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Posted by Bob on November 12th, 2006 under Coaching Session, General


Mark: excellent. Your teenage son was learning that a a street fight with a real adversary is not a playground. You would not have wanted him when he was ten to grab other kids’ balls on the baseball field. But in the real world, the bad guy may have experience attacking others and you can bet he will have a knife or worse. Currently the actual balance of power is in the genocidists’ favor. So we need to use methods that work in debate.

But the potential balance of is overwhelmingly in ours. In ten years, it may be that there won’t be a man alive who will admit having been pro-immigration.

Even now, simply being truthful gives us fierce advantages; we don’t have to dance all over the place changing our argument.

Comment by Pain

  1. #1 by Al Parker on 11/12/2006 - 2:14 pm



    I see we have someone who follows the Blog and agrees with Bob on genocide:

  2. #2 by Dave on 11/12/2006 - 4:12 pm


    Our rising Internet based meritocracy and multicultural society are at odds.

    The fiction of multicultural society can be pretended only in socialist venues (state supported primary and secondary education), in the military, constabulary, and mainstream media.

    In fact, racial segregation has triumphed and triumphed in a big way.

    This is not perceived because of mainstream media and issues of white social class.

    Why do we see so much racial color in the MSM?

    The answer is the MSM is the primary pastime for the low intelligence multitudes, people increasingly nonwhite.

    The notion that the MSM reflects the reality of integration is compelling funhouse mirrors trickery.

    Observe the difference between white thinking and doing:

    Not one of my white friends, no matter how liberal, no matter what they profess, actually believes in integration. Not one. I observe what they actually do and what their real choices are. I ignore what they say.

    I travel among professional groups and it is astonishing how lily white they and their neighborhoods are, as lily white as they have ever been, even under Jim Crow.

    America is a brutal meritocracy, more brutal than it has ever been in its history. There is little room for people who are not advantaged in the brains department, unlike in our rural past when men with muscle and physical labor were much more valued than today.

    There is no place for those without the ability to deliver real value in a high technology workplace to hide. Accordingly, academia and its time honored system of selling phony credentials is becoming ever more ludicrous. It is a profund mistake for anyone to apply for toilet paper degrees these days. Thirty years ago, you could get away with it. No more. You are better off without a liberal arts degree. It is a badge of stupidity to have one. Their value is actually a net negative. A big negative.

    This is a huge disadvantage to nonwhites, particularly Mexicans and Blacks.

    I know that many don’t believe it but white Americans, because of the burgeoning meritocracy, have never been so advantaged as they are today. White Americans are even advantaged in competition with high IQ Asians because Asians, generally speaking, are low in the ability to be self-directed leaders and creative thinkers.

    There is great confusion of real issues.

    That fact the American whites are hugely advantaged under a meritocracy doesn’t change the ruinous policy of allowing for nonwhite population increases. We have no need for all these slaves.

    But the capital management-hedge fund elites think that all the new slaves represent a profit opportunity because the less the intelligence, the easier it is rope them into outright slavery with debt.

    That is why the corporate advertising is targeted so heavily to nonwhites. It is easy to get a dumb nigger with a municipal job to sign a contract for a $50K automobile.

    But the economics don’t really work. The capital management-hedge fund elites are advantaged at their fellow whites’ expense.

    That is because the dumb nigger is on liability side of the accounting equation regardless of his municipal job. He has no ability to produce real value in a high technology workplace, and debt has to be serviced with real value to represent value.

    As for the Mexican, I don’t need 15 spics to scrub my toilet. One will do.

    The capital management-hedge fund elites are local optimizers.

    Their profit is in fees for originating, packaging, and trading debt. They don’t give a damn about the debt’s actual serviceability because that is the problem for the ultimate bag holder, not them.

    Accordingly, the capital management-hedge funds elites take their winnings and buy real companies and/or gold and silver.

    They trade debt off to those with less intelligence than themselves and replace it with assets of enduring value.

    So who is the bag holder?

    Ultimately it is you and I because we have to deal with the security and political issues of having a country full of nonwhites who are able to only perform low valued physical labor.

    This is the harsh reality of the central conflict of our times.

  3. #3 by Pain on 11/12/2006 - 10:11 pm



    Good call on the article on Duke’s site. The article was posted around 9:00 on By 12:00 am, Duke’s people picked it up. Sometime that morning NV went down.

    This tells me two awesome things:

    (1) Bob’s Mantra is so critical that sites giving it prominent exposure are being brought down (temporarily of course, NV will; be back up);
    (2) The people on our side see its power, too, and acted so quickly, the article itself stayed up the whole time!

    I think what made the Mantra’s power clear was this simple — but brilliant — segway above it:

    Bob, an experienced Reagan-staffer, Congressional aid, Capitol Hill politician, and global intelligence expert has produced the following to simplify strategically our call to secure a future for our children. He designed it for quick posting wherever you can online. Certain words are emphasized all in capitals since it is seldom possible to format comments in Blogs, news sites, and Usenet newsgroups. This strategy of copying and relaying critical facts is the same as used in the Soviet samizdat that sparked the collapse of the Soviet Union — it is REVOLUTIONARY.

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