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StevenP and Robbie Burns

Posted by Bob on November 10th, 2006 under Blasts from the Past, Comment Responses

Name: Stevenp |
The term genocide, though accurate, is too strong.


We are out there TRYING IT OUT. We are getting good results.

If it is accurate and it works, why is it too strong?

Steven goes on into a long and useful discussion of what constitutes genocide, but for us, all that matters is whether it is accurate and it works. This is the kind of thing we ahev spent decades tied up in, inventing the wheel over and over and over.

Robbie gives us a long diatribe about how there is no movement and how we are not doing anything.

We are aware of that, Robbie. We are doing something here.

Something that changes minds. Something we are making the Internet Buzz. Something that is teaching us what works and what doesn’t.

Both Steven’s and Robbie’s long peices were a return to the past for me:

1) A discussion of words


2) A cry of frutration.

That is the past. We spent fifty years doing that and it didn’t work.

We are now USING words and we ARE doing something. We are not trying to wow ’em with our detailed knowledge or organizing giant torchlight parades.

Stevenp says,

“Back when I used to my wife picked up on it and started using it herself. One day I watched as a leftie got her all defensive by telling her she was exagerating. I didnft like that – watching her trying to justify her claim was painful.”

But your wife did not have Bob Whitaker as her coach. You are simply ignoring my fifty years of experience in this business. I’m GOOD at it. I have the paychecks to prove it, and that wsn’t even my best work.

I covered the Genocide Treaty in a sentence below when someone had some trouble with that same thing. He has not reported back, but it is easy to point out that Genocide is defined many ways and only one of them involves actual killing.

They use the same crap over and over and we have 1) the Mantra, to which the only answer is “RACIST!” 2) Then we have “HERSY!” to deal with that. Now we have 3) Someone who thinks genocide is only killinng can be made a fool of just as easily, without any LENGTHY quotes. And LENGTHY is the key to the whole strategy.

We are NOT trying to get into a battle of who is the Most Informed. The ONLY question is how silly THEY are. All the erudition in the world doesn’t make a silly idea serious. But if you get tied into the quotes crap, you have let a person who is talking crap get away with it. You are taking a loony seriously.

The point is that they are loonies. They are silly. They are wrong. The second you become like a “respectable conservative” and treat them as if they were saying something serious, you’ve LOST.

I don’t play to lose.

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  1. #1 by Edwin on 11/12/2006 - 6:55 pm

    Most people don’t even consider taking a loonie lefty as anything other than a serious, sensible and intelligent thinker. The respectble conservatives give us only one model of how to debate them. You have to surf the net to find someone who will tell you the right way to deal with these people. Debating stats, obsessing over details and getting into long turgid disscusions that demonstrate knowledge is like knocking on the front door and asking to be let in. The immigration = genocide approach is like kicking in the back-door.

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