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Premise Checker

Bob, You should not have told the Premise Checker about your blog unless you want your Premises Checked!
This whole debate over the rationale for White survival goes back to Richard Swartzbaugh in the my race vs. the race debate in the mid-1970s. A White my race racist urges the survival of the White race because it is his race. A White *the* race racist urges the survival of the White race because it is *the* race, the only race that matters.
Okay, there a plenty of White race racists who maintain that the White race is the creative race, that the world would stop moving forward if the top race were the Far Easterners and would move backward if the top race were one of the dumb races. (World IQ is 90.) This is support and would think that other races should support the survival of *the* race, since they benefit from having the world move forward, too. If the White race becomes explicitly racist and argues this case, maybe the other races are not so stupid or stubborn that they would not stop trying to kill of the goose that lays the golden egg. Actually, it’s only Whites that want to solve the race problem by eliminating Whites!
Now other White racists focus on admiring the things the White race has created in the past. Now, I’m no Roman Catholic, but I do admire the depth of the theological system that Whites constructed. Not that other races haven’t put out lots of theological rumble-bumble, but it’s not systematic. I was just browsing the web to find the texts of “Big Wheel Buddhism.” I found that the texts made little sense and was referred to articles by a professor who trys to put them in order. His name? Ronald Epstein! Since you are doubtless curious, here a link:
Hey, this is fun! If you want to find out about the 31 planes of existence, you’d have to tease them out of the sacred texts, but Susan Elbaum Jootla (it would seem a White person so enamored of this business she decided to upgrade the Buddhish gene pool by marrying one Jootla) has done it for you at
Okay, so I prefer our race’s products, maybe like I thrill whenever someone from my high school or from U.Va. makes the news (Katie Couric had a room on the Lawn, in case you didn’t know, Bob.) and have not taken a Buddhist as a wife. (Actually, though, the woman I would have most resonated with at work was a Buddhist. Strange, highly intelligent. Her name: Lois Peak, that is before she changed it.) What’s important is not the products, as you so rightly insist, but the capacity to make more products. Conservative gloomists say this is not possible, but they never read the scientific news. They don’t shave either: razor blades have improved immensely in my lifetime, one of the little things that the White race does that go unnoticed.
Point is that my race racists have to be the race racists as well. Another reason is that racism itself is a White invention. You once wondered whether it was invented by the Slave Power to justify slavery. Had we been Papists, it wouldn’t have gotten off the ground, since in a stupendious act of rent-seeking, the Roman Catholic pope decreed in the early 15th century that American Indians had souls and hence missionaries should go there to keep them from going to Hell. Besides, racism is indeed a social construction, or learned activity, since our instincts are mostly to identify with those in our hunting band. This instinct was in place in the Olden Times. To identify with a whole race takes a society advanced enough to find out about the race in the first place. And even my race racists have to decide on the boundaries of White and non-White. Do they do this on my race or these race grounds? Probably both, which shows that it’s both the and my not one or the other.

Comment by Trager Smith


If you are going to presume to check premises, you should first know waht the premise is. As I just explained, my advantgage is that I am operating in a world which is so screwed up intellectually that the other side is wrwong in depth.

I was the one who said in New Orleans, “It’s not “the” race, it’s MY race!” But I am also aware we are the one race humanity would really lose by losing. READ the blog before you criticize my premises. I have ssaid both these these things over and over and over here, and if you were a regular seminar member here I would give you hell for missing that.

You are a neophyte here.

Learn first, premise check afterwards.





Regarding Germany in World War II, the ultimate example of putting all the eggs in one basket was Hitler himself. He was a genius, but a flawed genius. He was a bad general, a bad manager of the war economy and a bad planner. If falling in love with institutions and ‘wordism’ is a bad idea, it is also a bad idea to become infatuated with a Maximum Leader.

Comment by Quent


Once again, everything I say INTERRELATES. If you want to find real hate, look for thost who are Anti-Hate. If you want to find the people are least temperate onjthe subject of alcohol, look to the Temperance Movement. By the same token, some of the most offensive wordists call themselves Nazis.

I am interested in saving my own race right now. But every time I try to get people interested in that, I am besieged by treatises on Hitler, discussions of the rise of the National Socialist Movement, “Bob, your attitude towards the Fuhrer is not the correct one.”

