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Ex Garbage Dump Lux

In the Great Catastrophe of 2050 A.D. almost all ancient records were destroyed. As civilization began to come back, historians began to try to find out about the past. But they despaired.

The reason they despaired was because they had found enough ancient records to know that historians of the pre-2050 era had only been able to find real history because of an incredibly fortunate coincidence. It happened that everything before them had been invented in the Middle East. Due to a miracle, the Middle East was the very place where all real history had been preserved.

While Europe and all other places had had rain and city after city had been built on the same spot, the Middle East was a place where ruins were found out on the desert. In the Middle East many civilizations fell and STAYED fallen. In Europe one invasion had followed another invasion.

The new historians knew the saying “Ex Oriente Lux,” “Light comes from the East,” on which history before them had been constructed. Everything old had been found in the Middle East, so everything had originated in the Middle East.

Post-2050 historians were delighted beyond measure when they found they had a similar miracle.

Out on the islands of what was once New York, there was a huge, buried area which the pre-2050 ancients had called “Garbage Dump.” Right there was where the earliest example of every kind of writing and artifact of the old civilization was found!

Everything had originated right there, in “Garbage Dump!”

The new history could be written. Everything could be traced to its origins in Garbage Dump.

Ex Garbage Dump Lux.

Be it the Middle East or the Garbage Dump, the professional historian’s motto is, “The Truth is IN there!”





Bob, when in the past I have said you write what I am thinking, I didn’t mean you verbalize my hidden beliefs. I meant that you actually write in the very words I was using that day at the same time. Do I have an implant in my neck recording what I say and think?

For example, about the time you would have been writing the above, I was reading page 111 in The Southern Essays of Richard M. Weaver in regard to the debates between Webster (who was on the Rothschild’s payroll) and Hayne. To be honest, I just opened my book to this page, and it was so good, I knew it was important. Then I saw it in your blog:

“Hayne reminded Webster first of how he had shifted his position on the tariff between 1824 and 1828 and then of New England had failed to support the Union during the War of 1812, citing especially the Hartford Convention.

In the conclusion Hayne returned to the chief issue by stating the doctrine of reserved power.

The worst enemies of the Union were the promoters of consolidation.

The “Carolina doctrine” was merely a re-affirmation of the Kentucky-Virginia resolutions of ‘98. It was republican doctrine:

Sir, as to the doctrine that the Federal Government is the exclusive judge of the extent as well as the limitations of its power, it seems to me to be utterly subversive of the sovereignty and independence of the States. It makes little difference, in my estimation, whether Congress or the Supreme Court, are invested with this power.

South Carolina had tried to preserve the Union by the only means through which it could be preserved — resistance to usurpation.

He closed with a quotation from Burke: “You must pardon something to the spirit of liberty.”

By this time the conflict of interests was clear… (Hayne) had managed to touch upon several of the chief topics… and he injected into the exchange one word about which the whole argument may revolve logically — the word “liberty.”

By now Bob is falling asleep, but my comment is that the South carried the day with rhetoric. Webster and company were failing over and over again in their speeches, but they used them as a delay to give them time to wrap up the financial deals they needed and to arrange that the elections soon to come would be divided four-ways. The consolidationists would need that four-way split, since they could never win the popular vote.

Rule of thumb: The powerful use debate to buy themselves time and take the good off guard.
The good use heroism and self-sacrifice, such as in the Alamo, to buy the good time and take the powerful off guard.
To buy time, each uses its own weakness. The powerful use debate (lies always lose to truth in open debate), the good use power (the Alamo was a tiny outpost and Santana headed an empire).

Comment by Pain


Yes, I WAS reading your mind. Don’t you know that I am psycho?

I mean psychIC.

Oh, hell, BOTH.


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History IS Bunk!

There is no such thing as history. A true historian studies other people’s PRESENT. That is why Politically Correct history is such a farce. The PC historian is trying to show how everybody he is writing about was doing things in order to produce the political outlook of today. They search through every word Jefferson said to find something that will show he really thought just like he was supposed to.

A true historian studies other people’s PRESENT. For example, it is hard for any of us to fully realize that those we read about in Ancient History had an ancient history of their OWN. Nothing illustrates the poverty of our history better than the fact that there has only been one book, in ANY language, about tourism in ancient times, “Travel in the Ancient World” by Lionel Casson.

I have read it at least twenty times. I have it right here beside me.

Casson points out that the pyramids were a huge tourist attraction in 2000 BC. You see, by then the older pyramids were ancient history to the Egyptians who were traveling four millennia ago. We telescope history together so we do not realize that a thousand-year-old monument was as much a wonder to them as Middle Age churches in Europe are to Europeans and Americans today.

One assumes that hieroglyphics on those pyramids were readable to the scribes who visited in 2000 BC. If you think so, try reading something written in Anglo-Saxon a thousand years ago.

Herodotus is known as “The Father of History.” He wrote in the fifth century B.C. But there is something startling modern about WHY he traveled all over his ancient world, all the way to the Black Sea. He was trying to prove exactly what historians are trying to prove today, that everything began in the Middle East.

