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Those Spam Machines Are Getting Smarter

Some of the spam used to be from “Elizabeth”.”

Now they say “Kevin” a lot.

Many of you are upset because I don’t recognize that “joe ororke” is a real person. How DARE I ask a regular, who has earned his place here, to put



at the top.

How can Bob not know that you , regular is not writing spam? How insulting can Bob get?

Well, to start with, I can and do get a LOT more insulting. But only when I MEAN to.

But in this case you need to realize that machines LEARN.

In a year or so, every spam machine will know to put



at the top.

In the meantime you would help me if you followed what some of you seem to think are Bob’s orders, the ones you ain’t skeert of.



Dave’s Book Work

Dave redid my book some.

I read it over and it showed me what was wrong with it.

Dave is not a professional writer.


Dave’s mind moves very fast, which is the problem all of us face at first. He knows my ideas, so he put them together in rapid order. And that is the problem all of us with fast minds face when we have to write professionally. The ideas connect in our minds,and we expect the reader to keep up with them.

It reminds me of my conversations with William Pierce. We had had the same ideas and we were finally able to talk to somebody who was as smart as we were. To the people around us, who were no slouches either, our jumping from concept to concept was incomprehensible. It sounded, someone said, like a combination of telepathy and telegraphy.

But what I got from Dave’s rearrangement was that the ideas were coming in too fast and too thick.

So Dave’s work led to a steady rewrite.

My book so far was good and comprehensible as it was. But Dave showed me, by his mistakes, where I had gone wrong.

And he got back to me fast.

This process would have taken me WEEKS if not MONTHS before.


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Oops! Dave Came Through!

But I’ll look at his tomorrow.

I am old and not fair.

Maybe old and not fair beats having no Bob at all.



Kevin is a Trooper!

kevin, several people asked if they could read the book so far.

I sent it with your corrections.

I wish I hadn’t

The whole thing to that point was maybe 23000 words. You corrected it and read it TWICE within twenty-four hours.

If one doesn’t move one’s lips, the total reading time is a couple of hours. The average recreational/reading time of a person in 24 hours is at least four hours.

No one but you has gotten back to me yet. But while they are delaying that, work Bob asked them for, they are putting off posting the blog.

Note to Bob:

Never worry about working alone so much that you screw up the work we are here for.

Note to Bob:

There is only ONE Kevin, and you are lucky to have him.


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