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Where are You? Who are You?

I am trying to get the nationalsalvatin website put on here, and I have forgotten which of our bloggers is doing it.

I found a comment which said someone had posted on BNP and the battle had changed because ofhte Mantra.

But I feel senile. I can’t FIND either of you in the comments!
Call our office!

On the latter post, it is exactly the kind of thinking we need for this war. It said that, due to the mantra, debate against the BNP had shifted from arguing that we whites are not the victims, whereas it all used to be about our being the victimizers.

Amateurs in real power see things this way:

1) They write something that tells THE TRUTH everybody in the country downs tooths and mobilizes.

2) They give speeches like the ones they see Hitler and Lenin giving, with thousands of people cheering them on;

3) Then comes the torcthlight victory parade.

Otherwise: “It’s all hopeless!”

In any real battle for power, including war, you notice how the front is moving. You shift to find the enemy’s weakest point.

It is most important that you USE what WORKS. But you have got to NOTICE what works. NOTICE when you put the enemy off guard, as the comment I am desperately trying to find does. We have shifted a whole paradigm of debate, while SFers are still moaning about the lack of worldwide torchlight parades.

Tell me how your front is going. Tell me what weapons WORK on YOUR FRONT.


Elizabeth Made It!

Elizabeth succeded in her master’s thesis defense!

We were all rooting for her, so we should all know. She asked for our moral support, but she should know I got no morals to spare.

Way to go!


Tim and Pain

By the way, you should add a direct link for this website you posted a while back.

This is a fantastic site and it is worthy of a direct link.

Comment by Tim — 11/7/2006 @ 10:03 pm | Edit This


I second Tim’s motion.

Comment by Pain


I will call Kelso on it.

We are getting too active for everything to be run through me. We are busting out of our britches.


Alan B.



The word genocide invokes a vision of heaps of dead bodies in a pit. Many people are confused by the mantra because of this stereotype, its been played out so often in the news media and hollywood. The state sponsored policy of multicultrialism, non white emigration, IS a form of genocide, it IS directed against white nations and only white nations with low birth rates. The indigenous peoples of the white nations are forced to accept this distructive immigration, hate laws have been passed into law that are used to silence the opposition to multicultrialsm, it IS state sponsored genocide. Every white nation today, will have a brown skin majortiy in the near future, whites who interbreed with dark skin citizens will have dark skin offspring, a few generations of this and the white minotities will be bred out of existence, this IS racial genocide.

Comment by Alan B.