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Budarick and Alan B.

I can’t FIND it, but Budarick proposed to Mark that they go in as a team, so Mark won’t be the only one posting Bob’s Mantra so often. Some time ago, I can’t find that either, I propossed a “buddy system.” It seemed so odd to commenters that I didn’t follow up on it. But two people going in together helps a lot of the time.

Thanks, Budarick. This blog cannot continue to be the only point of contact if we are to go forward.

Gang, I am really out of energy right now. I’m sorry if I mishandled things with Alan B., but the two things here are interrelated.

I make a lousy dictator. YOU need to make things move. All I give you is some strategy. If Alan B. doesn’t have time for this, that’s up to him to decide. Alan B. can at least take it as a compliment that I was so deeply disappointed that he didn’t come through.

Alan B. is a good man. I am astonished at how good the people are we have here. But I am not a Leader in the classic sense. I need you to keep me going, too. I need you to follow up as if I weren’t here.

When Budarick makes a proposal for a partnership to Mark, I expect MARK to follow up on it. I just want you folks to act like the top-notch people you are.