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Fear Again

One of my most rewarding moments was when I told my grandnephew that when I was young I was scared of something, I forget what it was, that he knew made no sense. A three-year-old doesn’t know how to extend a conversation. So he kept saying, over and over and over,

“You were SCARED, Uncle Bob?”

He couldn’t get over it.

At that age, adults know EVERYTHING. It was the first time in his life that an adult had t0ld this child that he was afraid of something when he was a kid that other people would laugh at.

This gave me special satisfaction because I was the fifth of five children, almost five years younger than the last one. They all told me they were afraid of NOTHING, and I BELIEVED them.

Mr. Rogers sang a little song for his toddler audience, “You won’t go down the drain.” That hole in the bathtub that everything goes down looks little to us, but a small child has no such sense of proportion. He saw everything else go down the drain, so why shoudn’t HE?

I will never cease admiring Mr. Rogers for knowing that, for EMPATHIZING with that.

When I was tiny we had an outhouse. That hole was HUGE to me. And what was UNDER me was horrible and horseflies were down there and also up around me. My family all thought that it was funny how sitting there terrorized me.

Now I live in a whole society that was raised by The Greatest Generation, who had no fear. I am surrounded by every variety of Christian who tells me he knows EXACTLY what the True Faith is. He tells me with a pretence of absolute certainty that he is Saved while others are headed for the Pit. But those “Christians” are far, far more afraid of death than I am.

All my life The Fearless Greatest Generation has warned me not to defy authority because I should be afraid of it.

They tell me they faced death without fear and only they can say what fear really is. But they have lived their lives in terror.

That was OK when the older CHILDREN in my family told me the same thing.

It is NOT OK when adults tell me the same crap today.



More Important Than Ever, READ THE COMMENTS!

I have written 20,000 words on the first draft of my new book in a week. I am TIRED.

I cannot give commenters the attention you deserve right now. If I had the energy I would have most of them up here. They are on target. You are fulfilling my dream of using my thoughts to go on with.

I need you now to write the Blog.

More and more the comments ARE the Blog.

Write them. READ them.

Take the torch. Or, as one dying Confederate flag carrier said as he handed the flag to another in the midst of battle, “Keep them stars and bars a-flapppin’!”


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Adelheim, the Torch is Passing to YOU!


Hello timestre!

Bob said “The verbiage is deifferent, if that’s all you mean.”

I am also Norwegian. And I have never heard someone use the exact phrase “race-problem”. It is extremely seldom I hear people using the word “race” either. We just put it in another way.

If we are going to translate the mantra into norwegian we must find a substitute for the word “race problem”.

As Bob said “The verbiage differs but the goal is always the same.”

SOS-racism is a marxist group (with some respectable conservatives) that want mass-immigration into Europe and hide behind that they are “only” anti-racist.

Anti-racists will always argue in favour of more immigration.

Comment by Adelheim


You said, “If we are going to translate the mantra into norwegian we must find a substitute for the word ‘race problem’.”

This is a GRADUATE seminar. For tenestre’s amusement, let me point out that this is a gradudate course for those who have outgrown their college education, whether they had one or not.

I am not training you to be Bob’s Followers. I am training you to take the torch and go with it. If we are going to translate the mantra into Norwegian, and presumably for other Europeans, you and tenestre must do it. Budarick should get in on it.

PROPOSE something.

Think it out and put it here for so others dealing with your audience can have it. We can work it out here. That’s what a real seminar IS. But when it comes to talking to your fellow nationals, the ball is in YOUR court.

The torch is passing.


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Unfortunately I don’t understand the first part of your comment. What do you mean with “By replying with standard tactic number 1: DUHH!”? Also, is “anti” the same as “anti-racist”?

Well, I don’t want third world immigration to Norway. Neither do I consider myself an “anti-racist”. How can I be “against” something which is a part of nature?

I’m just saying that in Norwegian public debate, of which this Harvard professor is not a part, I’ve never heard third world immigration to Norway justified with solving a “race problem”. We have been given other reasons, initially that we needed more workers and then that the immigrants are refugees who need protection.

So it seems that this notion of a “race problem” comes from America?

Comment by timestre

— ME

Tom hit the nail on the head. Your original statement sounded like the old “DUHH!” stuff. It is a relief I have ONE commenter who will go to bat at that.

About every time I was in Europe there was an “Anti-Racist” group marching or an “anti-racist” speaking in Hyde Park. Opposition to “anti-racism” is not permitted in Hyde Park now, as you know. I remember one of our Bloggers put Bob;s Mantra in British newsgrops and was immediately physically threatened by a bit “anti-Racist” outfit there.

Groups don’t often use the term AntiRacist in their titles here because it is so obviously Marxist The verbiage is different, if that’s all you mean.

Your original comment, as Tom and I said, sounded a lot like the “DUHH!” crap we are used to.

The same people who agree that intermarriage is the solution to the race problem go “DUHH! I never said that” when we challenge them on that.

They tell every white country that its population is aging so the third world has to pour in. Japan’s population is actually going DOWN as it ages, but no one DEMANDS that THEY bring in the third world.

All those poor little “refugees” could make a good living in third world countries and offer special skills to them. But no one EVER demands that any third world country bring them in. Indians are the only hope for many African countries getting food at all by trade.

But as soon as Eastern Europe threw off the Reds, the cry began, “Are you ready for immigration yet?” It was fully understood that if a country is white, third world immigration is the next step. It never even occurred to anyone to ask WHY “Are you ready for immigration yet?” would be the first question asked of desperately poor WHITE countries.

The verbiage differs but the goal is always the same. It is the GOAL that matters if one opposes genocide.