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Comments Needed

One of the mistakes I made in the last month or so was to emphasize the Mantra so much that it made observations and comments seem unwelcome. I think it’s time I got back on track. This is a place of discussion and comraderie.

I sidetracked myself the same way. Writing is work for you, too, so I appreciate it.

Let’s try to get back on track.

The Mantra project should have given us more to talk about. Experience in the field is useful and could be interesting. Bt one thing we must always do is see which sideof a thing works and which doesn’t. We need to keep up our discussion while those who wish can go on with the Mantra and I hope the “buddy” approach works out independently.

But writing is in itself critical. It is an art we will have to develop, and this is a special opportunity to develop it. I get a lot of your ideas and they lead me to think in areas I would not have gone without the stimulation.



Budarick Hits the Exact Nub!

Budarick said:

“Yea Bob, you will never be the Hitler we NEED.”

“But Bob, you taught me not to worship Hitler, but rather to find the strength inside myself.”

“There is no greater fear we have than to stand alone and trust our own authority.”


There is so much packed into those three short sentences!

You know, it is fashionable for someone who is picked to be a leader, whether it is Pope or president of the local garden club, to say they are not the one who should be taking the lead. It is so routine that we do not see the importance of the people who MEAN it.

One of the funniest examples was when Mousilini made a speech saying he wanted to march on Rome and take over and straighten the whole mess out. It was like the campaign of 1992 when Ross Perot mentioned on America’s least-watched cable interview, The Larry King Show that, yes, if people wanted him for president he would take the job. A couple of months later he had more votes in the polls than either of the main party candidates and he backed out.

So when Mousilini said, yes, if they march on Rome and make me dictator, I’ll take the job, they got out there, marched, and he almost missed the whole thing.

I NEVER felt I should have had leadership forced on me. I am a creature of loyalty. From boyhood I hungered for a leadership I could follow, the old natural American leaders. I remember feeling a sort of panic: WHERE ARE THEY?

I should not have been taking leadership jobs when I was in my teens when I was surrounded by combat veterans of World War II who, in any other age, would have been the ones to lead. That is something I resented then and I resent it now. In any other generation of Americans, I could have been a young follower of my rebellious elders, as I had a right to be.

A young man should be allowed to be YOUNG first, not leap into leadership vacuums. That was a luxury I never enjoyed.

Budarcik says,
“There is no greater fear than to stand alone and trust your own authority.”

Having ready rebellious elders was SUPPOSED to be the one trait that made a free-born America. Yet all I got from my elders was that I shouldn’t do that, they were too wise to put themselves in that kind of trouble.

How in the HELL is a people supposed to be free if their biggest priority is “not getting involved?”

I wish each person here would think about Budarick’s words, “Bob, you will never be the Hitler we NEED.”

If you want to see what shape Germany was in when it needed Hitler, read up on it. Even Churchill wrote a letter to the London Times in the 1930s in which he said that, if Britain ever got in the shape Germany was in, there would be someone like Hitler to step forward and pull the country out of it.

But PLEASE don’t let these mentions of historical incidents distract you from the CRITICAL points Budarick is making here.

Budarick is hitting on the critical nub here. I am not trying to take over at the head of some romantic torchlight parade. I am trying to show YOU how to TAKE ACTION. This is the way I have had to fight for fifty years, and I’m GOOD at it. You have to fill the vacuum the Weakest Generation left. You have to take action with each other on this gift of God to us we call the Internet and the other technology that already brought down the USSR.


They DON’T.

So we MUST.



Thanks, Budarick!



To Bob

We all get tired.

We all make mistakes.

I have made so many and it feels so bad when i made them that i found a bottle to crawl into, because a dark cupboard was not small enough.

Bob, you have given us a clear picture of what we need to fight for and some tools how.

I believe you SHOULD have your ego tickled [term Alan B used [if i remember correctly]].


First of all you EARNED it!

Secondly having an ego is NOT a crime. Don’t let the Jewish psychology bastards tell us it is!

I got no problem honouring Bob. It does NOT make me feel small or jealous. It makes me feel GREAT!

Yea Bob, you will never be the Hitler we NEED.

But Bob, you taught me not to worship Hitler, but rather to find the strength inside myself.

There is no greater fear we have than to stand alone and trust our own authority.


To Alan B

I work 5 days a week for 12 hours [including travelling time] earning very little money [which means i can’t retire]. Work very hard and i am the best they have. But that is the ONLY reason they have not sacked me, because they DO know of my “activity” and this “activity” is frowned upon by my company which is a big Jewish Multinational which makes political correctness a condition of employment! I arrive home very tired, having to keep my cool dealing with all the low life forms, then have to look after my mother and then i want to raise hell on Earth! I have some time on weekends. But i have a disabled mother to take care of. I am organizing my time to help. It probably won’t be much time, but i will do it.

So i know how you feel. I have been there too.

Sometimes we spit the dummy.

Ultimately we have to find the motivation one way or another. Bob will not exist in his current from forever. Same for me.

But we have one great strength as males. The “buddy system” Bob mentions. There is something about male loyalty and solidarity which is quite extraordinary and can in fact change the world [one reason why the enemy is using feminism to weaken and divide us]. It is in our genes and it does in fact work as history has proved.

And if there is any female here who wishes to be my buddy, you are welcome. I don’t exclude!

Solidarity means we cannot be divided. We may not always agree on details, and we ARE ALLOWED to spit the dummy now and then, and we should KNOW that it will be forgiven after a good kick in the ass.