Herodotus overriding interest was comparative theology. He was traveling when the Egyptian Empire was already three thousand years old. So he tried to show how the Greek gods were derived from the Egyptian gods, just as historians today say that every invention and civilization itself are solely products of Egypt, Mesopotamia and, of course, ancient Israel.

We now know, of course, that the Indo-European gods had nothing whatever to do with the Egyptian ones. We know about Indo-European history, but that was heresy when it first came up. It is still heresy to say that anything came from anywhere but the Middle East, until you are praising ancient China or showing how Egypt was produced by black Africa.





Bob, a side note here:

Just posted your blog in 3 seperate places on an internet news item’s “Discuss This” section. The news article was all about the 300,000,000th. “American” citizen. After posting the Mantra it was funny to find Yahoo pulling the piece from a large front page headline story to a tiny, tiny print – tossed to the side and out of sight – article.

I may be patting myself and the Mantra on the back w/o reason, but it was coincidentally humorous.

Comment by Mark


No, it was NOT a coincidence.

One person put Bob’s Blog onto Yahoo! Resolved Questions just as they had an ad on that page for interracial relationships through Yahoo! It had a black woman and a white man and something like, “Two Worlds, One Sky.”

The result was that it looked like the ad was there as an illustration of Bob’s Mantra.

No one is going to TELL you how effective Bob’s Mantra is. But it is a sledgehammer that causes real trouble wherever it shows up. You will see these “coincidences” showing up time after time.

You see, no one else ever objects RATIONALLY to this interracial stuff. The few who do object go on about Jews or something that our enemies are used to handling. This thing hits and STOPS. It causes panic among people who have never had to deal with a rational opposition that is saying EXACTLY what everybody is thinking.

Everywhere you put Bob’s Mantra, dozens, hundreds or thousands of our enemies try to think of an answer and can’t. Ten times that many nod and their thinking is changed.

But no one is going to TELL you that. You just keep hammering.

And DON’T be modest about the results.

I’ve SEEN them.



Getting Around AOL and Beyond


I have AOL and they have blocked my access to Stormfront. It was nice of them to assume I’M to stupid to make choices in life. When a group needs to be blocked it must be doing something right. But like desegregation, which was forced upon whites and blacks alike in the South, I wasn’t given any say in the matter.

Bob’s a true Southern patriot. He was fighting for his Southern heritage against white Yankees and other leftist do gooders who thought they had a right to force their idea of racial harmony on a section of America that wasn’t asking for their help. Let’s not remain isolated

Let us take our message outside the Internet and get the ball rolling.

They can’t bottle us up any more.

Comment by Alan B. — 10/20/2006 @ 11:30 pm | Edit This


Alan B: there are ways to get around AOL blocking Stormfront, if you would like to use them. See, for example, this website:

Comment by Papillon — 10/21/2006 @ 6:44 am | Edit This


Papillon thanks for the tip, going to try it out now. Alan

Comment by Alan B — 10/21/2006 @ 3:05 pm | Edit This

It’s a pleasure, Alan. Have you been successful in getting past AOL? If you are still having trouble, I can find out more information for you.

Comment by Papillon —




This is the most challenging part of “The Awakening,” the realization that total warfare has been declared against us on the RACIAL level, by a RACIAL opponent that is always RACIALLY united around One Commandment – “IS IT GOOD FOR JEWS?”

NOT “Is It Good For A Jew?”


Their focus is TOTALLY on the RACIAL focus, always putting you on the defense, while remaining totally on the soft attack themselves, through their preeminent tools for cultural warfare, the Propasphere, and the public fool system.

This is also our greatest weakness; our total abrogation of an Awareness of our RACE, and even our contempt for it, makes us willful co-conspirators in squandering the tremendous heritage bestowed upon us by our ancestors.

I only wish that I knew twenty years ago what I know today, that we are up against a totally relentless RACIAL enemy that will stop at nothing to destroy us AS A RACE…

The anger I feel reflects the helplessness I have learned to feel in dealing with the issue of RACE.

Those days of learned helplessness are OVER!

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Mark and Pain


“Are YOUR fingers broken?”

Bob, if you’ll permit me, may I point out that while I realize this piece was intended for Dave’s reply, I think it would be a good idea to remind everyone to keep posting Bob’s Mantra anywhere you can. I have already lost 1 email account beacuse of my posting the mantra and everyday I look for new places that I can possibly slip it in. I have been posting them in the discussion areas of various news articles that are race relevant, usually yahoo news. This may not be the best place but I am getting the message out to a few people and hopefully a few more “converts” will check out WOL and get with the revolution.

Anyway, that was two cents worth. Now back to your regularly scheduled progrm.

Comment by Mark — 10/20/2006 @ 9:22 pm | Edit This


Well done, Mark.

Comment by Pain — 10/21/2006 @ 10:04 am | Edit This


Yes, Mark, let’s keep up the drumbeat.

Well done.

Comment by Bob — 10/23/2006 @ 11:33 am | Edit This


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