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Free Agent

Posted by Bob on October 27th, 2006 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

We would do well to study the recent May Day ‘boycott’ / mass demonstrations that infested our major cities earlier this year. Someone ORGANIZED all those people. It had to have been fairly efficient and it was certainly effective from a p.r. standpoint. (Except for the initial marches with all the Mexican flags, but notice how quickly they learned the lesson and managed to distribute US flags the next time around.) I have read very little analysis of these marches in the media, although there was one study done which suggested that Spanish talk radio had a lot to do with the organizing, especially in L.A. We could learn from the enemy.
Comment by freeagent


Freeagent, Bob’s Blog is a pretty tough group, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Trager, a rough old warrior for the cause, came in here with a la-de-dah attitude and I hit him so hard he completely dropped out. This is what separates us from Stormfront. They are looking for numbers. We are training fighters.

So I am going to hit you pretty hard here. If you can take it, you might become a fighter. If not, you’ve always got Stormfront.

As I told Trager, you’ve got to READ the Blog before you comment on it. Mark and I just had one of those nose-to-nose exchanges we have here, and a major point Mark on which shocked me back to reality was that we are fighting a totally different battle from herding a bunch of illiterate Mexicans or blacks onto the streets.

I JUST wrote a piece entitled “What REAL Political Warfare Looks Like,” and that piece made it perfectly clear that REAL warfare for us does NOT mean a street full of Mexicans.

Stormfront loves to talk about who is behind the big news stories. But, as Don Black says, Stormfront has hit a membership peak. And membership is their big thing. This blog is far, far smaller but Stormfront has done a wonderful job and, if they don’t do some strategic rethinking, that job is over.

I hope you stay with us, freeagent. Each person on Stormfront hurts our rulers more than a hundred conservatives ever could.

Bu one person who stays and joins in and LEARNS in Bob’s Blog is more than ten thousand of the cattle we are conspiring to herd.


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