We cannot dwell on mistakes we made in the past. We must learn from them and move forward and in that process we are going to make MANY MORE mistakes. Some of us are going to fall over. But we ARE going to pick up our buddies and move FORWARD.

If i fall over i want someone here to pick me up!

Bob’s mantra is a very effective device, but it is only one example of similar devices [following Bob’s thinking] we can invent and perfect and use in our WAR.

OK, the blow-bag will now stop.

This is BOMB’s Blog!

Kameraden, you can form no concept in your mind what an honour it is for ME to be allowed to post here without being censored or banned. Absolutely NO ONE ELSE gives me that!


Danke Bob, Danke Kameraden



Budarick and Alan B.

I can’t FIND it, but Budarick proposed to Mark that they go in as a team, so Mark won’t be the only one posting Bob’s Mantra so often. Some time ago, I can’t find that either, I propossed a “buddy system.” It seemed so odd to commenters that I didn’t follow up on it. But two people going in together helps a lot of the time.

Thanks, Budarick. This blog cannot continue to be the only point of contact if we are to go forward.

Gang, I am really out of energy right now. I’m sorry if I mishandled things with Alan B., but the two things here are interrelated.

I make a lousy dictator. YOU need to make things move. All I give you is some strategy. If Alan B. doesn’t have time for this, that’s up to him to decide. Alan B. can at least take it as a compliment that I was so deeply disappointed that he didn’t come through.

Alan B. is a good man. I am astonished at how good the people are we have here. But I am not a Leader in the classic sense. I need you to keep me going, too. I need you to follow up as if I weren’t here.

When Budarick makes a proposal for a partnership to Mark, I expect MARK to follow up on it. I just want you folks to act like the top-notch people you are.






Pattern recognition is important to intellect.

And…guess what.
There are other White People who agree.

But not now.

Comment by mderpelding


“Pattern recognition is important to intellect.”

“And…guess what.”

There are other White People who agree.

“But not now.”

Read that over and over.

THINK about it.

I end this evening with the conviction that someone understands.

Thank you.



I Did Not Write This!

Talking about Sgt. Mark reminded me of something odd about my mentality.

Yes, children, my mentality is sometimes a bit odd. Please do not let this statement destroy your faith in me as the Only True Wisdom. Just put it down to the fact that I am tired and upset at this moment.

This particular oddity has to do with my attitude towards General Sherman, who, among other things, burned my home town, Columbia, SC, to the ground. He said, “War is hell,” and he made it hell.

I saw what was left of a man I had known in Africa after the Soldiers of Liberation and the People’s Peace-Loving Democratic Republics, backed by the World Council of Churches, had gotten through with him. He had had his skin slowly cut away from him until he died, and then he was left for us to find.

My reaction to this was not the objectivity you would expect of me.

Sherman treated the South with what was considered at the time total brutality. He burned us out. He violated every rule of war. But few Southern women were raped. In fact, compared to the kind of war we take for granted today, the whole thing was within limits we would consider pure restraint.

Within the restraints of THAT TIME, Sherman was inexcusable. He set precedents for war AMONG WHITE MEN that were new and destructive.

But war is PREJUDICE. You are killing people, not for the color of the skin they were born with, but for the color of the outfits they happen to be wearing at the moment.

So when I saw what had happened to my friend, my reaction was not rational. He was ONE OF MINE, which is what war is all about. My men wanted to go after them. They wanted to do to them what Africans do to Africans.

Well, I couldn’t stop them, could I? I even helped them a little.

On the Confederate side, I am incensed about what Sherman did. But we had been killing HIS men.

On the one hand, I know what a monster he was. On the other hand, I understand how he took our killing HIS men as something special.

A commander who is objective abut his own men bothers me.



Sarge Replies

I screwed up.

When Sergeant Mark said “armchair blowhard” he was talking to Alan B., not me.

And he is right. Alan B. IS long on promises and short on performance.

Which leaves me out here in a bare-assed, familiar position.

I wish the mistakes I make would be more subtle. I tend to make flat statements, and when I’m wrong, I’m just flat, frigging WRONG.

It gets worse. I accurately described Mark as a SERGEANT. When you declare someone a sergeant you are not assigning him the task of being diplomatic. So he said I was making an ass of myself. The whole thing about being a sergeant is that you kick people in the ass.


If ***I*** had not made Mark a sergeant, he might have said, “SIR! You misread the text. SIR!”

Sergeants are where the rubber meets the road. Someone once accurately described noncoms as the last ten years before you actually meet the enemy.

Mark may have made it a little easier on the old man.

If he had, I’d have ripped off his stripes.

I made Mark a sergeant so that he would remove every race of sympathy and “Why can’t we all be friends?” from the makeup of what had once been a human being. He is assigned not only war, but the last ten yards of war.

Mark, you exposed me as a complete nincompoop.

That’s a good start.

But you haven’t earned your stripes yet.


1 Comment

“Armchair Blowhard?”

BTW, how often do you post the Mantra — when you’re not being an armchair blowhard, that is.

Comment by Mark


I am trying to get to Iran. You don’t do that in an armchair. I have posted the Mantra THOUSANDS of times.

I post in on OV in SF all the time.

I could be on campuses taking on the people you folks are afraid to face if you had the guts to go there and demand it.

Can you cite any incident where I have ever done anything but spoil for a fight? And anywhere I could find a fight on, like OV on SF, I have been there.

Along with anywhere else I can find.

Where the HELL does this armchair crap come from?

I think I deserve an explanation of that remark.