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Where are You? Who are You?

Posted by Bob on November 9th, 2006 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

I am trying to get the nationalsalvatin website put on here, and I have forgotten which of our bloggers is doing it.

I found a comment which said someone had posted on BNP and the battle had changed because ofhte Mantra.

But I feel senile. I can’t FIND either of you in the comments!
Call our office!

On the latter post, it is exactly the kind of thinking we need for this war. It said that, due to the mantra, debate against the BNP had shifted from arguing that we whites are not the victims, whereas it all used to be about our being the victimizers.

Amateurs in real power see things this way:

1) They write something that tells THE TRUTH everybody in the country downs tooths and mobilizes.

2) They give speeches like the ones they see Hitler and Lenin giving, with thousands of people cheering them on;

3) Then comes the torcthlight victory parade.

Otherwise: “It’s all hopeless!”

In any real battle for power, including war, you notice how the front is moving. You shift to find the enemy’s weakest point.

It is most important that you USE what WORKS. But you have got to NOTICE what works. NOTICE when you put the enemy off guard, as the comment I am desperately trying to find does. We have shifted a whole paradigm of debate, while SFers are still moaning about the lack of worldwide torchlight parades.

Tell me how your front is going. Tell me what weapons WORK on YOUR FRONT.

  1. #1 by Al Parker on 11/09/2006 - 1:41 pm



    Hi. My comment was just three posts down under the title “Alan B.”

  2. #2 by Alan B. on 11/09/2006 - 2:32 pm



    Bob, Tim listed the link to national salvation in a respnce on 11-7-2006.

  3. #3 by Shari on 11/09/2006 - 2:49 pm


    I think the blogger who did it was Dave.

  4. #4 by Robbie Burns on 11/10/2006 - 1:30 am



    Everyone on the Internet keeps talking about “The Movement,” and the National Socialists, etc.

    What “Movement?” What Nazis? Where are our candidates?

    Everybody keeps talking about how all powerful the Jews are. Well, probably so, but what the hell does it matter? An old man in a wheelchair is more powerful than our nonexistent “Movement.” How much force and deceit does it take to defeat nothing?

    I am no longer buying the “everyone is just brainwashed by the Jewish Media and the schools” argument. This has gone too far to be the result of any brainwashing or propaganda program. White people just don’t give a shit. All this shit should be getting talked to death everywhere White Working Class people congregate, but one hears virtually nothing. I talk about it much and it seems to me that everytime I talk with people, with just a few exceptions, everyone agrees with me. Even if I bring up Hitler in public places I rarely get a negative comment; people nod their heads in agreement and some ever add their own positive comments about Nazi Germany and how that is most likely the way a White country should be run, but then it is back to the bullshit talk after a few minutes.

    Everyone on the Internet keeps talking about “educating” the people. I say they already know enough about what is really going on or at least sense it instinctively. It just doesn’t seem to rate high on their list of concerns. Talk to White people about the Mexican invasion and they mutter a few words under their breath, give some outrageous example of a politician’s actions or some other “elite,” and it seems to have no more affect on them than talking about a plane crash in Egypt. Tell a White man he is going to lose his 25 year job to “outsourcing” or whatever and he bitches about it but apparently it never occurs to him to think that perhaps he should take some kind of action. No, instead he is more than likely to simply go back to his beer and wonder where he will be able to find a less paying job to pay off his staggering debts. Fuck with the television set he is watching his favorite group of niggers on and he is likely to come off the barstool swinging both fists. Are you all still telling me this is because of brainwashing?

    I like Tom Metzgar’s commentary, but I have to wonder what working class he is talking about. Certainly not the one I have knowledge of, and I have worked from coast to coast. We all bitch about the White, educated, Liberals, but to tell you the truth, when you factor out the paid whores and the lip service most give, they seem to actually be more pro-White than the average Working Class White. I know that souds startling, but think about it. How many of these types do you see watching nigger ball? How many of these profesor types do you see lined up to see Jewish movies or hear Jewish promoted singers and performers? How many do you really see talking to and hanging around niggers after working hours? How many White, educated, types do you see wearing nigger clothes or listening to nigger music and talking like they were raised either in a Black ghetto or in a Bar and Grill outside of a Navy base? I’ll tell you, very, very few. In fact, the plain truth is that many of these types are doing more to sustain Western Civilization than the White Working Class. You are more likely to see a blue collar White come into a Redneck bar with a nigger than anyone here or on the Net wants to admit. How many Redneck, blue collar types will travel across the country to pay thousands of dollars to see and bet on a nigger boxing match or The Super Bowl? How many Jews have these types made wealthy beyond imagination? Out of the two groups, which is the most likely to fight you over a negative comment about a nigger? You know what the answer to that question is.

