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Adelheim II

Posted by Bob on November 1st, 2006 under Comment Responses

“Adelheim, the Torch is Passing to YOU!”

Sounds easy, right?

On the track team I ran in the mile relay. There are four runners, each of whom runs a quarter of a mile and then passes the baton on to the next runner. I was not a championship runner, but I was ASTONISHED to discover that, even on COLLEGE teams, the baton got dropped.

I doubt a single team that dropped a single baton ever won the relay. It costs SECONDS, and in a relay a single second is usually decisive. As the exhausted runner comes in, you must start running, get to full speed, and take the baton out of his hand. You must get started up to full speed and get that stick just at the right moment.

When you drop it, it makes you look a bungling amateur, the way an Olympic skater looks stupid when they fall on their ass in the middle of a routine that would have put a mere professional on their backside long since.

Passing the torch is hard. TAKING the torch is harder.


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