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Thanks, Budarick!



To Bob

We all get tired.

We all make mistakes.

I have made so many and it feels so bad when i made them that i found a bottle to crawl into, because a dark cupboard was not small enough.

Bob, you have given us a clear picture of what we need to fight for and some tools how.

I believe you SHOULD have your ego tickled [term Alan B used [if i remember correctly]].


First of all you EARNED it!

Secondly having an ego is NOT a crime. Don’t let the Jewish psychology bastards tell us it is!

I got no problem honouring Bob. It does NOT make me feel small or jealous. It makes me feel GREAT!

Yea Bob, you will never be the Hitler we NEED.

But Bob, you taught me not to worship Hitler, but rather to find the strength inside myself.

There is no greater fear we have than to stand alone and trust our own authority.


To Alan B

I work 5 days a week for 12 hours [including travelling time] earning very little money [which means i can’t retire]. Work very hard and i am the best they have. But that is the ONLY reason they have not sacked me, because they DO know of my “activity” and this “activity” is frowned upon by my company which is a big Jewish Multinational which makes political correctness a condition of employment! I arrive home very tired, having to keep my cool dealing with all the low life forms, then have to look after my mother and then i want to raise hell on Earth! I have some time on weekends. But i have a disabled mother to take care of. I am organizing my time to help. It probably won’t be much time, but i will do it.

So i know how you feel. I have been there too.

Sometimes we spit the dummy.

Ultimately we have to find the motivation one way or another. Bob will not exist in his current from forever. Same for me.

But we have one great strength as males. The “buddy system” Bob mentions. There is something about male loyalty and solidarity which is quite extraordinary and can in fact change the world [one reason why the enemy is using feminism to weaken and divide us]. It is in our genes and it does in fact work as history has proved.

And if there is any female here who wishes to be my buddy, you are welcome. I don’t exclude!

Solidarity means we cannot be divided. We may not always agree on details, and we ARE ALLOWED to spit the dummy now and then, and we should KNOW that it will be forgiven after a good kick in the ass.

We cannot dwell on mistakes we made in the past. We must learn from them and move forward and in that process we are going to make MANY MORE mistakes. Some of us are going to fall over. But we ARE going to pick up our buddies and move FORWARD.

If i fall over i want someone here to pick me up!

Bob’s mantra is a very effective device, but it is only one example of similar devices [following Bob’s thinking] we can invent and perfect and use in our WAR.

OK, the blow-bag will now stop.

This is BOMB’s Blog!

Kameraden, you can form no concept in your mind what an honour it is for ME to be allowed to post here without being censored or banned. Absolutely NO ONE ELSE gives me that!


Danke Bob, Danke Kameraden