    We bitch about the elections and the politicians, but where are their replacements? Many talk in a negative manner about David Duke, but at least he made an effort to run and even got some support to speak of. Here awhile back, that fellow Larry Darby made a stab at Attorney General in a Southern state, yeah, he has a Chink wife but at least he had a platform and ran in our interests. And there has from time to time been a handfull of other pro-White individuals ran for one or another public office, but where are the others? Bob, here is making a commendable effort on our behalf and we owe him much for his mostly thankless hardships. But where are the others? We have a relatively small number of people who opperate and maintain websites, we have a few well dressed, well educated gentlemen who occasionally hold conferences in order to expouse racial differences between humans, and who recite crime statistics broken down by race. We have a few groups dedicated to stopping illegal immigration. We have at least one organization, evidently composed mostly of kooks, said to be striving towards “a new order, a new consciouness,” etc, and this is well and fine. We have a few hundred or so people who call themselve Skinheads, and I understand some of them are good to have on your side in the event of a fistfight. But all these put together have no more effect on what is happening in our society than a bottle rocket fired into a tidalwave.

    There should be at least hundreds of disgruntled White men and women going about the country raising hell and trying their damndest to influence the masses and penetrate Washington D.C. Instead we have zero.

    What is wrong?

    Don’t tell me about the goddamn Jews. You all know damn well they can be beat. We have example after example to testify to that fact. So they have 30 House seats, so what? So they hold a few Senate seats, so what? What about the other 400 or 85 or so seats respectively? Why cannot anyone even make a halfass attempt for a pro-White political party? What the hell are we going to replace the two in power now with?

    White man, where are you?

    I have noticed a disturbing characteristic about our People, we are simply too damn slow on the draw. It takes thirty or fifty years for any real change to take place in our society. Everyone wants to “take it slow, relax, let it come.” I say the hell with that, let us charge into a few things because now is certainly the time. The way I see it, we don’t have fifty years to wait around to see how things are going to pan out. We are now faced with eminent danger to our existence and we have more people up in arms about Global Warming than the survival of our race.

    I think it is significant that everyone of our empires and civilizations has collapsed of its own weight and not by military force. White people are too infatuated with exotic, romantic notions aboue foreigner and dreams of fabulous wealth. Racial coheasivness does not seem to appear on out radar screens. You can get a group of a thousand White people together and they will not notice that everyone is White. How many times have you been in a public setting and overheard talk about,say, how wonderful the “Native Americans” were, or how wise the people of India are, and looked over and it was a White, middle class woman doing the talking?

    What circuit board is burned out in the minds of our people?

    We have scientists who can tell you all about a Black Hole and are capable of understanding the intricate mathematical equations that describe Grand Unification Theories in Physics, but these same people will then talk about the coming extinction of the human race. The human race is in no danger at all. I doubt a full scale global thermal nuclear war would wipe out all of even Africa’s population. I understand India’s population increases at a rate of about fifty thousand a day. I have never heard of any nuclear attack planned on South America. So what are these people doing talking about the death of the human race? It is the White race that is in critical condition, yet these highly intelligent people are oblivious to the reality that it is only they who are dying. I imagine this planet will be swarming with non whites ten thousand years from now, long after the footprint the White man left on the moon has eroded. Why can’t these men see and understand this?

    This peculiarity, along with our race’s addiction to fiction, may well turn out to be for us what the mass of the dinosaurs turned out to be, the biological trait that led to their extiction. We are far more involved in fantasy than in reality. Walk into any nonacademic library or bookstore, the proportions are always the same, a relative few shelves of non fictions and walls and isles of imaginative fiction. How many Chinese best selling authors do you know of? How many Japanese, or Mongolian? Do you think this is a coincidence? I don’t. I think this is why we are not hearing of the Japanese flooding their little island with third world niggers. I think this is why you only hear of White people discussing how wonderful the folks are in South Central Los Angeles. This is why Bill Gates thinks if he spends another hundred billion dollars building schools to teach Blacks Engineering, they will be able to run his company in the near future.

    This is why Whites subconsciously think they will always be around and living high on the hog.

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