Hitler was loyal to at least a dozen big things. He was a militarists, he hated democracy, he saw himself as semi-divine, and, somewhere in the midst of all of this, he talked a lot about the Aryan race. But he ACTED as if that were only one of his priorities, and not the main one. In the end, he fought a war by the side of his colored allies against white powers in the name of the anti-Cominterm Axis.

Was he right? Was he wrong. Was he infallible?

Who gives a damn? This is as much a diversion as the Holocaust!

Quent me reminded me of something vital: Why I have stood by MY approach.

I do not deal in propaganda, I deal in basics. If the world is as totally screwed up as this one is, that gives me this one big advantage: truth is heresy. The simple truth is a devastating weapon which only things like the National Socialist Theology can keep us from destroying our enemies with.

By all means, if you NEED a swastike to keep you going, USE it. I used it when I was young. But I also have generations of white Southern tradition behind me, which not many people do, tradition that was not learned from a book but has always been part of my being. So I can use basics, I can see the truth and I don’t need any props. A rich man doesn’t need money, but he should leave an opening for those who do.

But there is a fatal defect to propaganda as opposed to basic truth. Propaganda ALWAYS becomes Wordism. When you have to convince the German people of your divine mission, you begin to believe in your own divinity. When you say that you are mainly stopping Communism, you begin to believe that. If you are a Jew who hates gentiles you need a wordist cover for your simple hatred, so you latch onto Communism. But finally you BELIEVE in Communism.

I have had to get disenchangted with Hitler, with the Confederacy, with fundamental Christianity and the Boer Kerk, with the Democratic Party of my fathers, with conservatism, with American patriotism, with the rest of a list I don’t even want to think about.

It is ALL Wordism. You recite the words and you become loyal to the words themselves.





On sweltering August evening in 1968 I was standing in a liquor store parking lot in Watts, California. Accompanying me were a mob of colored hoodlums. The moon mission was on their minds.

A fiery mutt was standing on the roof of a car in center of the parking lot haranguing the mob.

This is what he said: “Da white man is racist! Dey don’t send no nigger to the moon! Da white man is always pickin on us poor coloreds! Dats why they ain’t one, not one nigger dat is an astronaut! Dey is always tryin to humiliate us! You’ll never see a nigger walk on the moon till we take da white man down!”

That is when I realized how ridiculous, how utterly profane nonwhites are. What this mutt was really saying (but was too utterly stupid to realize it) was this:

That our success at adaptive specialization in our economic life and our ability of produce surpluses to support Herculean technological achievement meant nothing.

That our centuries of applied science, chemistry, and engineering involving sustained strenuous intellectual and laboratory effort consuming countless thousands upon thousands of lives meant nothing.

That our entire history of obsessive curiosity meant nothing; that our ancient demand to unravel the secrets of nature through experiment meant nothing; that our genius of devising logical systems to describe the world through chains of logical reasoning meant nothing; that our brilliance at devising mechanical aids to computation and navigation meant nothing; that our harnessing of electrons, and the whole cloth of the fields of chemistry, materials science, engineering, telemetries, and rocketry meant nothing.

In other words, the entire fabric of our white existence and white heritage meant nothing.

The only thing that meant anything was the EVIL RACIST WHITE MAN was unwilling to CONFER THE CREDIT for his achievement to a SAINTED BLACK ASS.

The meaning of profanity is that a lie is pretended to be true.

Nonwhites are inherently profane: Anyone who grants them the slightest authenticity is a fool.


They can’t help it. They are born profane, will live profane, and will die profane with the certainty that sun will rise in the east and set in the west.


BW says he is a teacher of the basics.

I say, by God, there is nothing but the basics.

The dramatics of the world’s moral order play out in the racial arena for a reason: It is in the racial arena that the gradations of nature’s continuum play out.

We whites started down this terrible path of “racial equality” over five hundred years ago when the Catholic Church decided to classify the indigenous people of the New World as humans.

It was a stupid classification based upon the belief in the talismanic power of words, without regard to the difficult nuances of the natural world and the facts contained therein.

It has been hell ever since and we white people have stewed in confusion ever since.

It is long overdue that we end that.

Comment by Dave