully simple, that its often easy to MISS.

    My reply:
    (Were YOU, in Africa at the beginning of time????) Check Mate.

    In other words: by the antis own logic if Briton is not a White country then there are no Black countries in Africa either.
    After a couple of seconds of silence, I repeated my question a second then a third time until the compare cut in.
    Its the REPEATING, part that I learned from the coach, (DONT LET THE BASTARDS OFF THE HOOK)

    Whatever the anti had said from that point I was about ten seconds from nailing his diseased head to the cross.

    Whatever an anti says try to imagine he is making that argument about Blacks or Asians instead.

    For example if the anti had replied with: (But all humans began in Africa????)
    My answer would have been: (So you believe there are no native American Indians because all humans began in Africa????)

    You will be amazed how devastating this is.
    Its why, even if an anti tries to answer Bobs mantra the part they conveniently ignore is:
    What if it was BLACK countries and ONLY BLACK countries. etc.

    And like Bob says (REPEAT IT)

    BTW I was not the only one giving those two a hard time that night.

  8. #8 by Twin Ruler on 09/20/2006 - 7:34 pm

    Good for you, Lord Nelson. The only people that are scapegoated in this society are Whites. All the other Races claim to have been victimized by us.

  9. #9 by Lord Nelson on 09/20/2006 - 8:35 pm


    BTW. I do know how to spell (Britain), I am just hopeless when typing.

  10. #10 by Twin Ruler on 09/21/2006 - 5:11 am

    The only people the US Media vilifies anymore are the British, the Germans, and the ancient Romans. This proves that they hold us, White people, to higher moral standards than everyone else. Little Yellow people on the other side of the world have been killing each other from time immemorable, but the Media ignores that.

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