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Posted by Bob on October 27th, 2006 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

I just wrote a piece in “Mark” about how I am NOT charmed by people who think praise of them should be ignored and put down.

Dave has made a great point here. It includes a lot of genuine praise of ME, but that is part of the point he is making.

I accept the praise gratefully. But if I didn’t think I was doing something special this Blog wouldn’t BE here. Dave explains what I am doing that is special, and why you need to know about it:



It’s always amusing to watch people play the “Who (or what) is the real authority?” game.

It begins with, “Well so and so is the real authority”. Then that is challenged and demolished and on it goes until a whole big line of dominoes fall.

Finally, it gets spiritual and religious and the game ends.

But the truth is always the same, regardless of the subject matter: Those that are the RECOGNIZED AUTHORITIES (and believe themselves to be the RECOGNIZED AUTHORITIES) are never the real authorities.

Instead there is some “heretic” out there who is not the recognized authority that is actually the real authority. This is true in every field, almost without exception.

It is just the way human life works and always worked.

For example, we all know that Steve Wazniak had to quit his job at HP to get the time to design a PC that was actually useful. The executives at HP wouldn’t let him do it, even though he begged them for the chance. They actually did not know that there was no one in the world at that time that had more expertise about computers than Steve Wazniak.

This is exactly the situation with BW.

BW is the authority on how and why American law ran off the track with respect to national sovereignty and the rights of America’s indigenous European populations.

Nobody else out there is really addressing the issue in exactly the same way that in the 1970s no one but Steve Wazniak was really addressing the issue of how to make a PC genuinely useful.

Lots of people were working on the issue, but no one else even came near Steve Wazniak’s expertise. Steve Wazniak alone had the background and brains to figure the central problems to getting the devices to be genuinely useful tools.

Again, this is exactly the situation with BW. You have to be BW himself, have his background, and brains, to get the whole thing resolved as to how America law ran off the tracks and tanked our national sovereignty.

Lots of people have opinions on this issue, are working on it, but none of them even come close to BW because he is the world authority on the matter in the same way Steve Wazniak was the world authority on PCs.

We have to respect this and take it seriously.

Comment by Dave

  1. #1 by Pain on 10/28/2006 - 3:50 pm


    This is good, Dave. So was the on about apprenticeship; but isn’t art now all about what’s written in that little card next to the “work?” Is is the art people buy now or is it the write-up?

  2. #2 by Alan B. on 10/28/2006 - 6:34 pm


    Bob is unique in the sense that he served in goverment and now frely lets others know just how full of shit this horse and pony show “IS”. I once wrote that I knew things were really weird in goverment, but I did not understand how the puzzle fit, Bob showed me the light. Bob is our coach and we are the players, we learn from the coach and then we use our ability to take the word to the unwise. There is no real authority, its all about learning and getting the message out, as is. Authority equals repression, we are about freedom!

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