Archive for October 16th, 2006


Comments have been coming in that have put me in a state of euphoria.

Just ONE example:

You know that there is nobody I can identify with like a comrade who has put his whole heart into this struggle and who is desperately TIRED. Not only that, but he can SEE that everything we live for is being destroyed before his eyes.

And those are the very comrades I am giving a renewed courage to get back in there and duke it out. Right now, when we can make the difference and when the crisis is becoming clear to everybody, they need new courage and drive that we NOW of all the times in history.

And they are getting that renewed energy just when they need it from ME!



I am in the wonderful position of having a little flood of comments that I would like put here in the body of the blog, the way I do with some of that smartass Dave’s stuff, but are too MANY of them. You have to go read them yourself.

Gee, what a problem!

Now THAT is the sort of “problem” I LIVE for!